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O.K. I realize feral cats are different from the domestic ones and I guess everyone has different feelings on the subject of in or out cats. In our town and many,many,others here in the good old U.S.A. it is illegal to let your cats roam. Feral cats are also illegal to feed and if you get caught it's a pretty big fine just for feeding them!!!All cats found by the village are taken to the aminal pound where they stay for 2 weeks and if not claimed they are put down. I guess where you live the laws are not the same,but to me it is one way to keep the cat population down as there are MANY owners who do not take their cats to the vet to get the necessary shots and to have them "fixed". So if you feel comfortable letting your cats out then that is your right. And bless you for taking care of the ferals.
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I'm lucky in that there isn't a feral cat problem in my area, for the most part any stray cat that wanders into someones yard, is taken in as a pet. The majority of pet owners in this area are pretty responsible as far as spaying/neutering and keeping their cats updated on shots, so there aren't many unwanted animals. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, thats where my three kittens came from, unwanted litters. I respect the fact that you love your cats so much that you want to keep them inside and safe. Four out of five of my cats are inside only, so believe me, I understand where you're coming from. Just realize that it does depend on the situation as to whether or not this is feasible

By the way, I'm not the feral Guradian Angel, that would be Hissy. She is more than deserving of your respect and blessings
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O.K. Melissa I will take the blessings back Sorry I do not read all the forums that are here so I do not know who Hissy is And lets just say you raise your cats the way you want and I will do the same. Everyone has a right to do what they want and all I wanted you to know is that where I live it is illegal to let cats roam unattended. I try to obey the law Now I would just like to thank everyone who takes care of their cats inside or out even though I prefer cats be kept indoors
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I work in the local humane association. I live in a small, family-type city, relatively crime-free (just so you don't think I live in New York or something). We have lots of farms around, and the local pasttime is bowling (yahooo!).
We are a no-kill (as much as possible) facility, and I can tell you we get cats in ALL THE TIME. Right now we have 80 cats. Most of them were picked up as strays, but it is obvious they have been owned at sometime. They are friendly, but cautious. Some have collars. Many have been in fights, a surprizingly high number have been abused. They come in with cans tied to their tails, things around their necks, burned, cut, fur pulled out, parts missing. REcently we had a guy come to town who "specializes" in dog fighting. People's cats have been disappearing and showing up in the shelter - guess how? - yup, used as bait.
The main problem is not the truly feral population. The problem is people let their cats out and they don't come back. Someone sees a cat on the street and takes it, or runs it down, or brings it in. But fewer than 6% of cats coming to the shelter are ever reclaimed by the original owner.
I find shelter work to be hard, dirty work. I love it though. If you must let your cat out, PLEASE licence it. At least give us a fighting chance. And it would be nice, even if I can't get your cat back to you for whatever reason, if I could call you and tell you what happened to it.
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There's obviously going to be pros and cons to both sides. I too also believe that the situation dictates the decision of the owner. You can be a responsible pet owner and still let your cat out.

I however, having had the worst experience of ever since owning a cat for quite some time, will not let Opie out again. Opie is not so much in a hurry to go outside anymore...but then again he's in recovery. I do however own nine cats and there's no way that a few of them will ever adapt to the indoors.

I don't believe anyone should pass judgement regarding their decision, but unless someone has made a very poor choice (ie living in a high traffic neighborhood, loose dogs, not having them vaccinated nor licenced) then I think that person wouldn't be classified as a responsible pet owner.

To be quite honest, if I didn't have any of the cats I have now, I would more than likely keep all of them inside; but I can't change the way my boys perceive their lives. They've been indoor/outdoor babies all their lives and I'm not taking that freedom away from them.

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Just to let you know, all my cats are microchipped, so if they do get lost and turn up in a shelter or vet's office they will be found. I have had a few returned to me that way. Plus all my neighbors on the street are aware of my cats and what they look like. Anytime I get a new one, I take a photo, start knocking on doors show the neighbors my new one and inquire if they know of a "good" home. All the vets in the area know of me and my cats as do the shelters.
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All my cats are microchipped too.... I think its very important just in case...even my indoor one was chipped too incase she escaped somehow. Thankfully our neighbourhood is a very cat friendly place Im pleased to say!
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Lindsay you are anWhen will people realize that a SAFE cat is an INDOOR cat. Your work at the shelter must bring you great joy and also great sadness I live in a Chicago suburb and I read all the time about the pit bull fighting that goes on in the city. The police just can;t seem to stop it and I have heard about these vicious dogs being given cats as bait.The poor dogs are beaten and starved,almost to death, so a cat becomes a welcome meal to them. How very sad,but true which is ANOTHER reason to keep a cat indoors. I thank you for giving more facts on the subject about outdoor cats, but we will NEVER convince everyone. I do feel that if we can get at least a few people to change their minds than we have succeeded in saving the lives of these wonderful creatures called CATS.
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I think the main reason you will never convince everyone is because it isn't the right choice for everyone. Having an outside cat does not mean you are handing it a death sentence.
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You make my life easier!!! Keep in mind though, that not all shelters check for chips, and not all scanners can read all companies' chips. Find out what kind of chip scanner your local shelter uses, and get that kind of chip (this is not directed at those of you who have microchipped your cats, but those who are thinking about it or planning on it).
I did not intend to give an opinion on this in my post (I guess it kind of came out anyway though). All I wanted to do was let people know what I see of your cats on my end of things.
Yes, when I have cats, they will be indoor only. I don't want to push my views on anyone though, about this or anything else. We all make our own choices.
England, by the way, seems to be different, and I may have different views if I lived there. My opinion does not extend to those of you who do live there.
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You are certainly entitled to your opinion,but to me putting a cat ourdoors IS a death sentence. That is how I feel and like I said before,if I can change ONE persons mind I will feel satisfied. Maybe it is different where you live but: and I will only say this ONE MORE TIME........It is illegal here to let cats roam .
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I would never advise going against the law in your area. For you, its obviously not an option anyways. Remember, that accidents can happen inside too. Cats get trapped in dryers, or chew through electrical cords,injured by other household pets and can be injured in a zillion other ways. There are dangers everywhere. Another thing to consider is that cats began as wild creatures, living outside.They are often very happy, and healthy in an outdoor situation. I'm in no way trying to change anyones mind on this subject, its up to them what they decide is best for their pets. I just feel that there should be equal representation for both sides. Also, as I already stated in an earlier post, four of my cats are inside kitties, so i would never knock anyone who makes the same decision for their pets. Just realize that you absolutely can be a responsible pet owner and let your cats outside (other than when the law dictates you can't of course)
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I really do think cats are much safer in the house, but I think I have said it before, I do know of cases where they had to be outdoors or face euthansia. There are also those who care for cats who have been dumped and are now feral/semi feral. I would much rather see 25 cats get vet care and food living on a farm than in the shelters on death row.
This has been one of the larger debates with cat care for as long as I can remember. Personally I think the best option is that if you can, build an outdoor enclosure for you babies and they can have the best of both worlds.
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I've been reading this Thread and it appears that you are indeed trying to change the way people think...

I think that it will enlighten you to realize that you're not responsible, nor powerful enough to do that. It will be up to that person and I'm sure they're will be more of a reason than for you to be a catalyst in their decision.

I'm not trying to flame you Judy; however, to continue pushing your beliefs on pet owners with in a different situation than yours, in my humble opinion, will have the opposite affect of what you're hoping for.

I do hope that everyone in your area follows the law. That each and everyone in the world would do the right thing by their animal. Unfortunately that's not going to happen. Here we are on a The CatSite discussing a subject that perhaps would be better if taken to a school, a media source or any other community meeting that would benefit this information/education. You don't have to convince us about the proper care for our animals...We love cats here

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Well stated, Cat. We don't always agree around here, but we do share a love for our animals.

My 5 year-old cat was intended to be an indoor cat when the pest control company at my apt. complex let him out one day. From then on, he was indoor/outdoor, literally coming to the door every 20 minutes to check in.

When I moved 2 years later, he began to go out again after 8 weeks in the new place. It was a very large complex, and he got lost. He was missing for 2 weeks. I, thankfully, got him back. He has been an indoor guy ever since. My 2 year-old has always been indoors, although my new house has a 12 square foot outdoor atrium. It is open at the roof, and there is no way they can get out. It's the primary reason I bought the house. I wouldn't risk my boys again, but Squirt did love his outside time while he had it.

One of my very dear friends has an indoor/outdoor cat. He is 20 years old.

In closing, each of us has to weigh this decision in his own circumstances.
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I am speaking from my heart AND not trying to change the way everyone handles their cats. It is MY humble opinion and like I said before convincing one person would be fine with me and hey if I can't convince anyone so be it !!! The world is full of people with different opinions and wouldn't it be sad if everyone thought the same way? I just think the arguements for indoor cats is stronger,but heck you don't have to take my head off.I am not on some sort of "Power trip" trying to rule the world and if you wish to call it pushing my beliefs then that is your humble opinion. And like I said before I thank everyone who takes care of cats,indoor or out. One reason I feel so strongly about cats being kept indoors is written in one of my previous posts as I will never forget Spooky and the fact that he only lived for 1 and a half years because he was let outside. It left me feeling bitter,guilty and heartbroken. So flame me all you want and I do hope that everyone who owns a cat loves it and gives it the proper care kitty deserves.
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i seemed to have caused quite an argument!

thank you all for your views and comments....i have decided to keep Jasper in now...despite me wanting to give him his freedom...i feel that finding a new home (with us) was probably his second chance and i want him to have a live of comfort and cuddles having had such a bad start :o(

he seems happy enuff..with a little attention and plenty of catnip!
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Let's look at what I stated. First of all, I never verbally attacked you or took your head off; I also never suggested you were on a power trip or trying to rule the world. I merely stated that you are not that powerful to change someone's mind. No one can be that powerful. There's only one that that's powerful... I hope you can comprehend this in the manner in which I am presenting this to you; as you conceive this in an attack, it was not be taken that way.

You are obviously passionate about your beliefs, which is wonderful! However; you are constantly missing the point that seems to be presented to you, not just by me, but the other members here.

Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong, I do hate to speak for anyone but myself.

Usually a decision is made upon the individual's situation; and since not all of are not in the same situation; naturally not all of our decisions will be the same. Also remember, that nothing is life is guaranteed; Unfortunately.

Honestly, Sandie has mentioned a great way to have best of both worlds...Deb25 even bought a home that would accomodate her cats..inside and out! :laughing2..
So, I do hope this clears up any misunderstanding; I am far from a tyrrant here at this site...:laughing2 Trust me, far from it!

Have you thought about teaching? Possibly volunteering lectures in your community since there are such strict laws in your area. There's plenty of people that could use pet education and in my opinion, since you have great conviction, I bet the animal organizations would probably be delighted to have you.

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Caterina,Yes I admit I did feel SLIGHTLY attacked ,but that's O.K. with me. My views are not the same as yours and I never tried to do anything but state my opinion. There is no "point" that I have been missing because ,to me, letting a cat go outdoors is just something I would not do. I understand the fact that everyone here has different ideas on how to raise their cats and if they wish to let them out that is their right. I just hope and pray that all cats that are let outside come home safe and sound . I enjoy this web site and I do believe that this discussion should now be closed. It was fun while it lasted and I never felt that it was an arguement,just a bit of "friendly discussion". We could go back and forth for years on this subject,but what good would it do We all love our cats and I,for one, would do whatever it takes to keep my wonderful cats healthy,safe and free from harm. I am sure any cat owner would do the same,well at least the gals here, as I know many people who do not like cats. My husbands friend has a bumper sticker that reads "Yes,I like cats,they taste like chicken".And he said if he sees them on the road he AIMS for them !!! That really gets me mad but there is no convincing him otherwise and believe me I have tried. I have a very strong conviction when it comes to any animal getting hurt and I hate it when deer hunting season starts as we have many friends who hunt. I just tell them I do not want to here their hunting stories and they respect my wishes. So,call me a old softy but since Sept.11th I just want all the world,animals included, to live in an untroubled and peaceful world. Hope you and everyone here have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON and may God bless us all and keep us safe.:rainbow:
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For your post and your understanding.

I am afraid you would visiting me in jail if I lived in your area, as I feed feral colonies on a daily basis. You would have to bake me a cake with a file in it, so I could escape! Just so you know, once I gain the trust of the colony, they are captured up and neutered or spayed and re-released so the colony doesn't inbreed. Alley Cat Allies is instrumental in doing this also all over the United States. They are also working to change the laws that say it is illegal to feed feral cats, and they work tirelessly to try and achieve a peaceful solution for the feral cat population.

You sound like a very caring cat-owner and no one can fault you for that. Wishing you a Peaceful Holiday Season, from my house to yours-----
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Hi Judy :angel2:

You're right, enough's enough :lovegrin! However, I would like to kick that guys butt too! Thank you for your well wishes and I most certainly wish you and yours a very Loving Holiday Season! Take Care & God Bless.

Love & Peace,
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