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I believe in marriage, especially if you are going to have children. The world was a much better place when the children came after marriage, even if it was very shortly.
I have been happily UNmarried to my current partner for 20 years, and we have no children together. We have discussed marrying several times, but decided we are happy the way we are, no reason to change.
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl

I doubt I'll ever get married again simply because I don't need to.

I have my own house, my own mind
A woman of independence like me!

And same here, i doubt i'll get married again, and i'm keeping my own money as well!
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I truly do believe in marriage and I think that it can be a very beautiful thing. My parents have been married for 37 years and they still get along great. My mom says it's all about compromise and sharing the same values. I also believe that marriage isn't something that people should be expected to do. As long as you're happy with the way you live your life that's all that matters.
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I have 5 years and Running! ........
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No, I don't believe in marriage. I've been married, and he was a nice person. I would have liked him a great deal better, had we never gotten married. As far as I'm concerned, being married is like a prison to pen you down from being who you want to be. I don't believe in monogamy, because I don't think it's natural for human beings to be with one person for the rest of their lives. The only GOOD thing I can see about marriage, is the security you might get from having another income in the household.
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My dear grandparents have been married for 58 years!!! And they are still so in love

I've been with my DH for 10 years, married the last 1,5years. We are very very happy.

I don't think marriage is something that must follow, you can be just as happy living together your whole life without a marriage certificate, however it does make legal issues easier to deal with in case of divorce/split up/death...
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Absolutely, I believe in marriage. It can not be taken lightly, though. This happens far too often. BOTH parties MUST see it as a commitment and an honour to have each other. RESPECT, LOVE, & TRUST are imperative, even after the strong chemistry fades.

My BF and I have lived together for 4 years and will get married one day. We have both been married before. I've been married twice. The first time he cheated. The second time we had several good years, but after 9 he decided he wanted out. My dad has been married and divorced 5 times. All of this has not changed my mind about marriage. Barring infidelity and abuse, I do think many people give up too easily.
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Originally Posted by mferr84
How do I know that the next guy I meet and fall in love with wont turn out the exact same way. It was a year and a half into our marriage before hubby started being abusive.
We can't always know that for certain, but there are certain red flags that you can look for in any relationship.

Personally, I do not see great marriages in my family (my parents divorced a few years ago after my father verbally/emotionally abused my mother and us kids for 22 years. However, I believe that marriages between the right people do work. It should never be entered into lightly and there should be NO ABUSE whatsoever. Both partners should respect the other and should not deny the other of any of their rights. Bradley and I agreed when we started dating 2 years ago that we would never marry unless we were marrying our best friend. Fortunately, we are definitely best friends and I cannot wait until we're married!
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I'm with all the mixed ppl.

Of my friends, my bf, and my boyfriends friends I am the ONLY ONE whose parents are still together, and my father was married once before my mother.

Now, a lot of them are happily remarried... I don't know, it just makes me think and I know that a lot of people get married for the wrong reasons. As a status symbol, to please their parents, because they are getting older, because they want kids, because they want money, because they want security...

I want to marry my bf one day, but if he doesn't, I'll be happy just being with him too.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Bradley and I agreed when we started dating 2 years ago that we would never marry unless we were marrying our best friend. Fortunately, we are definitely best friends and I cannot wait until we're married!
Best friends is definately the way to go!
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My parents have been together since they were 15. They have never gotten married, they just didnt feel they needed to. Sometimes they talked about it but that was mainly because of pressure from family.

I am undecided. On one hand, its tradition - something cool to tell your kids about and a nice way to make a symbolic commitment to one another.

on the other hand - Just because people have been getting married for years and years does not make it a good thing nor does it mean I have to follow suit. I dont need a ceremony to prove I love my partner.

Time will tell
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I absolutely believe in marriage!! I've been happily married for 2 years now.

I'll admit, though, that I didn't always feel this way. After barely escaping three terrible engagements, two of which were abusive, I was at a point where I didn't believe in relationships, much less marriage. I swore I was going to stay single.

Then I met Pat, who has been married before and also swore he was never getting married. It took us 10 years to get engaged (we lived together for 9 of those years), and another two before the deed was done. So, we've been together for 14 years, and married for 2 of them.

Being married is so much better than living together!! But, like others have said, it needs to be taken seriously. Just loving each other is NOT enough. You MUST have total respect, absolute trust, a solid friendship and an unbreakable committment to go along with it in order to get through the tough times.
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I most defintely believe in marriage! My parents have been married for over 25 years and are still happy. I grew up seeing what a great marriage was like and that's what I want more than anything. I know I've found it with my bf of 8 years (we've lived together for 4 of the 8). He's not in any hurry to get married and that's fine with me. Just knowing he wants to marry me, that our relationship has a future, is all I need right now.
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I want to believe in marriage, I really do. It's hard though, both of my parents come from past marriages and are truly unhappy in their current marriage. I don't really understand why they stay together, and my sister and I have asked them to get a divorce and stop all the pain time and time again.
I see other people who have been happy in their marriages though. Both sets of grandparents stayed together for about 53 years. In fact, my grandfather's funeral on my dad's side was on their 53rd wedding anniversary. It's so wonderful to see the love that the two of them had. It truly makes me believe in love.
With satistics the way they are though, with about a 50/50 chance of making it the first time and having the odds of divorce go up after each one...it makes me sad and wonder if marriage may be something that's been a social hype for generations and is slowly wearing off.
I guess some of my negative thoughts come from the fact that I recently broke up with my ex boyfriend who I loved so dearly. He just couldn't love me enough. I'd like to think that there will be someone out there who will treat me like the queen I am, but it's hard to get passed the pain that the last relationship caused. It feels like unconditional love from a man just isn't out there for me.
I hope someday that I can find the love that my grandmother has had, and maybe someone who will play the saxophone under MY window late at night
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It depends on the people but I say yes. some people just aren't meant to be married and I am glad we live in a time when that's ok. But I know so many really happy couples too!
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I am happily married. My parents are and so are my inlaws. My grandparents and both of Paul's. My sister however was divorced after three years. He was an ass though.
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I'm not sure, but I can't say that I do.
At 38, I'm the youngest of 4 sisters, all of us unmarried. I never bought into the whole fairy tale thing, just never cared. I'm in a good relationship now with a sweet, hardworking man, we are engaged, but I am still in no hurry. We could stay engaged forever & it wouldn't bother me.
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As long as you're married to the right person
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Been together 8 years, not married, maybe one day... Parents were divorced when I was 6 months old - I was born on their wedding anniversary. Dad divorced second wife 1 year after my mom died. Married 3rd wife about 3 years ago - who he met on the internet!!!! Sister's been married twice and that's a terrible relationship. Brother was married and divorced once and now has a girlfriend who is about twice his age - she's 56 he's 31. Not sure where my thoughts really are on marriage, but I am not completely against it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by darkeyedgirl
I have my own house, my own mind, and well people annoy me too much to live with anyone again. Even steady dating bothers me, let alone, a commitment!

I kind of feel that way too - almost everyone annoys me, I need a lot of space.....
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I was raised to believe in marriage. My mom, throughout my life has always told me there's someone out there for everyone. My parents have been together for 28 years (this august.) Me and my sister I feel are sometimes pressured to live up to my parents example. I hope we can but this 50% divorce rate has me wondering otherwise.
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I do, and hope to one day find the man who is out there with whom I will share the rest of my life.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
I do, and hope to one day find the man who is out there with whom I will share the rest of my life.
You will
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I think that marriage is beautiful. I'm really to young to decide. I personally think its too big on a commitment. You never know how your relationship will change after you're married.
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I do beleive in marriage but I've never been married yet. I would rather stay single that jump into a marriage that I'm not sure of. So you could sat I haven't found Mr right yet. I've been exposed to long marriages all my life. My parents have been married 32 years and my Grandparents just celebrated their 63rd anniversary last month. All my Grandpa's family were married 50+ years before one of them passed away
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wow 100 years together? Impressive stuff I dunno... I do believe in marriage, and I also really believe it's got to be something really special. It's not just an affirmation of the way you feel for eachother - let's face it, you can do that just by living together. Marriage is a partnership, compromise, team effort.... yadda yadda yadda. My grandparents stayed together for 49 years - my grandfather unfotunately died before their 50th anniversary. One aunt has stayed single her whole life (mind you, truth be told, the man who took her on would have to have something wong with his head) and both my parents and my aunt and uncle on my mother's side were married for over 20 years before calling it a day. It's a mixed bag. You never know what it'll be like until you get down and do it. I'd love to marry...
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
wow 100 years together? Impressive stuff I dunno... I do believe in marriage,...
that´s my girls dear Emma! .....
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by the way - i didn't mean to have the poll so everyone saw who voted for what....now i don't know how to fix it....sorry!
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I do (=
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Originally Posted by journey
by the way - i didn't mean to have the poll so everyone saw who voted for what....now i don't know how to fix it....sorry!
Don't worry. It's not like you asked our bra sizes.
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