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My boyfriend's family has 4 cats, among them, Dr. Zoidberg and Bender. They also have a Twister and a Grady Blue (a name, which my boyfriend despises, although I think it's more displaced resentment for his younger sister ).

He wanted to name our cat Vegetable Lasagna (random reference from Seinfeld). That was a no-go on my part!

I've had hamsters named Bandaid, Punky Brewster, Mister (couldn't come up with a name, ended up just calling him Mister...although I do think "he" ended up having babies), and Chaos (I brought him home and opened the box he came in to show someone, and he jumped out and caused all sorts of commotion, or chaos).
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I know someone with a cat named Tic-Tack and someone else with a cat named Monkey!
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Originally Posted by CatNurse22 View Post
Let's see...

Banana, Papaya, Pop, Eyeball, Frog. Abbie Normal ( I LOVE that one). Lounge About.
My Nana had a cat called Banana and also one called Skwashie.

Her friend had one called Cuckoo.
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My mom had a cat growing up named Micky (not too unusual); he was all black with long fur and green eyes. About 8 years ago, my mom went to look at cats at a local humane society and found a cat which looks just like the one she had growing up that she loved so much, so she brought her home. Her name is Musa (pronounced Muhsha), which is a Latvian word that means blackfly or mosquito, because that's what she looks like!
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Oogie Boogie a muted tortie who's pattern is very patchy and brindle like.
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I love all the names on here! Growing up we always had people names for our cats. Georgie and Fergie for example. The funniest ones that stuck in my head is Erma Butt (my mom named her after me) and Cooter cuz my mom always wanted a cat named cooter so she could yell off the back porch Herrreee Coooter coooter coooter! Haha My cats have always been named after people or Greek/Roman Mythology Hercules, Zeus, Aphordite, Pegasus...And then my classic people names...Franklin and Gidget.... FatMan his original name was Bubba but hes not a bubba at all hes actually a big fat sissy boy but because hes so fat the BF has dubbed him FatMan, Big Kahuna, and Pork Chop LOL!! He answers to all of them!
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I have Chicken, Bear, and Poodle. All are 100% feline.
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I think my kitties names are "unusual".

With our 3 year old kitty...."Jupiter" was the name when we adopted him. The name was too long, so we started calling him "Jupe" he is called "Juju". I commonly call him "Toodles", "Toot-Toot", or "Doot-Doot". He comes to anything I feel like calling him, lol.

Our 1 year old kitty was named "Thomas" when we adopted him. Having known too many humans with that name....a friend suggest "Tiberius". Since that was too long, I decided on "Tibi".

A sweet old lady at work had a kitty recently pass away that was named "Shabooty".
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When we adopted our kitty he came with the name Mulligan, so being irish i kept the name, and I thought it was pretty cool that the last 4 letters of my maiden name was "igan" and his are "igan". So that made me believe even more that he needed to be with us..
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I have a Juno and a Sweetie. Sweetie's name when I adopted her was Gracie, but when I would come home from work I would call for her as "Sweetie, come here" she always responded to that name. Juno came from a litter where the shelter staff named all the litter mates after gods. After 3 yrs. she finally knows her name. (she's a little slow) but she knows when I sit in the recliner in the A.M. before work, she gets treats.
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my newest is Rukus , he is with kitty wittie and kiki. cats of the past have been kitsey, kimo, and gray
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I think Quill's name is pretty odd. I mean, there really aren't too many "Q" names out there. He definitely fits his name
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my dad had a cat named "Minnie Minou"she was a tiny little thing
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These all seem pretty tame to my kitties names... I did not name them as two of them where strays my house mate named them...

First is my girl : Tikka - actually her favourite food is chicken tikka masala so not too far off the mark...

Secondly her ginger companion : James Moriarty... that was a fun one to explain to the vets....

Last but not least as my babies ended up having babies the condition to keep one was again my housemate got to name him... first idea was Token as he was the only black tabby kitten and you always have a token black guy in a film... many reasons not to call him that, Secondly there was Alphalpa from little rascals as he had a piece of fur that stuck up on his head when he was a baby like Alphalpa does in the film, i liked this name but lost so he came to be : Catpain Edmund Blackadder after the series Blackadder... I call him Ed i think its nicer I dont think ill tell the vet his full name it would be classed as cruelty to animals lol!! 

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Hydrox P. Puddy (the P doesn't stand for anything)

Da Pumpkin-Boy


Ms. Pepe



Those are probably the most unusual in our clan.

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