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I'm an office manager. Well, a bored office manager, but I don't hate it. I was a project manager for insurance repair. I have bartended and waitressed most of my life. I had a love/hate relationship with that. I went to school for Human Services, but found that the red tape was so thick that you could rarely help anyone. I thought when I was a kid I'd work with animals, but didn't know how to go about it. I should have figured it out. If I tried now, it would be a long time before I could match my rate of pay and benefits. Wah! At least I have a job.
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I'm a recruiter specializing in search and placement of Executive and Senior Admin Assistants. I handle the entire state of Washington for our company, as we have 7 branches in various cities. I love what I do, being a former EA myself, but I never thought I would end up as a professional recruiter in the staffing industry. Heck no, I wanted to be a Trapeze Girl in the circus since I was about 6.
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i am a teacher. i originally planned to be a doctor, but i'm allergic to to many chemicals - formaldehyde [pretty much prevents any dissection] & others - sneezed my way through a chem lab once. so i quit & went to a trade school & was a travel agent for 15 years. then i went back to college & got my degree & have been teaching for 11 years.
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I am a receptionist for a Home Security company and I HATE hate hate it!! I stay bored all the time and I feel like my brain is turning to mush because I never have to use it! I've always wanted to go into something dealing with animals, but never really knew what. I really want to do something with Conservation and rehabilitation, but there's no money in it (that I know of) and i have a house payment to make!! Still trying to look for a way into the animal world though, so any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to send em my way!
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I was a soldier, then a waitress, cartographer briefly, and ended up in Kosovo for two years doing surveillance.

Now I don't work and am applying to grad school to get my masters in International Relations.
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I loved Math in high school, and started first year university as a pure math major. Then fell in love with geography and anthropology, and went on to get a degree in geography, and did a couple of years of graduate work in that field. I was intending to become a geography professor.

Now I am an art dealer, and own my own gallery.
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I work as staff for a medical association. I work with the volunteer doctors who are the leaders of the organization. My job involves planning meetings and social events, helping keep them on track, training new volunteers, and pretty much doing whatever else needs to get done to help them out. I studied theater and dance in college, so no way did I ever think this was where I'd end up. I love my job, though (usually). My favorite thing is that it changes constantly. Every year the doctors I work with change, and what I'm doing from day to day changes. One day I could be planning a formal dinner for 100 people, the next I'm packing boxes to ship to a meeting, the next I'm writing a strategic plan. I'm fortunate in that most of the doctors and other staff I work with are really, really nice people.
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Well first I wanted to be an accountant b/c I was good at math. Then I realized, around 9th or 10th grade that it was boring, and I wasn't super good at it. A teacher I respected that year changed my interest to social studies. I then realized I wanted to help people, and around 10th grade decided I wanted to be a social work. I studied psych and soc in HS, and majored in Sociology in college w/ a minor in women's studies. I interned at a women's shelter in a city, and eventually got a job as a case manager, working with elders in need of home care services to remain at home. I loved that job, although it was stressful and didn't pay well. I got used to disgusting homes, death and the sad realities of some people's lives. I also had many rewarding experiences with my clients. After over 3 years, I had the opportunity to get a state job paying twice the money. I now work in the court system, and my job is to recommend to the judge in court how much bail defendants should have, and any conditions of release, as well as monitor those conditions. It's sort of like being a probation officer, but the person is not convicted of the crime yet. I try my best to help the young kids that are starting a life of addiction and crime.
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i always wanted to be an artist, iv'e never been interested in office work, my husband is though

now i'm a pet portrait artist and even have my own website, plus i'm getting a few orders too

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Originally Posted by stampit3d
I`m a wife, mother (although the kids are grown, have grandkids and am about to become a GREAT grandma) and homemaker......Just what I always really wanted to be. (Unless you count that for awhile when I was a kid I thought I`d like to be a ballernia or a clown.)
I love to wallpaper, sew, flower garden and stamp. Guess I`m a lot like my grandmother when she would say that she was a "Jack of all trades and a master of none"......keeps life intresting rather than getting bored doing the same old thing everyday.I would`nt trade it for anything else!

That's my second job (without the kids) and i love it
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I teach clerical skills to adults who either have some sort of disability or are economically disadvantaged. Most are older than me and that creates a challenge or 2 sometimes. I never thought I'd do this at all. Mom always said stay away from Human Services...and I went and got a job working WITH her!

Some day I want to be a SAHM/Interior Design Consultant/Artist/whatever else I come up with!
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I'm a perfusionist.

In college I did the usual pre-med thing that a lot of Honors kids do...only to decide that it wasn't for me, despite a great deal of pressure from my father (a doc himself). Going through my major-career-college crisis like a lot of kids after two years, I was panicky at the thought of having to start all over (at this point I had many science courses under my belt). I started looking through Ohio State's big book of majors...and through that I discovered perfusion. It turned out to be a good compromise--I got to use my science courses, get a decent-paying job in a GREAT location, and I also got to sorta satisfy my dad (who still keeps hoping I'll reconsider med school--which will NOT be happening!).

Since I had no idea of the existence of Circulation Technology until I stumbled upon it (there's only eleven of us on the Hawaiian islands; it's quite a niche profession!), I can honestly say that I never dreamed that I'd be where I am today and doing what I am today!

For the curious who may want to know more about Perfusion:
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