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I currently have 3. I have 1 more that I'm waiting on getting because I want to save it for when I break through 200 lbs (I'm a fatty!) and 2 others as possibilities that I may get. I've designed all my tattoos myself, but have had them cleaned up and applied by a tattoo artists.

This is a leviathan. It's on my left shoulder, and it's representative of destruction and rebirth.

These are my maiden initials crafted into a butterfly I am so happy I got this when I did. It has always reminded me that I should remember who I am and where my roots are, no matter where I go, who I'm with, or who my friends are.

Pardon my crack! This one WILL be getting redone. It was my first tattoo and it is a testament to how important it is to find an artist serious about his work. I love it because of what she represents, but I think the guy had no business doing it and it came out poorly because of it. That's life I suppose.

This is the flash I made for the tatoo I'm getting when I drop this last 12 lbs!!
It's my gargoyle, and he will be on my right shoulder and he symbolises Protection. together the gargoyle and the leviathan are my angel and my devil, although, which is which?

This is my kitty I'm thinking about getting her facing the other way, so it'l be the symbol for Turkey, though if I do that, it will look more like Gibby to keep with the theme.

Also I'm plainning on getting a sufist symbol on the inside ot me right wrist to commemorate my cousin that passed away when he was only 19 (he was born exactly one week before me, and died on my birthday in a car accident.)
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my cat tattoo

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One on my right shoulder of a pegasus.. jailhouse (not literally lol) but not too bad at that... I wanted one of my pitbull on my lower back but he "disappeared" before I could have his portrait drawn (
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I was finally able to take a pic of my tattoo.

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I have none.. I'm a BIG>>>CHICKEN!>>LOL
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No tatoos, no piercings and I don't want any.
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On my 31st birthday, I designed a full moon with a face and cloud wisps, and had it done on the outside of my left ankle. It's very simple, nothing extravagant, in purple and blue hues.
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I may be the only female on earth who is commitmentphobic. I have a very hard time just getting a haircut or choosing fabric to recover a chair... so you can imagine how I feel about tattoos!

However, at the advanced age of soon-to-be 50, I have finally become comfortable with the ginkgo leaf as my personal symbol. It has special meaning to my family; it represents memory and clarity of thought; it comes from a timeless tree that has survived eons unchanged; and it's a beautiful, graceful shape that I love.

So maybe someday... just one small ginkgo leaf... ah, but where?

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I have none, but my son-in-law has the cutiest one on his upper arm that goes all the way around, our family are lovers of bassett hounds so he has them all the way around his arm, it's so cute, My girls all have tattoos,,,and my hubby but none for me
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a pic of my one and only tattoo
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I have one tattoo on my lower back. It is in kanji (Japanese characters) and says "Yonsei", which translates to "fourth generation" in English. My great-grandparents came to the US from Okinawa and each generation has it's own title. They were Issei, my grandmother is Nisei, my mother is Sansei; my future kids will be Gosei. My tattoo is not only a descriptive piece of myself, but also honors those before me and those to come.

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I know this thread is OLD, but I'm trying to figure out if I can post pics....I want to post in "Pictures, pictures" but I gotta figure it out...let's see if this works...
This is my tattoo that I got when I turned 30 last year. It's still fresh and red around the edges. I'm probably going to get another one this January for my next birthday. Maybe one a year! haha...I want to enhance this one with maybe somepaw prints or something, but I'm undergoing some back therapy and can't do it yet, so I'm thinking maybe one on my ankle next.
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Trying to see if I can figure this posting thing out....I don't know how to get it bigger...
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At risk of Hijaking the thread, since this is the tatto thread, I was wondering if there was anyone out there who draws well (faces included) that might help me with drawing up a memorial tattoo for my mother. I ave been working on it for 8 years now and I have specific pieces that I want. I had someone working on it previously but then he had to move to california all of a sudden and then I had no one. Anyone who might be intersted in helping me out or knows someone that might PM me and we can talk details! Thanks guys!!!
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