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OH FWAN THAT'S WONDERUL!!!! I was SOOO worries when I spoke to you the other day, I'm so pleased he's finally home!! BIG BIG BIG hugs for you all and special scritchies for that silly kitty of yours!
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okay this is going to be a slow reply as teufel is on my lap demanding pats and purring very softly. i am taking some pics of him very soon to post them up. He was very dehydrated and drank nearly the whole bowl of water.
i had told ben that the day his cat tree is here he will come back and he did!!!
my mother came here today with alot of food and his tree.
she spoke to his picture before she left home and told him that he has to promise to go home today!
i have given him a few treats and lots of food. he had a pretty bad poop. but it was because he hasnt eaten in a few days.
i honestly do not believe that he was there the whole time, there is a door down there where it leads into the wash room and the toilet for the kiosk, we presume that teufel has been watching from the garden saw the door open and bolted inside.
because everyone does their washing fown there so one of the people would have realised if he was in there for two weeks.
i am still trying to contact my vet, i am so sad and feel bad but i do not have the money for emergency vet, we have checked him through he has no fleas no scratches or anything he is just very skinny! He just had a big meal of his fav food!
kaylee keeps on washing him down, she was sooo happy to see him!
as soon as i heard him i knew it was from the basement, i stumbled down there and called him, he ran to the back of the basement, i kneeled down and stuck my hand out, he sniffed me i grabbed him in tears and ran back upstairs holding him so tight to my heart! he is so happy to be back into the warm apartment!

he is very comphy right now and still purring im not daring to move.
He is very weak but im very sure he will be fine in no time!!!!!

thank you everyone for ur vibes and prayers!!
I cant thank you all enough!
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Fantastic news, what a relief. I hope you enjoy spoiling him rotten now. Im so glad he came home to you, and I hope his time out wasnt too bad for him. But either way he's home and your lives are complete again! not mention the lives of everyone on here whos been checking the thread daily!
Good boy for coming home Teuful
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Oh my goodness. He has put you through hell! Hopefully he has "sown his wild oats" and is now a mature young lad. I am very happy for you, I was starting to lose hope.
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well done teufel !!!!!

i was choked up when i read he was back,he brought tears to my eyes,we are so happy for you fran,
and teufel i want a word with you !!,you lucky,lucky boy,don't put your mum through that again

best wishes fran,and you too teufel!!!!
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Fran, I am so beyond ecstatic for you right now!!!
I apologize that I was not praying/sending vibes for his safe return earlier....I've been on here so sporadically lately and never saw the thread .

Anyway, YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm so happy for you and Teufel .
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Oh Fran, what positively wonderful news!! I'm sooo happy that "our" boy is back!! Yay Teufel!!
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Fran I was out all day with my family and when I came home and found this thread I was sooooo excited for you and your baby. Give Teufel more kisses from me and Eb and Lilly. We are soooo excited for all you.

Time to go spend some quality time and get Teufel reaquainted at home and healthy again.
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That is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so happy for you and your baby, Fran!!!!
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Miss Fran!
I'm so excited for you sweetie! What a sigh of relief we are all having on your behalf. I'm so glad he found you again, but then I knew he would
Take care of all three of you
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I am soooooo happy to hear that Teufel is back!

Give him some kisses for me!
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I know how you feel! I remember the joy when my Minx (RB) returned after being gone for almost two months.

Teufel! Behave! Stay in your apartment!
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I'm so Happy for you and of course him. I expect he'll have lots of hugs for a long while. SO glad he's safe
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I have just read your first post, and not the other pages yet but I just wanna say I am so happy he is back....I have a huge smile on my face and I can not imagine how happy and over the moon you are. This is just the best news and I am jumping up and down for joy! I imagine you must be too....I knew he would come home...and there was never a day i didn't think, wish and hope he would come back to where he belongs...his home with you.

I hope he settles back into his nice home, and that you can make him feel a lot better as he must of had a tough few weeks. I am sending him lots of healing and get well soon vibes. Hopefully it wont be long until he'll feel like himself and be master of the house again.

I will have a quick browse through the rest of the replies to check to see if you have added anything else but I am just so happy for you....

Welcome home Teufel!

Love and hugs

Eva and cats xxx

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Aww, Teufel is so happy to be in his meomwy arms again!! I 'm just so happy he's back!!
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Oh, Fran, that is just WONDERFUL! I am so happy for you and Teufel! I have been worried about both of you, because he was out in the big world, and you were home worrying!

I am just so happy for you! Yay, Ben's mum for bringing that cat tree over!
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That's wonderful news!!!
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That is PERFECT news!!!! I'm so happy for you both.
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HOORAY!! he's back
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Oh how wonderful Fran that he is back and safe in your arms!!
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I couldn't be happier for you. I got teary reading that he is home.
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YAY! I am so happy he's home. I couldn't take it if I lost Tiger or Lily. If Tiger is out for more then a hour I am worried sick. I have been known to walk around in my bathrob, slippers and flashlight calling him
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I am so happy Teufel is home where he belongs!!

Give him lots of pets from me and my gang!
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OMG!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See I miss one day of being on here because of school work and I miss the MOST important things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome home baby boy we missed you.
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Fran that's fantastic news!! So, so pleased that he's come home
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I'm so pleased to hear that Teufel's home! You must be unbelievably relieved!
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