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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Definitly post them here - if that's ok with the mods!

Nice to hear such a good update Dan!
thanks Sam - let me know when you will make it over to baby sit ok
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yup, will do! Now where are these pics lady??
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I knew there was something i had to ask you this morning when we were chatting?!

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ahhhh bath time!!


I am soooo tired
(this is actually in a series of photos where she is awake and then you watch as she slowly falls asleep - its quite funny)

and I just love this one - I know she is screaming but it makes me laugh

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Awwwwwww she's so pink and lovely!!! That one of her asleep is just so precious Danielle!!.

Jasmines lungs are healthy then!!
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she's such a baby doll! I love her to death!
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aw danielle i so have to meet you guys when i come down
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I love the one where she has fallen asleep
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I like the one of Jasmine with her gym playset.
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Awwww...just look at her. Jasmine is as beautiful as can be. :
She is a little angel...even when she is screaming.
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Danielle, Jasmine is gorgeous!!! Give that sweet little girl a for me!
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Jasmine, I love you so much, just as I do your Mummy!
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Danielle, Jasmine is such an angel!

I'm pleased to hear that your routine is settling and you're sleeping okay! I certainy can't wait to see more photos!
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Awww Danielle she looks so happy and content. What a wonderful mummy you are dad must be doing a pretty good job too

I love the one where she's lying under the Baby Gym - she makes me sleepy just watching her little eyes droop as she nods off.
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Awwww, Jasmine is soooo precious!! Thanks for the pics Dan, she's just too adorable for words!!

I'm glad to hear things are going well. And Cedar; wow!!
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I agree, the one of Jasmine screaming does have a comical effect on you. Kind of reminds me of some caricatures from the 1900s.

It just occurred to me I wasn't too far off with the name! I suggested Jasper and you chose Jasmine!
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She is just a beautiful little girl! Please keep posting pics!
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Congratulations Danielle & Chris you have a beautiful baby and I love the name Jasmine. That picture where she had drifted off to sleep is just precious. I love the way little ones drop off to sleep just anywhere and nothing seems to phaze them during that sleep . I just wish it was that easy for us older folks. Again congratulations and defintely get some sleep while she is sleeping or even when she is in Dad's care. cause he looks like he has a good handle on her care too.
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I've probably already said this and I'll say it again...she is just the cutest little button I've ever seen! I just love her to pieces! Danielle, thanks so much for sharing pics with us--we love 'em!!
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OH MY WHAT HAVE I MISSED?!?!!? What a precious baby and parents.. and kitties of course!! Now I really want one (baby that is), the fever is kickin' in big time and it's all your fault!! SHAME ON YOU for having such a lovely family!! I'm so glad everyone's doing well!!
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Congrats Chris and Danielle on the birth of your baby Jasmine Louise. Love the pics you posted, she is a doll Reminds me of my situation-my baby was born June 1, 2005 was 6lbs and 14oz and is named Marie Louise.
That's why I haven't been on here quite as much

These are a few days after she was born.

This is a recent of her as of now, 4 months old.
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OMG what a sweetheart!! Congrats!!!
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aaaaaawww what a cutie! You forget how tiny they are......
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Awww she's so cute.
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My goodness - we certainly do turn out adorable babies here on TCS. What a gorgeous little girl.
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TCS babies are the best.
Congratulations to all of our new Mommies.
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Thankyou so much everyone for all your wonderful comments... Jasmine is presently in Dad's arms after a nice long sleep

She is still being an angel thankfully although I am missing my uninterupted sleeps! I am actually not sure if I can remember what an 8 hour sleep feels like

Originally Posted by caprice
I've probably already said this and I'll say it again...she is just the cutest little button I've ever seen! I just love her to pieces! Danielle, thanks so much for sharing pics with us--we love 'em!!
awwww thankyou so much
Jasmine is going to grow up with so much love surrounding her from all over the world

Originally Posted by Amandaofcols
Now I really want one (baby that is), the fever is kickin' in big time and it's all your fault!!
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awwww Anne, this is why you have disappeared!!! she is just ADORABLE!!! gosh where have you been hiding her??

CONGRATULATIONS to you as well (although a bit belated), I hope everything is going well? she sure looks well and healthy

I LOVE this photo in her carseat
Originally Posted by Loubelia

These are a few days after she was born.
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Anne, haven't we been missing out! She's gorgeous!!
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firstly - I need to AGAIN thank everyone that is still continuing to send gifts and cards to Jasmine
I always knew everyone on TCS was wonderful - but it this has really been overwhelming - so THANKYOU from the bottom of our hearts

I thought I would just pop in and give everyone an update since my little girl just turned 1 month old a couple of days a go - yup can you believe it - its already been a month!! where does the time go?

Everything is going BRILLIANTLY. Jasmine is an angel - she continues to sleep, feed and then sleep some more - seriously - this girl LOVES to sleep. Last week I started getting a bit worried that she was actually sleeping too much
Hopefully I wont be here in the future saying that she never sleeps

She loves to stay awake for about an hour after her morning feeds (around 6am and 10am) but for the rest of the day she just falls asleep in my arms within 30 minutes of finishing her feed (which she will finish in about 10-15 minutes )
We are continuing to wake her up during the day every 3-4 hours, but I am letting her wake us up during the night in the hope that she will start sleeping longer at night. We have had a few good nights where we get longer sleeps, but nothing consistant at this stage - but I am not complaining.

Chris has been doing the late night feed (between 10-11pm) so that enables me to get to bed early if I need/ want to...

Unfortunatly my back has begun to play up again which we were worried would happen - but I have already been back to my dr and started treatment. Hopefully we can get that sorted out quickly.

I had my first smile this week - and wow it sure does melt your heart!!! and I have noticed that I really am falling in love with her over and over again every single day - is it possible to actually love someone this much? I was worried about my bonding with her initially but I think we have that all sorted now

We really have been so lucky!

an updated photo taken this morning and other than the lack of sleep and my lack of TCS time, I have nothing to complain about

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