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If I had a big farm like Debby, then I would probably let my kitties go in and out as they please. There wouldn't really be anything to worry about.
I took my kitties out onto the balcony the other day for the first time and Socks LOVES it! I wish that there was a way that he could go in and out, but I know thats not an option. Sometimes now, I'll open the sliding door, but keep the screen door shut and he just sits there looking outside like he longs to be out there.
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i think some in door cats don't realize just how good they have it. there is a cat that my neighbors left behind when they moved. when they lived next to me, the cat would go in and out. when i was over there at my nieghbors house and the cat was in, he would sit at the door to go out in the dead of winter. you can't keep in long. i think to have a happy in door cat they would have to stay inside since they were a kitten. that way they would not know what they were missing. i'd love to bring buddy (the cat) in. my cats freak if they just smell him on me. we have to wash our hands as soon as we come in after loving on him. he has a cat bed and plenty food and water. and usually stays in the yard. i do worry about him getting hit. he strolls in and out of other nieghbors houses, like he owns the place. i wish i knew some one with alot of land. but means i don't he's better off here. where he gets love and food. please know, i just have a really big heart and hope i did not step on anybody's toes. i simply care about all cats and not just mine. Kitty Power :rainbow: :flash: :afrorainb

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Opie likes to sit at the screen door and LOOK outside but, when the door gets opened, he heads for another part of the house. I don't think he wants to go out. Why should he? Outside has no comfy bed to sleep in, no bowl of food and probably, no Mom and Dad to scratch ears and rub a belly.
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I would just like to respond to the indoor/
outdoor issue. I just lost a sweet cat a little
over a week ago and I am heartbroken that he is
gone, but I also know that he was so happy being
outside. Yes, in a perfect world I would want to
keep my cats inside, but they would be so depressed,
it wouldn't be worth it. I have always worried about
one of them getting hit by a car, and my worst
nightmare happened, but it still hasn't changed my
opinion about them being allowed to go outside. They
love to be outdoors. Think of how you would feel if
you were never allowed to feel cool brisk air or lay
in the sun, or just enjoy the beautiful weather outside.
I would give anything to have my Jackson back except his
freedom. He may have only had 10 months, but he really
enjoyed those 10 months. He played outside all day and
then came in and laid around with us all evening. I kept
them in at night, and let them out in the morning. And
if anyone is curious, my cats have had all their shots
and they have all been neutered. They all have felt very
loved and cared for. I do regret that he died, but I
don't regret that he was allowed to go outside and enjoy
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Thats so sad Candy. I'm sorry to hear about Jackson. Thats great that you don't regret ever letting him go outside.
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i wish i had a big farm or something. i would have a privacy fence. so no cats could wonder off. and i'd rescue lots of cats and give them a good home. and let them live out side. but build them a warm cozy cat house to sleep.(after being fixed and shots) of course i'd still have my inside babies. thats my dream. that would be great!!! someday it will happen.
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If the cat is in a controlled enviroment outside, i.e. supervised, that is okay. Just letting your cat roam around the neiborhood is irresponsible and mean. And this is my reasoning...I moved back in with mom for a couple years in a mobile home park that had roaming neighbor cats. Being the good son I am, I would do yardwork for her on a regular basis. I REGULARLY stepped in catshi* in the yard. The management would do nothing about it even though one of the rules is "All pets (including cats) fenced in or restrained and/or on a leash at all times." Even to this day, when I visit my dad (he bought the place from my mom when she remarried and moved) I see cats roaming still. When I finally buy a house and I see a cat in my yard leaving a present, I'll find the owner and let him/her have that present. I have no problem with outside cats, just the ones the owners can't handle and leave out all day and night.

My .02
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Another good reason to keep pets in: On Monday, two walkers, near Green Valley, south of Tucson, spotted a puppy wandering in a pecan orchard. Initially, they intended to rescue it but, upon approaching it, they saw that it had been skinned alive. They called Animal Control and the puppy was euthanized. It was a 10-week old heeler mix and the only skin left on it was the face and a little bit on the paws. The reward for information, about the perpetrator is up to over $11,000. In addition to animal predators and cars, there are some sick people out there!
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OMG that is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. I wish I didn't know that, but more I wish that it had never happened. How can people (and I use that term very loosely) do things like that to such poor innocent creatures? I hope that puppy is having a great time in Heaven playing with nice people and other animals in a big giant field.
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I know that you all understand when I say that there are just not strong enough words in this or any other language for the rage I felt when I read that. I wish we could do the same thing to the things that did that to that innocent. Skin them alive and let them out wandering around.

I am almost crying I am so mad! What could possibly make someone do that to a puppy??? Or light a cat on fire and throw it out of a car (happened here - two teens did it and their parents turned the a**holes in)? Or anything in the SOS Forum (which I generally can't even read)? Murdering people I understand better than that. And yet the lawmakers think it just isn't important enough - or will cost too much - to make animal abuse laws tougher. They defeated the law here in Colorado when the press wasn't all over it that would have made second conviction of animal abuse a felony because it would cost too much. If a person can do something like that to an animal - a complete innocent - then what makes them think they won't do the same thing to a person who has the capability to really piss them off? Almost every serial killer ever abused animals before they went to people.

Sorry for my rambling....I just can't understand some things in this world.
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This type of animal cruelty is a felony, in Arizona. When they find this @#$hole, our DA WILL prosecute, to the hilt! One concern is that this type of animal abuse fits the pattern of a serial killer. Jeffrey Dahmer, the Boston Strangler and the two boys who shot up Columbine High all had histories of torturing animals. The Sheriff's Dept. has gotten a bunch of tips and says that they have two good leads. If I knew who did it, I'd blow them in, without the reward. Actually, I'd, rather, blow them away!
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I anyone did that to my cats, I would skin them!
People are so awful sometimes, I can't imagine how they could do that. My SO says that people like that and like serial killers don't have a soul. That is an explanation that makes sense to me.

On the topic of indoor/outdoor, my cats are indoor. I used to live very close to a major highway, now I live in a city of approx. 50,000, on a fairly busy street. No question, they stay inside.

Faile is a year old, and was a stray, so she spent some time, maybe a month or 2 outside. She seems content to be indoors. I let her on my balcony--no way down except through the inside--and she was a little freaked, especially when my neighbor's dog started to bark.

I have lots of huge windows, so the cats can look out. Since the weather is getting nice, the windows are open, so they can smell, too. I won't take the chance that one will get hit, or run into some a@#h@le like that poor puppy did.
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katl8e, I grew up in AZ, and do you remember the greyhounds? I think it was that incident that helped strengthen Arizona laws on animal cruelty. It's sad that it took so much to horrify people, that it had to be such big news. Especially when it is PROVEN that animal abuse is often an early sign of severe violent and antisocial behavior.
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There's a new lead, in the case. On the 4:30 news, someone has come forward with two puppies, believed to be littermates, of the skinned one. Not too many details, as yet but these puppies are OK. Pictures were on TV: they are sooo cute! HOW could anybody torture something that cute?
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alicat-We have a greyhound racing park up here in Portland so, naturally, we have greyhound rescue. I see them all the time around in the different neighborhoods. I might get one when I buy a house. They are nice and gentle dogs.

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Someone stuck this sweet puppy in a cat carrier and left it in a wooded area! It couldn't get out, it was so weak it couldn't cry. Some state employee found her by accident when he went to use nature for a restroom. She is at the vets now and doing better, but the outcome could of been so bad for her.
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I'm SO glad someone found her!!!! This kind of stuff just makes my blood boil!!!!!
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I hate to hear things about that. If you don't want the puppy how hard is it to drop him off at the local shelter? Leave him in the carrier on the door step if you don't want to deal with it but why would you leave him like that?
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I feel the same as the rest of you about these hideous excuses for "people" who harm animals. Many years ago there was an incident in our area that made the papers and I wrote a scathing editorial about the dirtbags that did it. It actually got printed. It just fires me up, especially since I am also a former teacher who worked with troubled kids and saw some of those behaviors developing. We live in a scary world.

I never left any of my pets outside unattended even when I had dogs. My cats are all indoor cats and are allowed out ocassionally with supervision and a leash and harness. Even my former feral is now a happy indoor cat. He shows absolutely NO interest in going back out where he came from. Those streets are mean.
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I agree with mslemon, in most areas, the streets are not safe.
If an animal is hurt by kids or others, some people can say, oh, it's just an animal. I can't understand that way of thinking. The truth is that anti-social behavior doesn't just stop with animals.

Young people who begin showing agressive behaviors to any living thing--animals, their classmates, whoever-- need to get help.
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No new leads but, if they find out where these puppies came from, they amy be able to trace the scumsucker that did this. Will keep you posted. Hug and kiss all fuzzies, for me.
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My cat loves to go outdoors. I live in the country and yes, coyotes are a threat. I have had many cats and one did go missing once. My cat is 15 and she rarely leaves the porch. She loves the great outdoors. I would never have an indoor only cat.
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I was thinking about starting a new thread but this seems to be a good place to put it.

After a horrible incident, legistators proposed a law that would have made the second conviction of animal abuse a felony. That one got killed in committee because it would have been "too expensive" to put these jerks in prison, even for a short term. Apparently they think they should just wait until these same people kill a person before they will punish them.

Legistators in Colorado haven't given up on a tougher animal abuse. There will be a preliminary hearing on Thursday to discuss a new animal abuse bill. I don't know all of the details, but I think that it would make counseling/therapy mandatory after any animal abuse conviction and I think tougher penalties.

If you live in Colorado, please contact your local representative and let them know that this is an important issue! Go to this link and click on House Member Directory and Senate Member Directory to find your reps. They do list email addresses in this directory.
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