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POLL: How much do you scoop??

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Just curious! I only have Madden and I scoop his box twice a day. First thing in the morning and right before bed. How much do you scoop??
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I voted three or more. I scoop every morning and night and as needed throughout the day.
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I'm other: I'm bad, I do it every other day
want to do it more...but never seem to get to it unless it is trash day (so it will be leaving the premises pronto)
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I only scooped once a day forever.....

but then we had to make a bunch of adjustments so that mabby wouldnt go the bathroom in the bathtub....twice a day seems to be working well so far
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Three or more. I am a scooping cat Mama.
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I voted twice a day, but on the weekends i can do it three times
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Pretty much once a day and sometimes I get busy and it's every other day.
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Well, it gets scooped in the morning, and usually in the afternoon, and then just before bed (or sometimes right after lights out as it seems that's when everybody decides they have to do a poo and the litter boxes are in the master 1/2 bath --- a bit close for freshness!)
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i chose 'i don't scoop' because i have the automated litterboxes. i empty the receptacles on them a couple of times a week.
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Am I the only person who scoops their every poop after they're finished?
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Wow, these threads always make me feel like a bad cat mommy. They have a humongous litterbox and I find scooping once a day usually works but maybe I should do it more...
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I voted twice that is the ave... some days I do once others I do four times..
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Originally Posted by Zoggy
Am I the only person who scoops their every poop after they're finished?
I scoop every time she poops but so far its only been twice a day she goes.
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I usally scoop once to twice a day (I only have Reilly though) if I notice he has used the box I scoop again.
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i scoop it 2-3 times a day.
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I voted twice, but that's the minimum. It can be more on the weekends, or if I'm there when they use the box.
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I voted "Other" cuz most times I scoop ever other day...sometimes daily...depends on the kits.
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Okay, well I'm going to start scooping twice a day. I've also started doing a "litter overhaul" every 2 weeks since you guys convinced me that that was necessary. See, I'm becoming a better cat mommy because of TCS!
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I scoop first thing in the morning, and again when I get home from work. I'll do it again before going to bed if Jamie announces he's done a "stinky". He won't wake me up at night if he goes then, but if I'm home and awake, he'll call me to come clean his box if he's had a BM. On weekends it could be just once, or three or four times a day. It probably averages out to twice a day.
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Once a day for me.
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Joji wants her box clean so I scoop hers twice a day. If it weren't for her, I would be scooping every other day. My cats are indoor/outdoor so the pans aren't used as often as an indoor kitty would.
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I scoop twice a day. Wow it makes me feel bad for my 4 kitties when I see people with only 1 cat scooping twice a day.
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Zoggy: Nope me tooooo
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I scoop 3 times a day or more if one of them "plants a rose."

When I had just Prego, it was only once a day plus roses.
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Y'know what the cats say?

"Scoop all you want.
We'll make more!"
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I put other b/c my schedule varies! (I'm in nursing school). If I am home and she poops, i'll give it time to settle then scoop. If she pees while I'm at home, I usually will wait til shes gone a time or two. I always check when I get home from school or elsewhere, and scoop if needed. I'd say probably 2-3 times a day, depending on how much Marlee goes!
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I scoop twice a day.
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Once or twice...they do fine if I only do it once, but sometimes it's stinky, so we do a morning scoop and a night scoop.
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Alot alot alot, probably 20 times a day I have 6 litter boxes, but I'm home all day except 2 days I work, I have 8 kitty kitty's also so I do it quite often. I do my best to keep everyone clean and healthy The reason I have so many boxes is I have a big house, and I want to make sure they can get to one when needed, I had 8 boxes on here first but I meant 6, I can't tell an 8 from a 6 without glasses
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Well, 1 1/2 wasn't there!

We have 4 litter boxes, 3 cats, but they usually use the one box on the main floor, so I scoop that one twice a day, and the others once, depending if they event went.

Is this too gross, but...what do you do with it once you scoop? I got a Litter Locker for the main floor...
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