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Wasn't a ring, but....

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Well, yesterday was me and Bradley's 2-year anniversary.

When I got home from work, his truck was there. That was odd b/c he was supposed to be on the boat until about 5 or so and he would've called me if they cancelled their trip...
Anyway, I go inside and against the wall was a big aquarium on a stand and all of the necessary things needed (coral, salt, chemicals, filters, etc.) to start a saltwater aquarium. On top of that, he has ordered 2 SEAHORSES from our local exotic aquatics store. We're starting the seahorse aquarium I've wanted forever!!! We're also going to get some panther groupers, clownfish, and small lookdowns. This is the most unbelieveable gift anyone has ever given me AND we now have a hobby that we can share together . On top of all that, he got me a gift certificate to the spa that I love (yeah, he went above and beyond).
We had dinner at this wonderful restaurant on the beach and then took a walk on the beach. But I was eager to get back home and just stare at the aquarium The cats are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the fish every day (so now I can stop putting on Cat Sitter before I leave for work ).
I'll post pictures when I get home. Talk about the perfect anniversary
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Wow!!!! You've got yourself one great guy! Congrats!
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Wow! That sounds so cool!!

Lucky woman - can you send him over to give Dan some tips..
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Wow that's GREAT Amy!!! It sounds absolutely wonderful. I always thought it would be neat to own seahorses. I can't wait to see the pics. Congrats on bagging such a great guy and way to go Bradley!
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oh my god lucky you!
Ben has been protesting against me getting a bigger aquarium for my fish!
You gotta post pics and i can assure you that your kitties WILL LOVE THE AQUARIUM!
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Awwww Amy thats lovely!

Can't Wait to see them
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Aww, thanks guys I couldn't be happier. And now when he does finally propose...it'll be a complete and total surprise! I sorta half-thought it could be last night (not that I was at all disappointed with the aquarium!!), so now I have no clue when it'll be and I love that
Bradley is putting in the saltwater as I type this. In about 2 days, we'll put in a damsel (a small, cheap-ish fish) to test the water. In about a week we'll add the clownfish and in about 3 weeks we'll add the seahorsies. I'm already thinking about naming the seahorses Marge and Homer (after the Simpsons).
Anyway, thanks again y'all. There ARE some absolutely wonderful guys out there!!!
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What a sweet gift! And I love the title of this thread!
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I am so jealous! Grats.
I've always wanted a saltwater tank, but could never get one, due to cost and/or size.
I'll just have to be happy with my little 5 gallon tropical.
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That sounds like such a unique and cool gift!

You are so lucky
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Amy! That was so kind of Bradley to get an aquarium for the Drama Queens! I'm sure they will LOVE it! But, really, that was a great gift AND the spa thing ! Waaaaaaaaaaay cool!
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Ooooooh Amy, congrats! That sounded like a wonderful day and a perfect celebration of 2 years! Looks like you got yourself a real keeper there!!! And seahorses....you'll have to post pics of the kitties oogling at them!

It's so funny, we're right behind you guys...our 2 year is in September. But I totally know what you mean, I was expecting the ring last month when Dennis took me on a surprise visit to the beach one night. I got allllll excited thinking, this is it, this is it! And then, just a stroll on the boardwalk! Sooooo, who knows...just better be before Christmas!!
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Originally Posted by lovemycodygirl
just better be before Christmas!!
Girl, we are in the EXACT same boat!!!
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I'm happy for you!
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What a nice present!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've always wanted a salt water aquarium but never got around to it yet. Did you end up giving him a gift cert for a massage????????????
Enjoy your 2 yr!!
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That sounds awesome, Amy! A really neat gift from an obviously really neat guy!! One more demonstration that you have a keeper there!
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Thanks everyone Yup Gail, I got him the gift certificate for an hour-long deep-tissue massage, as well as got his captain's certificate matted and done up in a really neat frame
Here is a picture of what I saw when I got home yesterday (wish I had audio of the scream!)

Here's the tank today. It's murky b/c we just added the salt water and sand and it's "cycling." Should be totally clear in a day or so, then we'll add our first "cycle fish" on Saturday.

And here's a picture of us last night after dinner (like I said before, Bradley is rarely smiling in a picture unless he's holding a dead fish )
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i love your fish tank it looks like a real tv!!
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Very nice pictures!!
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That is so cool. I had an aquarium for years, it really adds to the amibiance of a home.
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What a great gift and what a nice guy. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I am sure we can expect more when you get the tank full of sea horses and fishies, right? (hint hint) :-) And belated Happy Birthday to you too!
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Originally Posted by carolcat
And belated Happy Birthday to you too!

Belated....or really, really early? (My birthday is in November)
Thanks y'all for the kind words on Bradley. I'd show him this thread, but I don't want him to see how eagerly I'm anticipating that ring!
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Congratulations on your anniversary, sounds wonderful!
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Sounds amazing, Amy! A gift certificate at your favourite spa is quite the gift!
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Awesome, Amy! Congrats!
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Thanks Sam, Jenn, and Pat Now comes the hard part- waiting the 4 weeks or so until we can add the seahorsies!!!!
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I didn´t know why you ask how to feed a Sea horse! ... I didn´t see this post!
Hope you and Brad had a great day! Many happy returns! ..
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Seeing your aquarium brought back memories! Especially when I saw the Instant Ocean box I didn't have the expertise to do coral or seahorses. I had enough trouble just keeping the fish alive. I loved my tank, but my hubby grumbled about having to clean it all the time; the fish I would cry for ; then after a couple of years, the tank, hose of filter sprung a leak. Since it was salt water the carpet was caked with salt and the heating register rusted. (I'm sure you need to hear that story ) Long story short - he made me get rid of it. My one word of advice....never get a Hot Lips Blinney (spelling?). They are possessed
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Chris, now you have me worried! It sounds like you had too many bad experiences with your saltwater-dwelling lot! I'll ask Bradley about those Hot Lips. It may be fun to have crazy fish in there!!
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Congrats on your anniversary! And like you said, you may not have gotten a ring, but that is one awesome anniversary gift! Have fun setting everything up and keep posting those pictures as you make progress. I can't wait to see the seashorses.

You're going to love it when you get that ring when you least expect it too. I bet you're not that far off, and I am sure Bradley just wants to make sure that surprising you with a ring is even more unexpexted and amazing!
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