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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
My father has a few health problems, and it is just frustrating. Trying to convince my mother on the best way to deal with him is a huge struggle. The antibiotic I am currently taking is making me feel a little - not as bad as the first few days though. Traffic was bad, etc..... it was just a day I should have stayed in bed, locked the doors and turned the phone off!
Well, I sure hope today is better for you.
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Originally Posted by cagnes
Very pretty! I agree that you could use something with more height. Just are a few suggestions... A fall looking picture proped against the wall, a standing scarecrow or turkey figure, a vase, basket or crock filled with dried twigs, wheat or silk sunflowers, fall colored candles on tall candle holders.

The only fall decorated photos I have are of some of my cats.

Those are beautiful kitty pictures! Have you entered them in any contests?
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Ooh Karen, excellent splurge!! I love those pumpkin buckets!!

I hope your dad feels better and that today is a better one for you!
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What I'm bummed out is that the majority of my corn stalks got flatten or broken off my that awful weather we had Tues evening. I should be able to salvage enough for one bundle in front of the house. Rats!! I didn't check the pumpkins yet!!
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Gail you're growing pumpkins??? Wow, now I'm jealous!
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Well up to a few yrs ago we grew the "Atlantic Giants" Our largest however was only 298#. Trust me this is tiny!! Let me tell you that is a whole different realm to grow them. I participate in auctions to buy the seeds (up to $10/seed). You know who grows the big ones in the country and try to buy their seeds. I can get seeds locally from say700-800# pumpkins. Very specific growing. watering, measuring. We would bring them into local giant pumpkins weigh-in's. I think the largest grown is about 1300#. Its so addictive just seeing how big your's can grow!! But the regular ones are good too!! I grow gourds too!! Didn't have good luck this yr with the drought but next yr for sure.
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i have a question..
If you decorate pumpkins in your house, do you buy the fake or the fresh ones?
and how long do the fresh ones last for??
because i saw some really cute ones that i could decorate on my dining room tabel but i dont know how long they will survive for?
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It depends what the temperatures are. But in my experience if you are going to cut into them they really only look good for 3-5 days. Lots of people of course have them outside and they will last a while esp if not cut unless the temps fall to where they will freeze. Trust me on trying to move a mushy 150 pound pumpkin.
There are some good fakes-I try to buy them after halloween when they go on sale.
Or if they are really cheap-like the mini ones at the farmers market 50cents-you can cut top off and scoop seeds out and stick a candle in. But then remember that won't last long but since they are cheap its not so bad. Plus I save and wash seeds splash with vegetable oil and seasonings and bake for a yummy snack.
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I've never decorated for autumn before, but I am really wanting to. I'll have to try to come up with crafty things that are still contemporary.
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Originally Posted by GailC
<snip>... I think the largest grown is about 1300#. ...<snip>
Good grief! You'd need a forklift to move the darned thing!
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Our 300# was lifted into the truck by 3 guys but if I ever got lucky with a bigger one in Mid August it gets moved onto a pallet angled for a forkliftor at least a front end loader. But I'll wait until that every happens!! In one of my giant pumpkin books someones back yard was to small and they hired a crane to lift it out of the back yr. There is a national contest that 1st grower to reach 1500# earns $50,000.00!!
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Originally Posted by WeLoveEllie

Your cats are beautiful. I love the pictures!!!

Originally Posted by Rockcat
Those are beautiful kitty pictures! Have you entered them in any contests?
Thanks! No, I haven't... I did use some of those pics in a calendar & it came out pretty good.
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Well I spent a total of 3 hours today cutting down all my cornstalks and the broom corn.
With the wind we had lst week I would say half was unusable.
I divided into six piles and placed around the house!! I only have 4 pumkins so far but dad grew some and will bring me about 20 or so next saturday so I won't have to buy to many more.
One of the types of corn I grow has burgundy corn cobs witch I have to peel back. This corn is not for eating it is ornamental.
Have to bring the other fall containers from the basement and continue to decorate the outside and the inside. Then I snap some picks and post!!

How is everyone else doing so far????
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Gail I bet those burgundy corn stalks are lovely!! Did you make it to Octoberfest today?

I haven't really put up much in the way of decorations yet...I have a small fall-colored wreath and a copper-looking pumpkin that I put on my coffee table....not sure what else to get. I'd really like to find a pretty fall-colored swag to go over the fireplace.
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Gail, I would love to see pics!

I have my mums in pots outside, my hay bale is out, but I need to get cornstalks. The rain was so heavy last night, I think I will wait a few days!

I was going through pictures from last year and I found this gem -

Doesn't he look like he is saying "Who, me? I didn't do it! "

Our house was up for sale at the time and I cleaned the house and left because the realtor was coming to show it. I came back and there was pumpkin carnage everywhere. According to the realtor, the city dwellers were horrified by what the critters have done.
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