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Sandy is not at al picky about her food. When we got her from the shelter, they'd been feeding her Iams. Our vet recommended that we only feed her meat as good as we would eat and told us to switch. We're vegetarians so we wouldn't eat ANY meat (heehee) but we switched to PetGuard, which is what they sell at the Food Co-op I belong to. The vet also recommended Wellness as a brand. Anyone use any of these? Sandy was fine with the switch (after a long cold during which she wouldn't eat at all and scared the hell out of us--we got her back to eating by squirting water from a can of tuna into he rmouth and gradually, she remembered to eat even if she couldn't smell). Pet Guard doesn't seem too expensive--I've never had to buy cat food before so I wouldn't really know, but it's also probably cheaper than it normally would be since it's from the co-op (lower prices, etc.) Sandy really likes the Chicken and Wheat Germ wet and sometimes the savory seafood. Fish, chicken and liver dinner was not a hit, and I may try again with turkey and wild rice dinner. She likes Whiskas Temptations Salmon Flavor and Seafood something or other for a little treat every now and then.
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Pet Guard is very good ... Wellness is good but the garlic makes me not serve it ... if she likes fish flavors try Meow mix it is decent quality and comes in many fish flavors
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