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How/Why did you name you your cat that?

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I looked back quite a few pages and couldn't find a thread about this so I hope I'm not double reposting... But, I'd love to know how your cats got their names!

"The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn't just one of your holiday games"


For me:
Charlie - Previous owner named him.
Charlie 2 - My father-in-law stole it from me and named his cat the same.
Chloe - A cutesy female version of Charlie (I wanted to name her after him since she resembled him a little). Charlene and Charlize seemed too "BIG" of a name for her so I thought Chloe was a cute version.
Kinko - Because he wouldn't do anything until his sister did it first, so he was a born copy cat. Thus, Kinko from the chain of copy stores Kinko's Copies.
Jeffrey - The name of the street we lived on when we found him (my husband wanted to call him Pirate O'Six becuase of his torn ear, crooked tail, and general scruffiness and that we found him a few minutes after midnight on New Year's Eve this year).

So how did your babies get their names!
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I found this thread on cats names.
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My little con-artist (Conner) got his name from the Highlander series. It was either going to be Neo (from the Matrix movies) or Conner (Highlander movies). I was sticking with the "There can be only one" or "The chosen one" theme, lol. I knew he was going to be my only sweet and cherished baby, so one of them seemed fitting, and I liked Conner a lot better. It suits him perfectly.
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Zissou's named after Team Zissou in the movie The Life Aquatic. Not for any particular reason. I had recently seen the movie and it just kind of fit her as a name, plus I thought it was cute since it's all about an undersea adventure searching for a jaguar shark (a mythical creature) and cat stuff is always very fish-themed and such. And Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) has a bunch of cats on his island and cares for a three-legged dog that some pirates abandoned when they were robbing him. And she was a stray or a feral so that seemed appropriate too! And I just like the sound of it, even though nobody knows how to say it but me and my roommate, my mom thinks her name is Vishnu for some reason. (It's Zeee-Sue, btw)
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Luna - Because she was the typical ADD kitten and would walk away from the toy calmly, eat, poop, then come back and attack the toy then "gut" it. She was my first cat so to me it was a little "looney" or like a lunatic.

Whitey - Because my boyfriend wanted to be a smartie pants and name a black cat "Whitey".
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Pudge is a 6 lb cat who never met a food she didn't like.
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I came into Reilly's life when he was 2 years old (he is my fiance's kitty) so he named him.
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Originally Posted by Sanctie
My little con-artist (Conner) got his name from the Highlander series. It was either going to be Neo (from the Matrix movies) or Conner (Highlander movies). I was sticking with the "There can be only one" or "The chosen one" theme, lol. I knew he was going to be my only sweet and cherished baby, so one of them seemed fitting, and I liked Conner a lot better. It suits him perfectly.
WHOA! I cannot believe i just ran into another Highlander fan!

I am SITLL mising Duncun MCCleaod!(SP?)
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Kotton is as soft as a cotton ball so she is named Kotton!

Ben (Benjamin) means something like sits at the right hand of God, so I named him Ben to protect him and he DOES need protecting as he climbs up trees and over fences all the time!

Missy was already name but she IS a Little Miss!

Panther is black and sleek like a black Panther thereby his name!
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Originally Posted by MyBabies
WHOA! I cannot believe i just ran into another Highlander fan!

I am SITLL mising Duncun MCCleaod!(SP?)

Yep, a fellow fan here. A toast to you! Lol.
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My cat's name is дебел, pronounced "dyebyel", with the y's as consonants. In Bulgarian, it means fat. I believe that I do not need to go further?
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Well, Layla's real name was "Laya" but I kept calling her Layla until I took a good look at her name on her adoption form. I liked "Layla" best and it made me think of this character of this cartoon show called Winx Club. Her name was Layla too, and she was also a princess so sometimes I call Layla "Princess Layla"
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Mr. Mushi Face

Nuff said.
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Montecore - because hubby just liked the name, but now he's mostly called Mister because we were always saying "what are you up to mister?"

Marsha - she's like a marshmallow, but goes by Missy to match Mister

Scampi - She was the first kitten to escape the box and she scampered away time after time.

Spalding - His head was huge, like a spalding basketball

Spritzer - She is always on the go, spritzing around

Baker - He was always going behind the oven as a baby

Betsy - She just looks like a Betsy
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Jaffa - well, he's orange... And it just sort of fitted.

Mosi - I was searching for somali or african names as he's a Somali and came across Mosi which is swahili for first born. He was the first of his litter to be born and it was his mum's first litter. Later I found out it's also an american indian word meaning cat. Of course no-one else knows all that but I think it's cute too

My bridge baby Magpie was named after a local football (soccer) team known as the magpies (they play in black and white and he was black and white cat). He also had markings very like a magpie.
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Muddy Waters and Koko Taylor (and their adopted brothers Jake and Elwood): Their momma died when they were 10 days old and they had the blues.

Scarlett (or Miss Scarlett): originally named in part to her color (ginger), but also from the Gone with the Wind line: "Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett, I know nothing about birthing babies! " Her mother knew how to give birth, but didn't know how to take care of them and abandoned her litter when they were 3 weeks old.

Stumpy: found him the day his tail was cut in half (5 weeks old).

Eightball: black and white and a goof ball

Pinky: had an abundance of red feral cats at the time he came around and I was naming all of them "reddish" names. His brother was Ruby. I wasn't very creative at the time.

Bob Marley: I love music and Bob is a very mellow, laid back cat. Looks to be on catnip quite often.
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Those are great names!

In a couple of months, I'm hoping to adopt another brother/sister set and I would love to name them Molly and Bu (say them together fast and it sounds like where I live --- Malibu!) but as someone said in the name the kitten thread, a cat often names itself.

A funny story though, Kinko wasn't named Kinko first. Originally he was named Xerox (another dumb idea from hubby, just like Pirate O'Six) but after a day of trying to make it sound cute, I switched it to Kinko. And Jeffrey, well he tried to keep calling him O'Six, but I managed to get everybody to call him Jeffrey first and it stuck. My husband has crazy ideas!
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Willow - was named after the Pussy Willy Tree in spring, when the branches have those grey fuzzy "clumps" that later turn into leaves. Her color just made you think of that tree, so that's why we named her that.

Buffy - went a month without a name, since nothing fit her, so we picked this when we gave up (it was one of the first names we considered and then dropped). We went with it because we already have a Willow (from Buffy The Vampire Slayer show) and now we have a Buffy. Fortunately Buffy grew into her name, lol

Molly - went 2 months without a name (first half was because we were looking for her owners, second half was because nothing fit). Then one day "Molly" tumbled out of my sister's mouth and we knew it was the perfect fit for her.
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Rocket: My fiance wanted to give him a tough name, (he is the opposite of tough)

Mica: She is siamese my fiance studies Japanese and it was a pretty asian name we both liked (she is the opposite of meek).

I agree with waiting on naming them until you get to know them better.
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Church- He resembled and acted like the cat from Pet Semetary

Karma- It was because of Karma we go her.

Now onto the cats i have now..

Tritan- He was the toughest one from his litter, so we named him after the god of the Sea.

Nox- We named after the goddess of Night. Simply because of her colors.
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I was going to call Tybby Widget until I got him home and then I decided he didn't look like a widget and he was so playfull and loved fighting with his string so I decided on Tybalt who in Romeo and Juliet is refered to as the prince of cats and is also always fighting so I thought it fit. This later became tybby I don't know how that happend.
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Tiger: has many stripes

plush: she is as soft as a bunny.

garfield : she likes to eat, a real pizza fan.

boy: the one and olny boy of the group.

turbo : looks just like her dad who was named turbo.

zippy: the daredevil cat, she jumps from roof to roof over powerlines and is a fast girl.

pig pen: pig for short , When she was a baby and climbed up the chair to help me eat a tuna sandwich, she ate like a pig. she has a white face and a brown muzzle so it looks like her face is dirty.
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Quill ~ Because of his big poofy tail!
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Well - I didn't exactly name Sukiey...

Actually - she was already named Suki when I adopted her; so as not to confuse her, I chose to keep the name and just adjust the spelling to Sukiey and give her a middle name of Greysean - a name I've liked for a while.

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Neo - inspired by the Matrix. I was driving up to Petsmart to buy some things for two new puppies I had adopted from my vet. I drove by some duplexes and spotted a litter of kittens with most of them being extremely sick. I grabbed as many as I could leaving two healthy kittens I couldn't catch and the mother. When I rescued the litter he was part of I didn't bother to count them as I grabbed them. When I went to the vet to get them cleaned up since they were feral and their eyes were matted shut due to severe URIs, I took 5 inside. I took them home and drove over to my parents a couple hours later to show them the new puppies I had also adopted the same day. When I got there I opened the passenger door only to spot a white furball underneath the seat which I missed the first time around when I took them into the vet. Amazingly enough as a result he walked out of the carrier when I got home completely calm and friendly while the others were still hiding.

Rogue - same litter, my girlfriend at the time named her that, but I really don't remember why.

Ugly - same litter, She is a calico that my roommate kept saying we should call her Ugly since he said she is. Surprisingly enough the name stuck especially since I couldn't come up with anything else and he insisted on calling her Ugly no matter what name I was trying. He was not a big cat person but of the three cats Ugly was and still is his favorite.
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Cupid - has a very round, cherubic face!
Merlyn - she could disappear in a flash, just like a wizard.
Mew Mew - she used to meow in twos, always!
Spot - ...had spots (bengal)!
Wuzzy - named him before I could properly pronounce Fuzzy.
Zeebo - Short for Placebo, actually! He was a doppelganger of our old cat, Redcat.
Redcat - was orange, but I couldn't pronounce orange, so we used Red instead

Not sure what we are going to name the kittens when they come on Friday, but I have a few ideas!
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Kitty- at first i didnt like cats when we found her so my sister wanted to name her midnight and i just called her "cat" then that turned into Kitty. i love cats to death now

Buddha- just never heard of a cat named Buddha so i thought i'd do it

Habusaki- my sister named her
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We have had a long like of Patches in our family so i named my Calico patches.& i named Alley after this adorable kitten on Webshots and she
looks exactly like her
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pisces because he was born in the sign of pisces & he looked like a cat that would like fish. he has one of those facial expresions that you see in adverts & stuff when cats watch fish swim round a bowl.
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