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Originally Posted by libby74
It could be that poor Mishka is getting totally stressed out at med time. If I remember correctly, the vet gave you a pill-popper? One of our cats would start drooling & gagging everytime I came near him with one, as if he knew what was going to happen & got incredibly upset. I think it could also be possible that the pill is lodging in his throat instead of going all the way down. Have you considered pilling him without the popper? It isn't hard, once you get used to it. The main thing is not to get nervous about doing, 'cause Mishka will pick up on that.
Good luck with the vet appt.
Thank you!
I tried at first to pill him without a pooper ( I did not know about a pill pooper untill I saw a thread on this forum and asked my vet about it! ) and it is true- when he sees that thing- he starts to get REALLY upset! And the main thing- not to get nervous- well- I am really bad at it. So I guess I'll just have to keep practising. Thank you again!
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Maybe it is cotton mouth... Is it possable...
What is it?
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Rockcat, LuckyGirl, Abigail, it is ok, guys! Thank you for all your support! You all are really helpfull in here! I am so glad this forum exist!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta
I think Libby might be right. The pill probably got stuck, and you know how awful that feels! How many times a day do you have to pill him? If once, that is good. I would take him in my lap, feed him some turkey, and let him go. Then a few hours later, feed some turkey, pop the pill, and feed again. Leave the turkey on the table next to you so he sees his reward. If you do it right, pilling is pretty quick - I think it's a LOT easier than liquid medicine. Then again later in the day do the turkey thing. So every time you treat him, you don't also torture him, LOL.
I have to pill him twice! I am almost run out of one med ( have it for one more day only) - so it is going to be two pills instead of three now- but I am sure- for Mishka- there is no difference... I just feel so bad when I pill him and I am sure he sences it and use it against me!
Anyways, I will try turkey thing and will let you know how it went.. it is just he was not really up to eat any kind of food lately. nothing gets him excited other then his dry treats, when I make a noise with a package - he gets excited, and then I give him his regular dry food from my hands- he thinks it is his treats and eats it- I lie to him- but he eats- that is most important to me! He loves tuna, he used to go crazy just from smelling i around the house, when I cook it for us- but now even that won't get him excited.. But I'll try turkey.. There should be a less painefull way to pill him..
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I think you just need more practice. It should go pretty quickly. Do the football hold with your left arm, hold his top jaw with your left hand, pry open the bottom jaw with your right hand, and stick that pill at the base of his tongue. Sometimes it's easier to have one person open the mouth and one person pop the pill.
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kluchetta, thank you so much! Well- this time it was easier, i think I am getting better at this! And right after I gave him his pills- I gave him some tune right away - to wash out taste from his mouth- so- no drooling or gagging!
We just came back from the hospital. Mishka is running a little fever and also his blood cells count is not really good, so they gave me another set of antiboutics ( I thought that is it for him lol ) and also the gave him some fluid under the skin cause he looked a little bit dehydrated. He seems to be OK with all that ( or better to say- he has no choice) and I have to bring him back on Tuesday for a check up. They run a CBC on him, but we will know results only tomorrow. I hope it will be OK.
Please, send us your vibes for a fast recovery!!!!
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More vibes are on the way to you and Miskha.
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Originally Posted by ~love_that_cat~
Look at your cute little kitties! They are so sweet!!!!!!
Thank you so much for your support!
The only regret I have so far is- that we did not take Mishka's little brother, when we adopted him... So I would have two kitties of my own right now instead of one... I always thought two is better then one! But rightnow- with me pregnant and Mishka's sick- I do not think it is the smartest idea to adopt another cat...
Plus we do not know how he ( Mishka) will react to that...
I just have to wait.....
Thanks for kind words!
You're VERY welcome!!! Still sending good vibes your way!

Thanks for the comments on my kitties! I love those two to death! The mama is a stray, and she had them under my deck! I already have two cats, but I have to keep them...they are adorable. Going to get the mom fixed too, then set her back free!
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Good vibes headed Mishka's way!
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Originally Posted by ~love_that_cat~
What is it?
I take my meds in the morning and I notice I get a really dry mouth and dry throat from it...
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Thank you guys!
Well, do not know what the problem is, but Mishka had some serious gagging and drooling and looks very very scared now. I would not say he looks ill- cause he was running around the house like crazy, but his gagging was close to vomiting, he even made noises, like he was trying really hard to push something out of him... I followed him around- no vomit found at all, I do not know if the shot of fluids under his skin is a problem, but of course- he will not eat right now. He is running away from me like crazy. And I have three pills I have to feed him with- I do not think that will make him happier.. I just do not get- what is his problem and why his recovery is so hard on all of us?! Maybe if I would not give him med he would feel better on his own? Cause every time in a morning ( before pill) he acts so happy and eats on his own and jump on our bed, and purring, just one sweet little guy.. and then I have to give him his pills- and for the rest of the day- he is pretty much drugged...
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I wonder if it's possible that Mishka is having a bad reaction to the medicine itself? People can be allergic to different drugs, I would imagine it could happen to a kitty, too. It might be a good idea to check with your vet; maybe he could prescribe something different for your baby. You might want to contact him before you try pilling Mishka again; if he's on some sort of antibiotic, it won't hurt him to miss a dose while you check out the possibilities.
Sending loads of good vibes your way; I think you're doing an awesome job taking care of Mishka. Please check with your vet.
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I think if Mishka keeps eating on his own, he can probably skip the appetite pills. He does need to keep taking the antibiotics. They sell something called pill pockets, that are tasty things to hide pills in for a cat.

I know it was suggested before, but maybe if you put a little butter or margarine on the pills, the taste will be hidden?

I also like those cans of cheese, that squirt out. Cats love to lick that off your fingers. If you get Mishka on your lap, licking a little cheese off your finger, then pill him, then another lick of cheese...that may help. (Like the turkey trick.)

Best of luck. My Garfield is hard to pill...he was extremely ill as a kitten, and just the thought of medication stresses him out! He used to foam at the mouth after taking his antibiotics as a baby...poor little guy!
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libby74that is what I thought too- so I asked vet today- and she said most likely no- he just does not like medicine, but she did give me a different antibiotics. She also said that she could give me liquid form of it, but most likely he will spit it all out, cause if I am having problems with pills, liquid is much easier to spitt out... so I got him pills again...Thank you for your support!
Beckiboo, I will try both- the cheese idea and batter. Maybe it will help.. Right now when I move close enough to Mihska, he is getting really vocal- letting me know to stay away, and if I try to touch him, he gets up and moves to a different place... and he seems pretty upset with me..
And I can not skip his appetite medicine, cause without it he won't eat AT ALL!
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Mishka eats, plays and MOST IMPORTANT- WE GOT A POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
As a reward I am not going to give him his appetite med, but I promice to watch him closely till tomorrow and if his appetite will decrease- will go back to that pill! Oh, I am just so happy!!!!! Thank you for all your support, guys! I do not know what would I do without it!
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Wonderful news!!! I suspect that he's either tasting that pill all day (you know how you can taste that vitamin, and burp it up all day?) or it's bothering his tummy a little. Elsa only had about 5 days of pills, which I did not have to deal with. But if Mishka's got a fever, he should keep with the antibiotics. It does sound like you're on the downhill side, let's hope it stays that way!
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Sounds like Miska has had a rough ride the last week or so. Sending lots of hugs and good vibes to Mishka and hope he recovers soon
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Originally Posted by ~love_that_cat~
Mishka eats, plays and MOST IMPORTANT- WE GOT A POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
As a reward I am not going to give him his appetite med, but I promice to watch him closely till tomorrow and if his appetite will decrease- will go back to that pill! Oh, I am just so happy!!!!! Thank you for all your support, guys! I do not know what would I do without it!
Great news!!! Keeping my fingers crossed he can eat without the pill! You are doing an awesome job!
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Thank you so much!!!!
Yes, please keep your fingers crossed- but it seems like Mishka is finally getting better. He eats a lot! And very often- without a pill! He figured that part out I think! Plus he got back to his rutine: at night he follows me to the bathroom- I take a shower, he jumps in there after I got out and licks water from the walls, then he jumps on our bed and on my hubby's chest and lies there till hubby is asleep! The rest of the night he spends sleeping on my feet or on me ( on my side, since I can only sleep on a left side, cause of the baby). In a morning when hubby leaves, he ALWAYS goes to the bathroom after him and drinks water from a toilet bowel ( guess why? cause that is the only time he can catch it open right after hubby used it LOL ) and then jumps right back to the bed on hubby's place and sleeps there untill I get up!!!!! And this morning before I left house- he already ATE!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!
My husband was like a lightbulb- so happy and excited that Mishka is back to the way he was! I just hope that he is really recovering from this!
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Wonderful news!! keep up the good work Mishka!
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way to go Mishka everything is sounding really promising (except the drinking from the toliet bit )
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That is wonderful news! I'm so happy for you & your hubby (and Mishka, of course).
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Originally Posted by huggles
way to go Mishka everything is sounding really promising (except the drinking from the toliet bit )
yeap you are right- but I can not fight them both- My hubby and Mishka! They have this tradition for so long now and I am not the one to tell them to brake it!
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Thanks guys! So far Mishka seems to be GREAT!
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WooOO! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well, this is not making any sence to me.
He is acting really great, his appetite increased - really! He eats so many times a day now and drinks plenty of water and acts like himself. He poops now two times a day!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT! This morning I woke up from him making noise- he was vomiting. There were two splashes of vomit, just his food and very-very moist, like soup. Any ideas on what could cause this? We have vet appointment on Tuesday.
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I don't know ... possibly Miskha over ate.
If you have any doubts call your vet to be safe.
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Remember, Mishka has been thru major surgery; there may be a few surprises yet to come from the little guy. If this is a one time thing, I really wouldn't worry about it. If he starts vomiting more often, I'd call the vet. I know you're worried about him ( what a good cat-Mom you are!) but don't let it make you crazy Hope this was just a case of too much, too quickly.
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Yeap, it seems like he overate.. Cause for the rest of today- he was just fine... I still think he might have a reacton to his medicine- maybe antibiotics upset his stomach or smth.. don't know.. Anyways.. if I will be the same way I am with MIshka with MY BABY- I'll go crazy... that is for sure.. his evey little upset face makes me wanna cry and helpless, cause I do not know what to do.. Crazy.. I just love him so much, can not wait for him to get better!
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It sounds like Mishka is recovering as would be expected.
Hang in there....
if you have questions do not feel like a pest if you need to call your vet's office.
It's their job to give you the answers you need to care of your boy.
You are doing a great job.
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