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How did you get your cat??

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This topic may have already been discussed here but i am new and curious. I know some of you have had more than one cat and have multiples now, but any interesting stories how they got there?

Well mine might not be interesting but here goes.

Hubby was at work one night it was in an old buidling, he worked for himself and he was the only one there.....He was sitting there with his feet up eating his supper (Fish) and all of a sudden up this cat jumps right into his lap Well he is a softy so he fed her some of his fish, he says she acted like she was starving and she was thin.
So afterwards he put her back out side thinking she would go home, but nope she came back....LOL
Well when he was coming home he didn't want to leave her so he brought her home, she was so affectionate and was NOT afraid of my two dogs (She harassed them ) Anyways we tried to find where she may have lived but no luck....Well hubby does have an allergy to cats so of course he said we can't keep her. I did what i thought was right and gave her to the Animal rescue league...After missing her the next day i called to see how she was and i couldn't believ what they told me. They said she did not eat breakfast, and did not eat lunch and if she does not eat dinner they were going to put her dowm I couldn't stand to think of that happeneing, she seemed fine when i had her!
I told them hold on to her i will come and get her, i get there and they all of a sudden tell me she has earmites and needs medicne, and they will give it to me for $10.00..i said fine i just wanted the cat back!
Anyways when i got her home she was sneezing alot, so i made her an appt. she had a upper respitory infection, thats why she wouldn't eat!
Well 13 years later she is still here and doing fine!
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Ollie-man was a stray wondering around Penn State's main campus in State College, PA... apparently there are several stray kitties and rabbits that live under a house right outside the dorm building I was living in - he kept coming up to me and I couldn't leave him go anymore, scooped him up and took him in - no one responded to ads about a lost cat with his pic so now he's my little boy and has a mommy and daddy (my boyfriend, Jim) that love him very much... I KNOW he knows we rescued him.
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Aristotle was born to a cat being fostered by TCS member Andeshan. When I posted to another member that I would be tempted to take her white kitten (but we were states away) Andeshan contacted me and offered him. We're about 100 miles apart so this was way more convenient! We met in a city between us.

Technically he is Mom's cat - a mother's day present to replace the white kitten we lost last October. But he has "adopted" me!
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Bogey and Betty came from a farm and were #22 and #23 to be adopted out this summer with four pregnant mommas to go. The owner took in all sorts of strays and normally gets them spayed and nuetered but didn't catch a whole litter last year, 6 female kitties and every one had a litter this year. and she got several cats just dumped off. She is known for taking the strays and for taking the ones from the shelter who never get adopted. They all live in barns except two males.
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I adopted Oliver from an animal shelter while in college in Upstate NY. He was only 4 weeks old when we got him, and so he definitely thinks I am his mommy!
Emma's story is more complicated...to read it, go to this thread
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Last year was my first year of law school, and one of my friends in class had a pregnant feral kitty adopt her balcony. She took the feral momma and new babies inside. There were six babies, and five survived. Myself and two other classmates each adopted a baby, and her extended family members agreed to take the momma and two other kittens. Momma was spayed and has a home, and all the babies have homes, so no one had to go to the shelter!

I Clinton so much. I've only had him a few months and I already can't imagine my life without him! He's totally the best part of law school!
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My YY came from a well known breeder of Siamese. I had hoped to find a rescued Siamese since I do help Siamese Rescue but I fell in love with the little ball of fluff who happened to be a show quality Siamese. So I adopted her. And my life has been enriched immesaurably by her presence.

I am also fostering two champion Spynx girls whose human meomy is very ill. While I love them dearly, I hope it will not become permanent because I want her to get well!! If it does to, YY and I will accept them with open arms and paws!
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I got Evalynn as a stray, someone found her and broght her into the clinic I was working for at them time...She is 2 1/2 years old!
I got Savanna from the humane society about two weeks later....She is almost 2 1/2 years old.
Then I got mandarin about one month later, someone food her in a forest and brought her into my work. She is 2!
Next came Jinx again from work...Someone found him and his brother in a dumpster at about 3-4 weeks of age...I raised them and kept Jinx, He just turned 2!!
Then Averee came as a 1 day old stray (from work) I raised her, but she got real sick and I had to put her down in May She was 9 months.
I got sophia from a cat rescue I work for last year. She just turned 1
Finally I got Zoee & Joei in May at the same time I put Averee down. They are my angel babies. I found them in my friends shed they are 5 months now!!!
I love all my babies...They just come to me!!!
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I knew my life was going to be in for some real bad turns and I had this feeling that I needed someone to talk to. I convinced my roomate at the time to let me get a cat, and she eventully said yes, if he stays in my room and does not get out. I got him (she was gone for a good part of the day, so when she wasnt home I would let him out) at the shelter after another kitten I had my eye on got adopted from petsmart (a pretty cat with siamese points in a pretty light gray color, light blue eyse named elvis).

I just went to look, and see if I really wanted one, I was not going to fill out an application. I was playing with this timid white spotted female and this little tabby from a couple of cages over stuck out his paw and grabbed my hair. Not getting my hopes up I asked the lady to find out who did not have any applications for owners on them (no use having more than one person apply when someone else gets left out!).

She said came back, showed me the ones who didnt, including the tabby named Perry. I asked how long it had been there and she said about a month, and he was the next one to be pts when new cats came in because he had been there the longest. I asked why no one wanted him, and she said he was skittish and was a special needs cat. She told me he was an abused kitten and was scared of people. I took him to the room to play with him, and fell in love with him.

Sure he was a bit scared, his tail looks funny after being broken three times, but when I held him he started purring, and I knew I couldnt go home without him. He needed me, and sure enough I needed him. She called me the next day said I was approved, and fixed him the next morning, and I brought him home the day after that.

Now I live in a single apartment with my CJ and I could never imagine being without him. He picked me out, and I couldnt be more pleased with his choice. If you look in my siggy the picture on the left with the ball is CJ's picture when he was on petfinder. I spoil him and he spoils me, it works out very well.....
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I got my first cat Jalopy, from behind a Wal-Mart at the loading docks, and my second cat Chuddie, came from a friend who went to a flea market and my third cat Jubliee, came from where I used to work. She was found underneath a car near the bodyshop. And The same friend who gave me the first two cats' gave me one of thier two cats' when they moved. Which give's me four cats'.
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My Mischka girl was found at a campus after all had left for the summer. Her and 3 siblings no momma cat was found so they were going to take them to the shelter me and my 2 friends took them instead they took the boys and I kept the girl and we lived happily ever after! Linx i got from a shelter after My Thai RIP was taken by cancer, didn't want Mischka to be all alone since she was used to having a pal around. Went into the kitten area and none of the babys paid me any notice I was ready to leave and go look at the older kittys when something hurt my leg I looked down, it was Linxy climbing up my pants I took one look at this sweet boy and it was all she wrote. I had went to a cat show the year before and saw a Somali and fell in love with the breed. For Sundance I searched for and found a breeder miles & miles away that put me on her waiting list when the litter was born I was so lucky I requested a boy and the momma had 7 babys 6 girls & 1 boy.
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growing up in many homes ive had many animals, especially cats.

some of them we got at local shelters, some of them had free kitten signs in baskets at pet stores, some we got from the newspaper (free and purebred), some we took from friends that couldn't care for them or who had baby kittens, some we brought in off the street.

the only one i remember distinctly was a cat i named Puppy. there were about 15 white cats and kittens (actual snowball white, no orange tint) hanging out in the road (my guess someone didn't have their cat fixed and left the babies outside to have more babies). well i was walking through the neighborhood with my friends so i decided to walk up to them. all of them ran except one. i picked her up and pet her and carried her around for a bit.... then of course i was told i couldn't keep her. i went back and put her where i found her and went home. then as we were sitting on the front porch she came peeking around the car and ran up to me. needless to say that was all my foster mom had to see to let her stay with us!

now that my fiancee and i have our own apartment, i'm considering fostering momma's and cripple's.
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Not really - pretty boring actually - Sunday and Cairo came from shelters. Sashka came from a pet store (cringe, guilty, cringe) and I noticed her in the window asleep sitting up! She was tiny and beautiful and I had to get her even though I HATE pet stores and everything they stand for. But despite that I'm glad I did because she is a sweet darling angel and I love her to distraction. Princess and Mena were Maxey's cats from ten years ago.
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Kitty was a stray. My friend found her outside her house. There was a van parked in the visitors car park and there were 4 or 5 kittens under the van. Kitty was the only one that came up to my friend when she offered food to the kittens. My friend caught her and asked if i wanted a kitten. I had no idea what Kitty looked like, only that she was black and white and that she was a girl.. even then my friend wasn't so sure cause Kitty had A LOT of hair down there... My friend couldn't keep her because she has two cats and a dog of her own... so Kitty adopted me And was my xmas pressie... got her 2 days before xmas 04. She is 11 months old. Kitty is my first cat... and she is a cutie-pie... even if i am a bit biased
The photo below is what my little girl looked like when i first brought her home.

Kitty now....
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Kelvin father was killed in a handgliding accident, and there was no-one to take him in. I was asked if I wouldn't mind offering him a home.

When Kelvie first came to me he was still mourning his owners death - He didn't come out from behind my bed for 3 weeks (except when I wasn't there to eat and poop)! Eventually he started getting used to me and came out more frequently. I then decided to get him a sister for company.

Thats when Phoebe came into our lives - and it was love at first sight! Kelvin became a changed cat overnight - he started grooming the little one, teaching her to use the litter box. And as they say the rest is history.
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I got my two from a friend who's cat had had kittens. Pretty boring compared to some of your stories!
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I do some volunteering for National Service Dogs and one afternoon I came by to walk the dogs. As soon as I walked in, I heard some very loud meowing, louder than the dogs barking! I turned around, and this scrawny, flea-bitten, mite-ridden little kitten came meowing out into the barn, demanding some attention. I found out that it had walked out of the cornfield and followed a lady while she was walking the dogs. He was unfazed by the big dogs (who were interested in him), but apparently the resident 2 barn cats were NOT impressed with this newcomer. He was so pathetic I just fell in love! I went to pick my husband up from his golf game and told him that we're getting a new addition to our family. He got quite a fright until I explained this addition has 4 legs and some ear mites! So I took little Pushkin home and got him all cleaned up, now he's a snuggly 2 year old and definitely not scrawny anymore!
His brother Wiggies came from a cat rescue charity. He was found wandering a Burger King carpark and was taken in by a student who realised that they couldn't keep him. When we went to the rescue home, we walked downstairs and opened the door, and little Wiggies was just sitting there with an expectant look on his little angel face! Love at first sight! He and Pushy made great brothers and have been getting into lots of trouble together ever since!
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Mitts was found on the side of a busy road by a mutual friend, she thought he was a rat! She cared for him for a month and then we adopted him.

And I agree with some other posters that are first time kitten owners, he really has changed my life for the better!
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Zakk was offered to me by a former co-worker who was a landlord. She had evicted someone and realized that they left their young cat. Zakk was six months old and had been living in the basement at their house. We took him home at first sight. We soon realized he might need a little friend. He had a habit of meowing very loud in the a.m. So 5 months later we got a Rocky at 3 mos from the shelter. Although he had a bad eye we could tell he was playful and friendly. My husband felt bad that no one wanted the little guy. He was still w/ his mommy a pretty calico. BTW he is a black/white tux and Zakk is black white bi-color. And so we lived happily ever after... And Zakk is much more quiet in the morning.
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When I finally moved out of student residence and in to my own place, I decided I wanted a pet. I had a dog at home with my parents, and my girlfriend had FOUR cats at home, so I decided I wanted one too. When I visited my parents (300 kilometres away!) I stopped by the humane society to "look" -- and walked out with Napoleon, the little twerp.

A few months later we were saying that Napoleon needed a friend but sadly I couldn't afford to adopt one, when we found a pregnant feral dying under the porch. We took her to the vet, had her fixed up, and she came to live with me. She was named Josephine.

That's how I got my two!
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I don't have very exciting stories about how I acquired my two cats, but I still feel good about it.

I moved to Toronto last summer for a job, and was here all by myself (at the time my boyfriend lived about an hour away). I knew I would want a four-legged friend to keep me company, and someone for me to take care of! I picked up Knoxville from an Animal rescue. He was just 8 weeks old, and was just brought in by some man who found him in the engine of his truck!! Knoxville truly was lucky to be found before the truck was turned on. He is now 1yr and 4 months old (approx).

I got Pumpkin about a month ago from my cousin and his wife. They have two small children, and it turns out that their 2yr old baby is developing asthma (or something - it is undiagnosed as of yet), and the doctor said they had to get rid of the cat, as Pumpkin may have been a trigger to what was happening with the baby. So I brought Pumpkin into our family and she is wonderful. Our kitty family is complete!
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We adopted Sunni from an ad in the paper. The lady was trying to give us a different kitten, but Sunni was the sweet little one that I wanted. The woman's granddaughter finally took Sunni out of the basket and handed her to me, saying, "Grandma, just give them this one....the other one is too wild for them!"

When Sunni passed June 30th, I couldn't stand not having a cat in the house with me. We went to the shelter and I fell in love with little Sophie right away. I would have taken her brother, Einstein, but he was already adopted!

Percy came to me out of a corn field when I was taking the dog for a walk. He had the biggest mouth I had ever heard for such a tiny kitten! It was a good thing, too, or I may not have found him! He's still got a HUGE meow.

Angel was a feral, hanging around the house for a year or so before I could get her to come to me. Once she trusted me, she was the most affectionate cat I think I have ever had. Angel loved her belly rubs! She disappeared 2 months ago, and we never have found out what happened to her.
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Lets see...Tinsel was adopted from a lady either my mom or my aunt knew. Glory was from a litter my mom's cousin's cat had (I got to pick her out when she was just days old!), Tiger was married into the family. Bunny and Pumpkin came when my mother had a client working with the SPCA.

My mother helps people with disabilites find jobs and sometimes that involves going to work with them to help set natural supports in place or taking them on 'trial works' meaning they spend a day or two working somewhere for free to see if they do enjoy that work. So one day at the SPCA mom fell in love with these 2 kittens. Then the vet came in and took them to put them down because they were sick they said. (Nothing mom could see, but then we're no experts either.) Mom was heartbroken and my stepfather said she should have taken them. We had just lost Tiger a few months beforehand and Glory went a year before Tiger so we were kittyless and needed that hole filled anyway.

So the next day Pumpkin came home. He was tiny! About one pound. He was so small he couldn't hold his own heat right. So he was carried around by the staff in thier shirt pockets! Everyone was sad to see him go. When I came to see Pumpkin I was just drawn to a cage above him. Bunny was 2 or 3 when we adopted her just 3 days after Pupmkin. She mommied him and really helped him thrive and learn. He was taken from his mommy too soon so he needed the extra help. Then we found out from our neighbor that Pumpkin came from her daughters litter. Her daughter had 2 pregnant cats. One had a litter and then was hit by a car. So the second cat started nursing them and that caused her to have her litter a little early. (Is that really possible? To nurse other kittens when she hadn't had hers? Thats the story we got anyway.) So Pumpkin was a premie. He's now happy and healthy and fat! Just like Bunny!

Bunny's entrance to the family had drama all it's own. I was attached at the SPCA. So when we finally got the ok from my stepfather to get her mom had to call early Saturday morning to see if she was still there. She was they said and Mom said we'd be there to get her when they opened. When we got there she was gone! I panicked but fortunately they had just taken her to PetSmart. So we went there and got her.

Mooch and Noodles came because my Mother finally convinced Nathan to adopt a cat for me. Nathan was about to deploy and the last time I was terribly lonely and did not do well at all. So after a short lecture from his Mother in Law, Nathan caved and we went to the SPCA. Mooch and Noodles were the last 2 left of thier litter, so we couldn't separate them! They were cuddled up together when we came in. Thier mommy was there too. Oddly enough they were in the same cage Bunny had been in and thier mommy (who I wish we had adopted too!) was in the one Pumpkin had been in.

So there's my long stories. Hope you enjoyed them! I know these cats have brougt me more joy than I could have ever immagined. They are my little blessings!
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Not sure about interesting, and this will be fairly long!! My neighbour claims the reason I have had so many cats is cos I only take on oldies, so they don't last as long!!
When my first housemate moved out, I didn't intend to get a cat, as I wanted to be able to come and go as I pleased. 2 days after she moved out, one of the neighbours asked my neighbour if she knew anyone that wanted a cat. his mum had died a few months before, he was fed up of the cat and threatened to microwave it if nobody would take it (despite there being a CP shelter 5 mins up the road), so she convinced me to take her. I always wanted a pure white cat, so I got one!!
She died 9 weeks later, and the house was so empty I asked my neighbour to take me to the CP branch, where I got Tigger. She was the only cat in there, so didnt really get a choice with her!! Told my mum who told me I was stupid as Ginger was a stray (funny how you don't always associate a cat with being stray unless they are thin). Toyed with the idea for 5 days, asked loads of people how much more it cost to feed 2 cats, then got the neighbours to take me to pick Ginger up. Gave him a quick stroke, and put him in the carrier!! Does worry me at times though. He did have an owner, but he was never allowed in the house, and it was the little old dear who fed him - his teeth were that bad he couldn't eat properly, so I don't know how much longer he would have lasted outside. He still weighed 12lb (about 5.5kg) though!!
8 months later, Tig died, and Ginger changed so much I wasn't going to get another cat. My friend just called into the local shelter while taking me home one day, and I told her not to let me have a cat!! This shelter is large enough to home about 200 dogs and 250 cats though, so I couldn't walk away empty handed. I needed someone quiet for Ginger though, and I wanted a tabby called Magic, but my friend convinced me to get a cat called Snowy - she was bullied and was rarely picked up, but when i picked her up she snuggled into my shoulder, so I had to have her!!
She died in Jan this year, and 2 hours after getting home, I got a phone call from my CP co-ordinator (she knew that Snowy was really poorly and that I would have space at some point) asking if i could take on a 10 year old female. I said I would ring them but couldn't guarantee anything - went round that evening, and it turned out they were in the vets at the same time as me that morning, and passed comment on Snowy. I decided that was fate, and I am now really good friends with her ex-fosterer (she was her mum in laws cat, and couldn't keep her).
Then my friend posted on another forum about a 14 year old cat she had been asked to take in - she had runny eyes and was unsociable, so I knew a shelter would just advise euthanasia - my friend had nowhere to isolate her, so I said I would take her in. we then found out she had mammary cancer, which I think explains why she was unsociable.
Tom, my long term foster was taken to the vets to be pts, but the vet couldn't do it, so he is here till he has lost enough weight to be rehomed.
Maybe not interesting, but I do wonder how many of the cats I have had would have died otherwise.
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Kandie was a freinds cats litter( mama cat was spayed )

Simon(rip) was found on a busy street at age of 5-6 weeks

Zoey came from the local shelter whan I got some wise idea Kandie wanted a buddy(haha )

Gigi came from the shelter in colorado
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Salem : Petsmart/shelter
Raven: Shelter
Max: Petsmart/shelter/petfinder.com
Andy: petfinder.com/Petsmart/shelter

Nothing interesting on how I got them - only thing intersting is that they are all black.
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wow those are all such great stories!!
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Spaz -Dumped at my vet's office by her "breeder"

Shadow -Fiance's cat, his mom decided he needed him and he came home from work to find a little tabby kitten

Vash & Trouble -Fiance's mother decided we needed some younger cats in the house, so we adopted the brothers.

Ivory -born with congenital glaucoma, I agreed to take her knowing how hard special needs kitties are to place.

Cassi -Ivory's momma, it was a package deal.
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I got Finn and Darci from their foster mommy. I asked which one was going to be hardest to place and they said the little black one because she is so people shy and won't come out and she hides behind her brother. I said I will take them both, I am so glad I did. They are both sweet loving kittens, she is still shy around others but she loves her mommy and her brother and they are both so very cuddly. FOr a long time Iresisted getting kittens because I did not want to be the cliche single woman with a cat but I am so glad my sis-in-law convinced me to get the kittens I have not regretted it for even a minute.
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I got Cajun at the Humane society when he was 8 weeks old, malnourished and sick. He's 10 years old this July. Smudge was found by a friend of mine as a 6 week old stray kitten wandering alone in a parking lot. She's 8 now. Cubby and Emily (sisters) were barn kittens that I got from a co-worker at 6 weeks old. They are now 4 years old. Elessar's mom brought him and his siblings up on to someone's porch one rainy night, and she took them in. She brought them in to my work (vet) and I fell in love instantly and begged her for him! He'll be 2 in December. I trapped Bob in my yard, fully intending to find him another home, but he won my heart also! I had seen him wandering the neighborhood for a year before I trapped him. He had scars all over his body and was declawed in front, and had fleas. Why do people have cats if they're just going to let them wander outside and get hurt like that? And no claws to defend himself... He's probably about 6 years old. Finally, I also trapped Timmy in my yard, when he was 4 months old. When we brought him downstairs to the foster area of our basement, he got away from us and we couldn't find him for 3 days. He was in our sump pump! That's how he got the name Timmy, being in the "well" and all. He was extremely feral and went through months of kitty therapy before he trusted anyone enough. Another one I was intending on placing in a new home, but he stole my heart after I tamed him! Aside from the occasional scuffle over a favorite sleeping spot, everyone gets along! I also have 2 dogs, but being a cat forum, we won't get into them...lol.
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