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Sadie needs prayers...

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This afternoon, I was giving Sadie her usual massage on my lap, when I noticed that a small bump behind her right front leg seemed to have enlarged a little. I called her vet & brought her right in to be checked.

The bump is very small. It is not attached to her body, just her skin. It is the color of her skin (pink) & not rough or dry. It looks like it might be a small mole or a plugged hair follicle. I was told to watch it closely and if there is any change, I should bring her in immediately to have it removed under a general anesthesia & checked by a lab.

If there is no change...we will wait to remove it when she has another procedure under general anesthesia. She will need to have her teeth cleaned again in a year or so...we could do it then.

Of course I am concerned. Sadie is my little girl. I adore her.
Please send sweet Sadie positive thoughts and prayers that this is just a little benign bump.
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I send you a prayer that your bump is nothing serious..
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Oh dear, Lei, what a shock. You must feel so upset about this! Precious little Sadie, I'm praying for you and know this lump will amount to nothing at all! Sierra, Serenity, and I send you and your Mommy extra hugs and snuggles tonight as well as complete peace in your heart!
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Of course! Prayers and vibes on the way. It will be begnin!! We know you to be a fantastic, loving mama and everything will be ok!
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Oh Lei your bound to be worried, but i'm sending (((((mega healthy vibes))))) across for little Sadie

It's a good sign though that it isn't attached, and the vet musn't be to worried either to just want to keep an eye on it
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Thank you so much Sharky, Elizabeth, Stephanie & Susan for you caring thoughts, vibes & prayers for my little Sadie girl.
I had a restless night trying to sort out the reality of this.
Our regular vet was not working yesterday. Next week, I will talk to him & get his opinion about what he feels would be the safest way to approach her care.
I guarantee that no bump in the history of kitties will be watched closer.
Please continue your prayers for Sadie's perfect health. They do make a difference.
I will keep you informed if there is a change.
Bless you all for caring.
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Prayers and Vibes going out to Sadie!
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~~~Sending hugglez and kitty kisses~~~
I hope your little girl is okay!
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Good vibes and kitty hugs for Sadie, you sweet little girl!
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Lots of good vibes headed out to Sadie
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sadie's lump is harmless! I can understand your worrying about it.
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My Nutmeg and Oreo are praying for the best for your Sadie (and I am too)!
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Today, I researched lumps & bumps on cats. I have decided that, although her Sadie's bump is probably benign, I don't want to wait to see if it continues to grow.

This afternoon, I scheduled an appointment with Sadie's primary vet for Monday Jan 2nd at 9AM. I will take her in (NPO) without breakfast or water, so that if he wants to remove the bump & send it to a pathologist she will be ready.

About 15 years ago, I discovered a soft lump on my beloved Bartholomew, who is now at the Bridge. Our vet removed it, had it examined by a pathologiest...it was benign. "Mew" lived for many more wonderful years. Mew's vet is now Sadie's doctor. If he decides to remove Sadie's bump, he will take any tissue that could contain aggressive cells with it. I was told yesterday, that removal should be relatively simple because the lump is only on her skin & not attached to her body.

Sadie has no negative symptoms from her bump & is feeling great. Her & her brother Dexter are chasing each other all over the place right now.

TCS is a wonderful place to hang out. I enjoy communicating with friends in the Lounge but when a health problem strikes, your support becomes invaluable. Thanks so much for your thoughts & prayers.
They are keeping me grounded.
Please continue your prayers. I will keep you updated.
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I`m praying that sadie`s lump turns out to be nothing serious at all.
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Thanks for your prayers Linda.
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Lei you sound just like me in the fact that you want things sorted out now rather than later.

I bet you feel better now you have an appointment?!.

I'm sure it will be nothing but at least it's putting your mind at rest.
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I know how you feel - my cat had a fatty lump last year, and even though it wasn't bothering him, I got it removed when he had his dental, as lumps really scare me!!
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sending hugs and prayers!
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Thank you everyone. I am very worried. Sadie's lump has grown some more.
Please keep us in mind on Monday & sent lots of healing prays for my little girl.
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I am sending prayers and love.
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Wishing Sadie the best.
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I am sending many prayers for your Sadie
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Prayer's for sadie on the way!
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Lei, you know I'm continuously praying for Sadie, and am absolutley certain she will sail right through this.
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Lei, lots of healing vibes coming Sadie's way. I'll keep her in my thoughts as you take her to the vet tomorrow. And hugs to her very worried meowmy.
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I don't think that I will sleep much tonight.
Thanks for your prayers my Cat Site friends.
I will try to post tomorrow with an update after Sadie's surgery.
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Praying for you to feel peace in your heart, Lei, as we pray for Sadie's perfect health.

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Thank you Stephanie.
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I'm sorry that I am so late in seeing this. Sending prayers your way! I'm certain what ever it is, it's going to be fine because you caught it so quickly.
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I am continuing to pray as well. Know that!
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