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Jimmy is home!!

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Just wanted to let everyone know Jimmy is home and his new mama is exhausted. It's 6:30 and I am fixing to go to bed for the night..........

Jimmy is absolutely georgeous. I have been home for about an hr or so with him. His new litter box and food/water bowls are set up for him and his crate is open. I have all this in my spare bedroom. I lay on the bed in there for about an hr and he stayed in his crate just staring at me with those big eyes of his. I have the lights dim in there and I am going to give him some privacy for a bit so maybe he will come out and eat something.

Thank you Eileen...... And it was very nice meeting you! I will keep you updatedd with info and pictures.

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Yay! I know it will take time, but I will be watching Jimmy's progress. I hope the change into his own home will help. I know the interaction with one loving person will be wonderful for him!
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I think a home environment is just what Jimmy needed. He, still at 1:26am, has not come out of his crate.. That I am aware of anyway. I just put a few little pieces of prime rib streak in the edge of his crate. He has to be hungry... He is sitting/laying in a little box inside the crate at this point.

And I can tell he is scared. Husband thinks I should put another cat in their with him but I'm not sure if that is a good idea yet. So I am waiting on that.

I am every hr or so just walking through the room. I fell asleep in there twice since we have been home.

He just stares at me but he'll be ok. I bet he comes out during the night if nothing else to drink water and smell around a little.

Nite again all.....
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I slept in the room with Jimmy until 3:30 or so when my hubby came and woke me up. I turned the lights off when I left the room and at that time Jimmy was still in his crate.

This morning when I checked on him, he was out of the crate and had used his litterbox and had drank 1/2 bowl of water!!!

I am so glad.........More later.

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How exciting Jenn...Jimmy is beginning adapt to his new home.
Eileen...job will done.
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Oh wonderful news Jenn, so glad that Jimmy is finally exactly where he belongs. I look forward to Jimmy updates!
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Jenn, I'm glad you and Jimmy made it home safely. I just got home myself.
I knew it would be hard to say goodbye to Jimmy, but it was even more difficult when he let me scratch his ears. First time for that! It's a good thing you brought kleenex.

It sounds like Jimmy is understandably scared and confused, but it's a good sign that he used his litter box and drank a little. You're such a dedicated kitty mom to stay with him. I'm sure he found that comforting and it will help him get use to you. I agree it's probably too soon to introduce him to the other cats.

Jimmy is definitely where he belongs. I'll bet he just blossoms in a real home.
Thanks Jenn, to you and your hubby for opening your hearts to Jimmy. We'll miss him here. Looking forward to pics and updates when you can.
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Here the latest update on Jimmy.

He is actually exploring the bedroom and since I already have some things packed and ready for moving to our new house next month, Jimmy has found the crannies among it all..... When I checked on him earlier, I could not find him. There is no way he could get out of the room and but I looked for thirty minutes.

I finally found him. He had found a new hidey hole. Now itsn't this cute?

He's going to be a sweetheart.

Oh and he finally pooped and finally ate his steak too.... And a little catfood because he scattered it some Yeah~~~

And Eileen, all the work that you and Millie did is going to pay off for Jimmy. It's going to take him a good while but I have a feeling one day he will be lovey dovey.......


p.s. One more thing. He has already met [or seen might be a better word] a couple of the cats. Kissy and Dovey. They sit at the door and try to rush the door when I open it. I had to make Kissey leave Jimmy's steak alone... hehe Dovey took a nap in there with me when I got back from Fayetteville today. She is out of there now but Jimmy knows there are cats around at this point. My cats never saw Jimmy and don't even know he is in there but I was watching him watch them. He sits real still and is like a statue cat. He does this with his whole body hid and only his face peeking out from somewhere. They have explored his crate but they have not seen a cat. I have never seen a motionless cat. This is going to be a joy....

I also think Jimmy ate his steak because he saw Kissey wanted it. He will learn me by watching me and the other kitties. I hope anyway......
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I can't believe I missed all of this. Jenn, what can I say? I love reading updates on Star and now there will be 2!!
You are a fantastic person and I know Jimmy will do great in your care.
Well done to you and Eileen for giving the cat the life he deserves!
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Awww, thanks Jenn. That picture of Jimmy made my day!!! That's our boy.
He was good at finding the cubby holes at Millie's too. Glad to hear he ate something and has been out exploring. Sounds like he's already starting to feel a little bit at home.
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I'm not sure if he feeling at home yet, but I think it is progress that he is exploring the room.

I take asthma breathing treatment and he doesn't blink an eye when he hears the machine. Which is good. I have not put a TV in there yet but I plan to this evening or tomorrow.

I have been talking to him and saying his name alot also while I am in there. Softly. And humming to him.

I caught my husband down on his knees talking quietly to Jimmy. I knew he would like him. He loves black and white cats and I never showed him Jimmy's picture. He had no idea what Jimmy looked like. Hubby says Jimmy is just scared and he's right. But he will be ok.

I'm glad you liked the picture Eileen. Can't get a body shot of him. Only a face at this point. He is very adorable and cute. He is big boy and I have no idea how he actually got in the cubby hole he was in when I took the picture. I thought I have moved the packed stuff flush with the wall, but he crawled in between a suitcase, a blue blanket and a box. To my knowledge he has not been back in the crate since coming out.

I am going to make him his own box since he likes boxes....

I have been calling him Jimmy kitty guy.......

He is going to be ok...........

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:angel2: Jenn, you are such a wonderful guardian angel to cats and Jimmy Kitty Guy knows it, too When I read that you have asthma & still RESCUE cats - oh, I have tears of gratitude - words cannot express how much I admire you!! You inspire the rest of us! I look forward to reading more about Jimmy.
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Well catsknowme, I know what you are saying........ Everything is a double edged sword in my life with my health. I had to decide if I wanted to live in a sterile bottle or LIVE MY LIFE.

Believe it or not, I am much much better than I used to be with the asthma and with other health issues as well that I am not going to go into..... But I still take about 4 breathing treatments a day. And I give myself daily injections as well. I just have to do it and I also have to save what kitties I can. It would be horrible to be heartless. And there are a lot of heartless people out there in the world. Sure, my breathing would be better without cats and dogs sleeping with me and living in my house but I would be miserable without them. This is my life. I love them... It would be much easier to not have cat hair everywhere. It would be much cheaper if I didn't have them. But I could never give them away or turn one away. They are my babies and they depend on me.

I also think everyone on this site is of a similiar nature as well.......... We all have our crosses to bear and through it all we have to find our happiness or go crazy wondering what is wrong with our lives. My little kitties with their kitty love kisses are my saviors...

People truely forget that you have give first before you receive. Nothing is ever truely given on a silver platter. My platter is tarnished but it is full..... And that's what important.

Thenk you catsknowme....
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Well, Jimmy is still in his cubby hole but he is coming out and eating and pooping. He has also turned his body around and doesn't feel the need to stare into the room anymore which probably means he is feeling more comfortable. It's like he is not on guard anymore.

Since he was in this position, I reached in the hole and scratched his back very gently and he did not pull away. In fact, he closed his eyes.. My husband also touched/scratched his back and he did not pull from him either.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...

I am very encouraged.

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Originally Posted by jcribbs
Well, Jimmy is still in his cubby hole but he is coming out and eating and pooping. He has also turned his body around and doesn't feel the need to stare into the room anymore which probably means he is feeling more comfortable. It's like he is not on guard anymore.

Since he was in this position, I reached in the hole and scratched his back very gently and he did not pull away. In fact, he closed his eyes.. My husband also touched/scratched his back and he did not pull from him either.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...

I am very encouraged.

That's awesome, Jenn! I'm surprised and happy all at once. I never expected that you'd be able to touch him so soon. Could be he just senses that he's safe, that he's home. I have to go get some more kleenex now.
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Oh Jimmy...what a smart boy, you've figured out so quickly that you've found the perfect home!! That's wonderful!! Congratulations Jenn and to you Eileen. I'm thinking there might have been a little divine intervention (and maybe TCS vibes) making this all working out so well!
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It's wonderful!!!.... I do think he is feeling safe or safer but he is still nervous and scared. He is a long way from what I would call totally relaxed. But the fact he did not shy away from our hands is very fantastic! The first time I touched him, he back kinda jerked but then he relaxed as I kept talking to him. I have touched him several times today in this manner and I am adding longer and longer strokes down his back as I do this.. I don't want to get bit and I don't want to spook him so I am being careful but so far he has not acted agressive at all. No growling and no claws at all and no trying to get away. He likes this cubbyhole and is choosing to stay there. He feels completely hid from view in there. I know he is coming out of it because of the fresh poop/tinkle in the litter box. And I know he is coming out to drink becasue of the water level but he is not eating much. But as long as he is drinking and tinkling and pooping I guess he's ok.. He will eat when he is hungry. And he did eat steak once.....

Definately divine intervention.......Definately!

Aw Eileen....... you are such a sweet person... so tender hearted... I hope we'll have many more kleenex days where Jimmy is concerned......

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It sounds like you're making wonderful progress with Jimmy already. I'm sure he's still scared but no doubt finds your touch comforting. Hopefully he'll learn that being pet by a human is a good thing. I'm still amazed that he let me scratch his ears the other day. That was the best parting gift Jimmy could have given me. He really is a sweet boy.

Guess I'm going to have to be sure to keep the kleenex handy when I read your updates. Your patience and understanding are just what Jimmy needs!
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Eileen, I have a question for you.......

What food were you feeding Jimmy? The only thing I can definately say he has eaten is 5 bites of steak. He has scattered cat food but I can't tell he has eaten any.

I have tried chicken. I have tried sardines but he doesn't seem to be eating.

I want to get something he likes. I may try canned cat food. He is drinking and pooping but I see no evidence of food being gone.

Today he discovered my husbands open suitcase. So I took all my husbands stuff out and put in a bunch of old clean socks and put a pillow case over them for Jimmy. Its a soft suitcase and I put it on it's side so it's like a little cave. He has buried himself in the socks. He loves it by the way.

Also today for the first time, he stood in the middle of the room while I was in there. He stood still as long as I did. When I squated down, he darted away. It's the first time I have seen him stand up. I am touching him everyday now. Today I rubbed him gently all over the face and back and it relaxed him. I could tell. He is still not sure of me but he let me.

I am just worried about the food issue however.......

Thanks in advance,
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Jenn, I'll PM you about the food issue.

That's cute about the suitcase. Jimmy's always been an expert at finding those cozy spots. It's great that he's so responsive to being touched. Sounds like your definitely taking the right approach.

Thanks for all updates. It's so reassuring to know Jimmy's in a safe place.
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Well, Jimmy has discovered the joys of windows and the sounds of the woods....... I opened him a window today that goes out to the woods so he could hear the birds and outside noises and he loved it! The way my house is arranged, it is like a second story window because the house sits over a basement. He has been running across the bed from window to window looking out. He is enjoying sitting on the window sill and I am thrilled by this. Let me add one thing. I have cracked him a window before but he did not explore it. Today was the first time and I am not opening it all the way. Just 4" or so. Don't want to take chances with the screen since it's new to him. But he loves looking out and listening to things.

And today when I was in the room, he 'darted past me' brushing my leg as he went by on his way to the window sill. Isn't that cool?

He is not coming up to me but he is traveling the area of the room with me in it with him. Finally........... Still not eating much but that will happen. He is still still drinking and tinkling...

Tomorrow I'm trying bacon and eggs and try to bribe him with that. He did not like [or eat] his tuna or cottage cheese. I did get him to lick cottage cheese off his lip. I tried to feed him with a spoon while he was laying down. It got on his lip and he licked it off. hehe

Iams is last resort since I have tons of cat chow. And I do think he is eating very very small amts of cat chow or there would not be small amts of poop in his litter. He tinkles about 2-3 times a day...

When he is laying down, I can touch him all over. He even lets me rub his tail. I have scratched him under the chin but he has not purred for me yet and he does not raise his chin like most cats. He is not comfortable enough yet. That will come. As long as he is in a cubby hole, I can pet him however I want and he is fine but not when he is out in the open. He needs that cubby hole safety net. I have him several spots round the room fixed for beds. Under a dresser I made him a pad. He has a box with a pad in it. He has my husbands suitcase with the socks and he has his crate with towels in it. And he has another box. The mattress and box springs sit on the floor in there as we don't really sleep in there on a reg basis so he can't get under the bed. But it scooted out so he can get behind it if he wants.

Tink, Dovey, Angie and Cookie, which are the youngest, have all been in there with him. I am not leaving them in there without me because I don't them to scare Jimmy. I am not worried about him hurting them but I don't want them to scare him to bad. Tink and Cookie are fine. Dovey and Angie can be a little cranky and possessive of things. Dovey, is she thinks she has a bluff on someone, will just keep hissing and I don't want her to do that to Jimmy. She is a little small boned thing with a big attitude. Tink is just sweet. Very loving little cat. Angie is also sweet and Cookie is very passive. Tink and cookie are best friends and I feel Jimmy will like them very much one day. They are the mad house dashers and I can't wait till he starts dashing with them......

But Jimmy seems better this afternoon. I do think he was depressed [like eileen said] when I got him. His eyes are bright and big right now and and he is actually checking things out in his room instead of merely hiding now. The food issue will probably change now. But he seems more lively today. He is displaying an interest in his surrounding. Thank goodness. I do think he wants to belong to someone but he is just not sure. He is very different than Star. Star will probably never be 'tame'. She will always live with me but I doubt she will ever approach me. But I can see Jimmy fitting in like the other cats. Don't get me wrong. Star fits in but she is and will always be ...feral.... She was a wild kitty too long. I could be wrong but we'll just have to see. But Jimmy is calmer than Star has ever been. He is the cutest thing.

He is relaxing with me and with my husband and with the cats he has met so far.

I have not introduced him to Cleo [Patty] or Kissy [cept when she snuck to get steak] or Socks [very dominate] or either of the other males. And Star is in her own world in the house. She would not follow me in there. Turtle has not met him yet either. Right now I am just sticking with the young ones so he can find a buddy. Mama kitty will be introduced to him tomorrow. She is a mellow fat cat who he might like. She is not dominate or anything. She purrs constantly.

But Jimmy is coming along and I am so pleased..... He is going to be a good cat. A very good cat. I think all Jimmy has needed was one on one with a person. He is not trusting yet but he is MUCH more relaxed today.


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Uh oh, when I read that part about how much Jimmy's enjoying his views from the window, it was another kleenex moment. He seems to be settling in so well, Jenn, considering it's been less than a week. Sounds like he's really responding to the one-on-one attention you're able to give him. He didn't get nearly enough of that in his foster home because there were so many other cats to care for. I think you're right that he wants be somebody's cat. I picked up on that when he was kitten. It's like he wants the human interaction, but isn't quite sure how to accept it. It's very encouraging that he's out exploring his surroundings more and more. That's definitely a sign he's feeling more comfortable.
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I cooked him a scrambled egg with chedder cheese and two pieces of bacon this morning. He was resting in the crate when I took it to him. He changes cubby holes all the time. I hope the smell of the bacon runs right through his bones and he can't stand it.. I want him to eat a big meal so bad. I leave him alone to eat. I'll check on him here in a bit and see if he ate some and I'll post another update.

And he does seem to be settling in eileen. He really does. He is still leery and doesn't approach me but he will. Also this morning, when I scratched him under the chin, he raised it before he thought about it because it felt good. When I did it a second time, he kept his chin down. It was like he remembered "Oh, I'm not supposed to like that"... hehe But he really does.

He is getting used to my touch now. And I love it that he is exploring. And I am also tickled pink that he is looking out of a window... It is a stimulant for him and he needs that. The birds sing outside that window all the time. And it's possible he can see deer. They run through the yard all the time. And he can also see the squirrels. So the windows are drawing him big time.

I can't believe it's only been 5 days. wow..... He has actually made a lot of progress in that time. He has quite a ways to go but he is moving along.

He probably wonders "what the heck is all these different little saucers sitting around?".... Each saucer has a different item.... I sat his bacon inside the crate. Yumm............

My cats are rotten. If I cook, they are convinced it is for them. Jimmy will beg one day as well. Even star stand 10 feet or so from me when I cook. She knows and one day Jimmy will as well. I am still ignoring her however...

I'll let you know how the bacon plan goes...... I'll update on that before I leave. I am going to finish mudding my new kitchen walls today so Jimmy will have a quiet day in his room.

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Well, Jimmy got to truly meet two kitties yesterday. I left tink and cookie in there with him for most of the night. I just woke up and it's 2:29 am and I just let them out of the room.

Also yesterday he ate a couple little bites of bacon. Thank god.... This food thing was worrying me.

As far as Tink and Cookie, they all did great. I think Jimmy liked them in there. He normally hides back in a corner of a cubbyhole. He was up front wide eyed while ago. Tink and Cookie are the nighly mad dashers so Jimmy probably had fun watchig them. They are little and a little less than a year old. Since he likes young cats, I figure he will like these two.

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I've been reading your thread Jenn and it seems Jimmy is coming right along.......your doing a great job!
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I think Jimmy understands that he can go at his own pace at your house, and that is helping him feel safe. I am so happy you have taken him in. Have you tried Kentucky Fried Chicken yet?!? It seems like they all love that!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
I think Jimmy understands that he can go at his own pace at your house, and that is helping him feel safe. I am so happy you have taken him in. Have you tried Kentucky Fried Chicken yet?!? It seems like they all love that!
i know it's the only thing that Pixel & Mouse would beg for! all other people food - they couldn't care less!
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Here's Jimmy!!

He was hding in the house from the dogs who were running around. They are outside now. Look at those ears. You can tell he is mad. His door has been open for several days now and he has been finding all sorts of places in the house. There are absolutely no problems with him and the other cats and dogs. Muffin the dauchaund loves cat food so I have to make her leave Jimmy's bowl alone. But he's a big guy and he has decided Purina Cat Chow taste good. He is finally eating good....... Which is a relief. Since he has been running around the house now, I haven't petted him. He is still just exploring. The laundry room is the 'big hangout' for the other cats too. He must know that because he is in there as well.

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He does look a little ticked doesn't he Jenn?? Glad to hear all else is going well. He looks so much like my Petals. Wouldn't they have had beautious kittens?
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Poor guy does look pretty stressed out, but he can handle it. Thanks for picture, Jenn. Jimmy looks great otherwise. Sounds like he's making progress in his new home. I still miss him, though!
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