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Danielle, I am so pleased that you're home now - must be lovely to be back!

I know that any problems you're experienceing now will be short lived and everything will be just great in no time at all! just remember, don't let it get you stressed (breeth deeply and things will happen! )

Love to you all!
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Awww Danielle Cedars bound to be jumpy when the baby cries, especially when he was timid beforehand, but i'm sure he'll come round eventually

And make sure you nap when Jasmine naps otherwise you'll be no good for anything
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Dan, I'm so glad everyone is home and safe, healthy, and (for the most part) happy .

As far as the crying goes, do not worry! Allow yourself to cry. Your body has just been through the biggest change it could EVER experience and your hormones are all over the place! Honestly, I'd be worried if you weren't crying! It'll all work itself out though.

You are going to be (well, you already are!) a phenomenal mom to Jasmine and she is going to grow up always knowing how loved she is by her sweet parents (well, until those pesky teenage years anyway! ).
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Oh Dan - I just got back and have read the whole thread.

I had a relay of messages when I was away - Stephanie emailed home and daughter phoned me in Sicily the minute she got the news . I couldn't be away and not know!!!


Welcome sweet Jasmine you are beautiful
Dan - the three of you make such a perfect family. I'm sorry that the birth was not everything that you wanted it to be, but the main thing is that you are both safe and well. It doesn't matter how Jasmine got here, she is here and is absolutely gorgeous - that's what counts.

You sound so proud and happy. Don't worry about the little things - the love in your family is what is important and that just shines through.

I am just so thrilled to hear the news, I have tears in my eyes and a smile a mile wide - I'm so happy for you.
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Danielle, congratulations to you and Chris on a beautiful little girl. Thank you for sharing pictures of Jasmine.
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once again I would like to thank everyone for their continued support, encouragement and love. I really am overwhelmed.

Thankyou everyone who pm'd me with offers of support and advise about the milk situation. After an emotional day & night we went and hired an electric pump to aid in this milk production, it will take sometime for it to come in completely as I am still not getting much, but we will just give her formula until she can be fully on breast milk. I refuse to feel guilty about this.

This motherhood business really is an emotional rollercoaster and at times I do struggle with it all - I know it can only get better and each day I love Jasmine more and more - she really is amazing little girl and we love learning more and more about her as the days go by. Although its hard, there are so many rewarding moments, so many new facial expressions and I just love looking into her big wide eyes she really is just so precious and our lifes are so complete with her in it

Chris unfortunatly had to go on a business trip yesterday and wont be back until the weekend - I am finding him being gone alot harder than I expected it would be - but we wont tell chris that LOL He will be back before we know it, and I just know he is missing us just as much.

okay enough of me rambling on.. I know you all want to see some more photos....

and do you think Cedar looks stressed?
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OHHHHHHHH DANNY! Look at those precious faced Bubba and you too, and of course sweet little Cedar!
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Awwwwww look at that little angel!

Jasmine looks like she's smiling in the second picture, or is it wind?!

Thats a lovely picture of you both Danielle, and Cedar looks well chilled

Don't worry, you know you have us at the end of a line to sound off at if it gets too much
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Awww, Danielle! Such wonderful pictures! You look so radiant! and Jasmine is such a gorgeous little girl!

I know everything will become tonnes easier in time - plus, you have all of Jasmine's beautiful expressions and developments to admire along the way!

Cedar certainly looks relaxed! Is he getting more used to his new furless sister?!
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Awww how wonderful - those pictures just made me melt. Jasmine looks so adorable in that wonderful hat

Look at the two of you together - what a perfect couple you are. Although it may be a rollercoaster for mum - Jasmine certainly happy and content, that's testament to your success if anything is.

I guess Cedy's not taking the whole thing too badly after all it looks like he's adjusting well if you ask me!!!
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No need to stress, I know, easy to say, hard to do.
The ladies on my baby chat site (everybody.co.nz) recommend drinking Complan a couple of times a day to keep up your supply and energy. I'm sure there's certain foods you can eat to help too, just like our kitty cats.
Contact La Leche if you need help, much better than the Dr for feeding advice.

Little Jasmine is a beautiful little girl, you did well.
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Originally Posted by huggles

aww danielle!!
THis is the most adorable picture!!
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Why do I get the feeling that if Sam had the money, she'd be in Melbourne baby sitting for you!

Oh, yeah, Cedar needs a tranquilizer... At least he left a little space for you on the sofa.
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Dan...the new pictures are adorable.
Jasmine is just precious.
It looks like we could all learn a lesson from Cedar...when things get stressful, take a catnap.

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I love Jasmine's little hat

Cedar certainly looks stressed
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OMG, Danielle...you look absolutely beautiful!!! And Baby Jasmine is a little doll!!!

Don't worry about the milk production - my gfriend had the same problem. She went and rented the pump too! You'll get it down. She also said the same things as you...it's hard, you're an emotional roller coaster...but it's so definitely worth it. I am positive you will be a wonderful mother! You just have to get through the first few tired weeks and then you'll have it all down pact.

And remember all this stuff...because I'll be coming to you with questions in the future!!

Sorry to here little Tipsy...hopefully he'll get use to the baby. He's probably like, what in the world is that?! He'll come round.

Wishing you all the best!!!
Love and hugs,
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Thank you Danielle for sharing the precious pictures of you, Jasmine and Cedar. Be patient with yourself, your body is still adjusting to being a mommy and I think your milk will stablize just fine, I had the same problem as you did with my milk with my first son but after about 3 weeks my body adjusted. Cedar looks like he is beginning to get used to the baby too :-). I love her little hat as well. Best wishes and hugs, Carol
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Oh Dan, thank you for sharing your pics, what a precious little girl she is! I love the pic of you and her; you're just beaming, and little Jasmine looks so comfy in her mummy's arms. Add me to the list of fans of Jasmine's hat; too cute!

And Cedar! He looks like he's taking things rather well!

Originally Posted by gemlady
Why do I get the feeling that if Sam had the money, she'd be in Melbourne baby sitting for you!
Heck, if I had the money, I'd be there in a heartbeat!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Why do I get the feeling that if Sam had the money, she'd be in Melbourne baby sitting for you!

Oh, yeah, Cedar needs a tranquilizer... At least he left a little space for you on the sofa.
Oh yeh I soooooooo would be!
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Oh Danielle, she is just sooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I'm in love!!
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What a gorgeous baby girl!
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what a bueatiful baby!!
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Just getting caught up on this thread. Danielle, your baby girl is absolutely beautiful and the picture of the two of you is so sweet. Your pride and love for little Jasmine just shines forth! Congratulations, again!
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I, too, have just caught up with this thread. Almost missed the pictures! She is an angel, and you are looking like a pro already, Momma. I'm hoping that the nursing problems have been settled. I nursed all three of mine, and would be happy to chat with you if you need some extra support. Take care there, and make sure you take some time for yourself to rest and regenerate!
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Oh, Dan, thanks for the new pics!! Jasmine is just a doll, and the two of you look splendid together. Really is too bad Cedar's still so uptight, eh?
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I heard from Dan today...
Chris is back home and is a huge help to her now. She is feeling much better & sweet baby Jasmine is doing fine.
She will post new updates as soon as she has some extra time & energy.

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Originally Posted by caprice
Oh Danielle, she is just sooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I'm in love!!
awww thankyou we are in love with her too!!

all is going well here and we are settling into a nice routine - yup i said routine. I know usually the words newborn and routine dont go together, but we have an angel here who loves to drink and loves to sleep so we couldnt be more happier.

She has been to see the local nurse a couple of times and she is putting on weight and doing all the right things so all is good there

She does have her moments of course and mornings are her unsettled time where she likes to cry alot for a couple of hours, but I have to be lucky that it doesnt occur in the middle of the night.

She loves going for walks and drives in the car and we have been to visit my parents a few times. I am still nervous taking her out of the house 'visiting' but I am trying to do that a little more so that she gets used to it.

My milk still hasnt come in but I am not worrying about it - still trying to express and I get a little each day which she gets. But she is one happy little girl

I am doing good. I am sleeping okay (although I would like some more!!) but I really can not complain too much. I have lost alot of weight which is not good as I lost it too quickly and was quite ill, but I put that down to the stressful first week we had at home and all the issues - I do look good though LOL and now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant

Tipsy & Cedar are amazing with her and I couldnt be happier. Cedar has just blown me away with how calm he has been... where is my timid scard boy gone? of course he is still scared but not of her, just of the usual normal things that he has been scared of in the past, like the feather that falls at his feet bless him - I am so very proud of him and he sure does make my heart melt.
Tipsy - well Tipsy is Tipsy - not a care in the world. As long as he still gets love then nothing will bother him - he is my little boy

I would post some more photos but I am not sure whether to continue posting them on this thread or to email them - what does everyone think?

thankyou everyone again for all your wonderful support - it has been simply brilliant and helped me so very much.
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Aww what a brilliant update . It sounds as if things are going wonderfully Dan. What a fantastic little girl you've got there. Your boys are doing you proud as well.

Are you trying to start a riot saying you may not post more photos???? WE DEMAND PICCIES!!!! I can't wait to see more of Jasmine.
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Are you trying to start a riot saying you may not post more photos???? WE DEMAND PICCIES!!!! I can't wait to see more of Jasmine.
hehehe - I just didnt know if I should continue to post them on here or send them to you guys on email... dont worry you will get more photos and I do have more to show already (of course - I am the camera queen )

I will even try and take some of the boys today so they dont feel neglected!!
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Definitly post them here - if that's ok with the mods!

Nice to hear such a good update Dan!
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