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I named luna after the moon in spanish because she is the collor of the moon.
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Griffin - that sounds really neat!
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Mr. FitzHerbert-from the movie Bridget Jone's Diary. I liked her description of him.
"Mr. FitzHerbert, tits pervert more like. Daniel's boss who stares freely at my breasts with no idea who I am or what I do!"
This got shortened to Fitz who is growing up to fit the full name--peeking in the shower and jumping on the lap of whoever is going to the bathroom.
He'll also lie on my chest and grab whatever he can to use as a pillow.
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All 3 of my cats visit me in the bathroom. I think they can't figure out what I'm doing. Fred esp. likes to watch the flushing. Go figure I might see if I can toilet train him, he's very fastidious.
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Well, In 1988-89 I lived in this house where there was alot of ally cats. Around the nieghborhood there was this one cat that the kids called "friendly". Everyday she would come up on the back porch and meow, wanting some food. We fed her everyday, She adopted us. She was/is the fastest running cat I have ever seen. Thats where the name "Quickie" comes from... My Brother and Cousin named her.
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This is the perfect place to introduce my kitties as I am new here. They are my favorite topic.
We have 6 kitties all various ages ranging from almost a year to about 8.

Cerise-means red. She is our ruddy Abyssinian. AKA Kitty

Aja-just a black and greyish stripey cat named after the Steely Dan song. The name suits her well. AKA Sweetpea Kitty, Aja-Kitty

Elmer-all white boy with green eyes. He was from the humane society and was named *gack* Snowy. Not original and didn't fit him. We renamed him Elmer after a day or two because he is all white and sticks like glue. He is the quintessential lap kitty. AKA Elmer-shmelmer, Sir Sleepsalot, Fatboy

Molly McMuffin-her given name from the shelter and it fits. Especially since we adopted her last St. Patrick's Day. AKA Molly-Lolly

Cally-our almost one-year-old. She is a calico brought to us as a baby by what we thought was a feral that we had been taking care of in our backyard. Not a very original name, but it fits. AKA Cally-Wally-Kitty-Pie

Frankie Blue Eyes-the former feral and most likely the father of Cally. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes and is named after Frank Sinatra. AKA Frankie-Franks

They are just a bit spoiled..
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Welcome to the site! Your kitties sound adorable, and we love hearing all those kitty stories!!
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HI. I am new here, but love the site. I am loving hearing all your kitty's names, and thought it would be a good place to jump in. My hubby brought our kitty home (she was abandoned, and MAYBE 5 weeks old) on halloween, so we named her boo! (btw, she had kittens a week ago today, 4 of them, and they are so sweet!)
Enjoying the boards a lot!
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I named my British Blue Duchess because of the Disney movie the Aristocats. I have always loved Disney movies and I began liking cats because of this movie. I know that my Duchess can't sing and dance like the Duchess in the movie, but I chose that name regardless!
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My 2 are Faile and Molly. Faile (Fy-el) is named for a character in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Faile the cat is all black, and was a stray who found my S/O and I last summer. She was about 4 months old then and all by herself.

In the book, the character has black hair, and she is on her own, hunting for a legendary horn. It seemed to suit the cat, plus I really love those books.

Molly is named for a good friend of mine, who thought it would make a great name for a cat.

I hope this link will take you to my on-line photo album:

I never tried this before, so I'm crossing my fingers.
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If you looked at the pictures in the previous posting. . .

The orange cat is Molly. The other cat by herself is Tara. I had her put to sleep last year I still miss her a lot. She was named Tara, because at the time I got her, I was going through a Gone with the Wind phase.
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Faile looks like our Blackie. I love black kitties, even tho' they're supposed to be bad luck. I love that black nose best, and how they're invisible when they sleep.

Molly looks really teeny next to Faile, esp. in the milk crate. Is she really small, or was she just young?
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Since kitties are good, I always say that any cat passing your path is good luck . Hmm...nevermind that my cat is all white. But I didn't choose him; he just came to live with me out of happenstance. A friend sort of adopted him as a stray in Louisiana but since the friend was moving, he wasn't able to keep the cat. So, he and kitty hopped on a plane to come see me. Now kitty is a happy indoor purrball who doesn't seem to hold it against me that I subjected him to a 'life-changing' experience at the vet and am constantly brushing his teeth, clipping his nails and the like...and cuddling him to pieces .

Anyhow, I named the kitty Guimauve - which can be translated from French as "marshmallow". Well, he was a Cajun kitty...French is part of the Creole heritage...and he's all white. It made sense to me . The funniest thing is trying to get people to say kitty's name right. The vet says the name all different ways but my favorite is 'Gweeie-move' . I often shorten the cat's name to Gui (sounds like the pronunciation of the name Guy in French). If all else falls, he's not offended by being called kitty.
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Sunlion, It's supposed to be good luck to own, or be owned by, a black cat. Molly was just young in that picture, she is almost the same size, now, and will probably be fatter.
I was worried that she had worms when I first got her, because she had such a fat belly. The vet said she just likes to eat:tounge2:
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