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Aw Stephanie, I like that name! I can't wait to see pics.
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As you know Stephanie I LOVE the name Serenity . Sierra is being such a brave girl. Don't worry, taking it gently - it will come right. She is still sleeping on your head, that has to be a good thing. Just take it slowly - remember that tiny steps will get you the longest way on your journey!

When we had two carriers in the car with Tippy and Adelaide in (before they accepted each other) we put a towel over Adelaide's carrier, so that they couldn't see each other and there were no problems at all.

Sending you and your little girls lots of good vibes and sweet little scritches.
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Serenity...your name is beautiful.
You are now part of a family with a loving Mommy & Sister.
Bless you sweet Sierra, Serenity & Stephanie...
Lots of cuddles & purrs,
Dexter, Sadie and Lei
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Thank you so much, Sandra, Pat, MA, Beth, Lei, and Sam! Thank you for your advice, MA, Pat, and Beth! I will certainly put these excellent tips into practice immediately! Answering your question ,MA, of how Sierra is doing aside from the intro, she is great! Acting quite herself, even more lovable when we're alone, in fact. She's been eating great, and has thrown up only once all week. We're still having our fun playtime and snuggle time, and she still has her beautiful sparkle in her eyes. Now if she will just tolerate her new little sister! Also, yes, they will definitely have separate kennels for the journey home.
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Awwww Serenity! Sierra sounds like just how Rosie was with Sophie, and i remember when she would bop Sophie on the head and i would say "No Rosie, thats naughty!", but i didn't shout it, but i remember Laurie(LDG) told me not to say anything to Rosie as she was just showing Sophie who was alpha.

I left Sophie in the bathroom with her bed for the first two weeks when it was bedtime just so Rosie could have me all to herself, but after i found her grooming her that sunday i knew then Sophie would be able to share the room with us

She will get there, just take it one day at a time
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Good luck, Stephanie. I know it must be stressful for you to see your sweet baby unhappy. I bet in no time you'll both wonder how you got along with out the new wee one!
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Serenity is a cute name Steph!
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YAY!!! What a beautiful name! I hope they start getting along soon!

Have a safe trip home! Can't wait to see pics!!!
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YAY Serenity! I like that name! I hope Sierra accepts her soon and can't wait to see pics!
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Things really sound wonderful even if there are head swats - it just happens. I am curious to find out what happened after you got settled at home - Sierra probably said, "No - she's not coming with us, right Mom???!!!!
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aw gawsh i just finished reading this thread because ive been busy during the week!
Aww serenity! i cant wait for pics, im so happy that you got to keep her.
We are waiting untill the right kitty comes along to us.
Have a safe drive home and i hope not too many mews!
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That's a nice name Stephanie!

Sending lots of "get along" vibes their way!
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Stephanie!! I just caught up on this thread... how have I missed it?! I'm so excited for you - what a wonderful, caring person you are to take in sweet little Serenity (I love the name). You are an angel, honestly! I hope Sierra comes to accept her new sister quickly... I know how frustrating it can be when they don't get along but... wow, you should look at Baylee and Max, they are best friends now and I know that soon, that will be Sierra and Serenity.

Hugs to you and your gang... can't wait to see pictures!
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I'm just reading this now Stephanie, I love the name Serenity. So pretty, as I'm sure she is. I'm sorry to hear Sierra is a bit stressed, although she doesn't sound like she's handling it too bad. I hope it works out and everyone is happy soon!
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looking forward to hearing more about Serenity - I hope the trip home was okay my friend.... awwwww welcome sweet Serenity
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Thank you guys for your never ending support, encouraging stories and tips!
Today was have made some progress. We all took a shower together, Sierra on the counter and Serenity playing around on the floor. Serenity is currently sleeping on my right hand as I do my best to type one handed! Just a few minutes ago, Sierra came out of her window to walk across the keyboard (her message was something like wqyruojnbmgkl) She then touched noses with Serenity, hissed, and returned to her window. This doesn't sound great, but it's actually the best she's done! With every even slight gesture on Sierra's part, she receives abundant praise and treats to reinforce her behavior!
Serenity is scooting today, her sides are still distended, and she's having loose stools. We will be in contact with the Vet tomorrow to inquire about further treatment for these nasty worms. She eats like a little piglet, but I must wonder, how much of the nutrients she receiving and how must the worms are stealing fom her. It's incredible to imagine after all the worms she's expelled there are still many to treat! She's too tiny to have to deal with this! We'll have this taken care of in no time! She also used her little box again today! She has to be placed in there and reminded what she's supposed to do, but she's doing a great job! The littler box is also an excellent play toy, so I have to watch her carefully, of course. Between her sleeping and eating, she's become a little ball of energy!
We'll , my little birdie is waking up and chirping for her meal, so off we go for another feeding!
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I'm glad to hear of the progress...I look forward to the day when Sierra decides this is actually the best gift she's ever received
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Yayy!! The touch of noses WTG big sister Sierra!!
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I love the name Serenity too and can't wait to see some pictures I hope things continue going well between her and your Sierra. Sending -Good Vibes- for the vet visit tomorrow.
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AWW i'm excited to read this update!
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Wow Steph I just got ahold of this post... how could I have missed it? Congrats on your cute little Serenity! Not to mention choosing her name! I don't know how you did it with all the choices *grin* Can't wait for some more updates and definetly PICS! Don't keep us waiting! ((((Vibes for Serenity))))
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yay!!! They're making progress!!! So excited to hear it!

Can't wait for the next update!!!
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you're doing a great job...When do we get pics??? lol
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Thank you so much, Pat, Sandra, Sam, Rita, Lacey, Laurel, and Howard!Your excitement with us just means so much! Yes, we're celebrating even the slightest progress!
Another little bit of progress to add! Just a few minutes ago, Sierra and Serenity ate from their own personal dishes positioned about 2-3 feet apart! Sierra gets a bonito treat and much praise each time Serenity is anywhere near her! My sweet little girl is doing such a great job!
I keep forgetting to add how wonderful the little pouch is to us! Serenity spends the majority of her time when she is not eating or playing in our little pouch that hangs around my neck so that she is close to my heart, safe, cuddled and warm. What a wonderful idea this little pouch is for tiny kittens!
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Aw things are definitly looking good aren't they, Stephanie!
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Great to hear this progress, Stephanie!! Nose touches -- yup, good stuff. It sounds as if any displays of hostility are just that -- displays -- intended to let little Miss Serenity know who's boss -- "and don't forget it, shortstuff" You're doing great giving Sierra an opportunity to call some of the shots, but at the same time encouraging her to be nice. Before you know it, she'll be grooming her little sister.
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It's wonderful to read those updates Stephanie - your two girls are doing so well!!! Sierra and Serenity will soon be best buddies . You're doing a great job - what great news that they are eating close together and supervising your shower together. Before long they'll be a real team making sure you behave yourself .

Sending lots of good vibes for continued integration progress and for the riddance of those nasty worms too
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Stephanie i think the intro's are going brilliantly!!!

To be eating just a few feet apart like they have been is excellent!

Hope those nasty worms clear up soon
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Wowee! Just found out about this! Congratulations Stephanie! Awww, everything looks good! The worm problem should be clearing soon! I'm happy for the 3 of you!
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