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Hmmmm...Duck with included Thread Killer....Sounds good!
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Actually I love duck. We have it often.
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Maybe because its dark colored and I only like chicken/turkey breast???
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Still here!
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Gail's gonna win..She almost had it I seen...This thread actually made it to page 2 at one time, and Gail was the culprit.
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hmm...thinking of chinese takeout tonight...but probably no duck
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Hmm..I dont like chinese. And I dont like duck either. Does that make me wierd?
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YOU are sooooo naughty! Changing the name again like that...Dang it though, I replied. And so I lose. I just cant win anything. lol.
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I just noticed that too. And of course knew it was Wyan because he's like the only one who knows how to do those TM and fractions and things and is very amused by it somehow.....

(by the way, lilleah, I've noticed your new sig and haven't seen a thread in the sig shop or anything and just wanted to say I love it, it's very cute!!)
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He's just a naughty man. I think this is like the second time the name was changed. It fools people though. Even me. Silly people....Well more like Silly Ryan.

Anyhow..So now, we just all lose. Like always...Ryan makes us all into losers. LOL...
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No, someone can still win, but then again you did get this thread started up again, you could have won
Anyways I think he wants to be the only loser so he can feel special
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Actually I dont really want to kill my own thread killer thread. That would be ironic, and not fun. lol..

Gail almost won though...This was on page 2 of the lounge yesterday. And I left it alone. lol...I am just kinda interested in who really is going to win anyhow.

But with the way things are now...Were all going to lose.
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I'm the greatest loser of them aaaaaaaaalllllllllll!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEE!!
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I'm not gonna let this thread die without getting the last word!
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So losing here.......
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I must admit I can not understand not likeing Chinese (good chinese as opposed to overly fried items with sweet gooey sauce).

My takeout was nummy tonight - spring roll and beef with mushrooms

the duck remains in the fridge
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HA! Wyyyaaannnnnn I changed where I live to a half something....now you're not the only one!!
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
HA! Wyyyaaannnnnn I changed where I live to a half something....now you're not the only one!!
Great, Sarah's copying me. Now it's not cool anymore.

As a final note, this wasn't intended as a game thread and keeps veering off topic, so I will be closing this thread at a random time during this evening. Let the thread killing come naturally people. It's March 1st, so it's time to close it anyway and figure out who the next Thread Killer of the Monthâ„¢ will be.
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If you're going to kill it at a random time during the evening, surely you're the one killing it once and for all?
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That is SO not fair Wyannn
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I agree - no fair WYAN!!
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Wyans Trying To Cheat!!!!!
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That's Not Fair!!! I can't get online in the evening! I'll miss it all...

Ow, well....at least I was there for the Shut UP show down,even though I didn't win.
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I missed the last one too! But it is time for a new THread killer award. Wyan are you working on that or who is in charge of deciding and counting who wins? I don't think I did as well this months as I did the last time around! *Must kill more threads*
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I saw this yesterday on page two and didn't post!!! I've hogged the spotlight long enough!!!
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Come on guys! I can't be here......PLEASE LET ME WIN!!!!
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Well sad news has come upon this thread. But that's ok.

If nobody else is going to do the monthly thread killer...I will. No problem...And if that's ok with Mr. Wyan. Let me know if I should tally that all up or not sometime today, and I'll have it finished by tonight. heh...

It was fun.
bye bye thread killer thread! You will be sadly missed
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Please Let Me Win!
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Come on!
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