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Amy has Nina been found?

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haven't heard if Nina came home so was just wondering if she came home or has been found.
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No Our complex has security that patrols and one of the guys said he saw her sneaking around in the bushes several houses down. It is a gated community so she has to be inside the gates somewhere.
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GL and hope she comes back soon! glad someone has spotted her! When Angel was gone for 6 days I thought for sure after that amt of time she wasn't coming home. Then we were due for rain and wind on Mon night, Tue, wed and Thurs...... so figured if she wasn't home during that I KNEW for sure she wasn't as she is an indoor only cat so would NOT be happy in the rain. Mon night shortly after the wind picked up there she was on my steps starring at the door. any rain coming your way soon???????
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Oh, I hope you find her. If someone spotted her, she cannot be far...chances are she probably won't go far either. Check under porches and doorsteps. She may very well be hiding under one!
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I keep checking back to see if Nina has come home yet. I still have my fingers crossed and am sending many many come home safe and soon vibes.
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Well I hope she comes home soon!! At least you know she is near the area, thats a good thing.
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No luck this evening The security guard showed me where he saw her. I can see where she has been laying around in the bushes. I put flyers on everyones doors right around the area. I hope tomorrow will bring better news. Thanks so much for all the good vibes and wishes.
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Nina please come home.. Mommy is worried sick about you...
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I feel good knowing that she is around. At least I know she was around today. It was strange tonight, Cassidy sat on the toilet and watched me wash my face. Nina loved to play in the toilet and since I have been putting the lid down she sits on it every night and watches me. I think she is hoping I will give in and let her play. It gave me good feelings I think she will come home soon. This is Cassidy tonight, very calm and comforting.

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Amy----- When my cat was gone I kept waking up with dreams that she was home. I would sit right up in bed soooooooo excited and look out the window (right behind my bed and I could see the front steps and I left the light on so I could see there all night long) and she wouldn't be there. After the 3rd dream it was driving me NUTS since I would wake up sooooo excited since it felt so real only to be let down. she was gone 6 nights and I had 5 dreams!!!!!! I wasn't looking out as much as before by day 6 and for some reason that night before I went downstairs I just HAD to look out again. so peeked out the window and OMG was I SHOCKED to see her sitting there! I flung the door open so fast I scared her and she ran! YIKES but TG came right back over when I called to her!

So thinking of this as a good sign for you! (sorry for the long winded story to say that)
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Cassidy looks hypnotized LOL
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My cats like to watch the water run when you brush your teeth. That and the water go down the toilet. Glad to know mine aren't the only ones!
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I guess no update yet, keep us posted. I'll keep checking back.
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I just got a call from the daughter of my elderly neighbor. She says her mom has been caring for/ feeding Nina. Her mom didn't get the flyer I put on her door but they saw the one I posted at the community center! They said she is hanging around outside and they are going to call me when they catch her MY BABY IS ALMOST HOME!!!
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They said they knew she belonged to someone and were worried because she is clearly pregnant. Can she have grown that much in 5 days?
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY
They said they knew she belonged to someone and were worried because she is clearly pregnant. Can she have grown that much in 5 days?
Oh, Amy, that is so wonderful! She missed her spay appt, didn't she?!? I guess you can still take her in next week, and see what the vet says. I'm so happy that Nina is ok!
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Oh Amy--- that is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo happy for you!

you will have to keep me up to date on Ninas size as I was wondering if all the sudden one day my Angel will just "pop" and be showing or if it would be gradual. LOL
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Yeah! Silly kitty, maybe she liked the food better that the other lady was feeding her?? Glad she's safe and sound
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Oh, what a relief!!!! I'm so happy you are getting her back!!!!

Let us know once she's safe and sound!
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I promise, I feed her well and I love her lots. She is really not pleased with the momma cats and kittens I am fostering. I feel bad for her but what can I do, I've already committed to the rescue. I will try and give her her own space for the next couple of weeks and maybe her attitude will change once she has been spayed.
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yea!!!! So it was really her? Thats wonderful
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I am so happy to hear that!! Definitely keep us posted. YEAH!!
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I am so glad she is home AMY Yaa.....
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Oh thank goodness! Amy, let us know as soon as she gets home. Poor baby!
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Taz escaped again today. i know how you feel. i think im going to have another batch of kittens in a couple of months.. sigh. this isnt good. She was supposed to go to a new home here in a few weeks, but if shes pregnant, i guess i get to keep her a bit longer. She actually knocked the screen outta the window to get out!
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Some how my post got deleted. Nina is home but she has a URI. She is also further along than we originally thought. Her belly has grown since she has been gone.

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Glad she back home... she is a beauty
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Amy----- oh sorry she has a URI! How far are they thinking now? isn't it around 4-5 weeks that they "show" so thought you said last week they figured about 4 weeks so that would put her at 5 weeks and showing now right? or am I off on what you said when. LOL

And WOW is she showing!!!!!!!!! Angel is almost 4 weeks (Tue was her first day out) and barely has a bump, wouldn't even notice it if you didn't know how thin she was before. I keep questioning on if she really IS preg or not. hahaaa. Was Nina showing at all before she got out? how many days was she gone again? wasn't it Tue till today or yesterday so only 3 days?
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ok went and looked and last week was 5 weeks so she would be 6 weeks now right?

And gone Tue through Sat...... was she showing at 5 weeks? Just trying to estimate if Angel will just pop and be big one day or if it will be a slow change. LOL
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She was a pretty thin cat so she just looked thicker. She now looks pregnant. The vet said about 6 wks along but he said he wouldn't recommend spaying her now, until she is over the URI. I don't know what to do. I'm not sure what kind of a momma she would be and I am not up to raising another litter I will have to get her better first and go from there.
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