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changing litter?

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how often do you change the litter, and do you change it completely?
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Every few days with 2 cats, change all off it
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right now i have one cat and one box... i clean out the waste every day and every sunday i change the entire thing

in a couple of weeks, i will have two cats and two boxes and i will do the same as above... if it starts getting to stinky then i will change it completley more often...

i use tidy cat crystal clumping litter... i think it helps wonderfully with the smell, so if i do forget to clean it out one day, you really cant tell
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every few days!!!!!, the litter i use cost me $20 for 17 lbs. and barely enough for two litter boxes, i change half of it every two weeks, i use litter by world's best, maybe i should change it more often.
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OMG! If i was paying 20$ for a bag of litter(which i wouldnt anyway) i wouldnt change it very often either... OMG!
I pay 6$ for 20lbs of litter... and i think it is the best thing in the world.
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I have one cat I change it every 2 weeks. It's what I've always done even with my moggie. I've switched from Yesterday News ( hubby didn't like the smell) to tidy cats crystals it's supposed to last a month I can't wait to see if it does.
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5 cats 2 extra large boxes, gets sifted twice a day and total dumps depends on how it looks. It always gets done with a 2 week time frame...we pay $9 for 40lb of Dr. Elsey's and I don't have much of a complaint unless my daughter forgets to clean them.
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Originally Posted by MyFirstRagdoll
I have one cat I change it every 2 weeks. It's what I've always done even with my moggie. I've switched from Yesterday News ( hubby didn't like the smell) to tidy cats crystals it's supposed to last a month I can't wait to see if it does.
that is what i use now, and i only have one cat at the moment, and i honestly dont think it lasts more than a couple of weeks, even if you keep it clean everyday, it just plain old stinks... i have only let it go that long a couple of times, and it didnt stink up the whole house, but when you walked down the hallway you could smell the litterbox
i couldnt probably get away with leaving it a few more days, i am just super obsessed with not having the litterbox smell in the house, if i smell it, it gets changed, no matter how long it has been...
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Originally Posted by HUNTER
every few days!!!!!, the litter i use cost me $20 for 17 lbs. and barely enough for two litter boxes, i change half of it every two weeks, i use litter by world's best, maybe i should change it more often.
I also use World's Best and only do a complete litter change every 4-6 weeks. I scoop the waste (urine and feces) daily. It's a great litter and I never smell urine.
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When I used World's Best, I cleaned it daily and changed the entire litter every 2-3 weeks. As long as you clean it daily, it will last for a month or more.
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I have two cats, each with their own litter boxes. I scoop it everyday and I do a complete change every two weeks. And of course, I scrub the bottom of the litterbox clean with a little laundry detergent every time I do a complete change. Gotta keep down the odor. Among Fresh Step, Tidy Cats and Scoop Away, Scoop Away seems to be the best at controlling odor. I dunno...what is the best litter out there?
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i'm cleaning the box whenever they go during the day and that's at least 6 times day and when i come home at night, i do change the whole thing once a month though, i guess i'm okay.
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I used to use fresh step. but recently switched to Arm & Hammer Multicat formula. Its been working pretty well so far for my 2 kittens. We'll see how long that lasts.
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I have two young cats (still kittens) and have been experimenting with different litters and types of litters. I have come to my own conclusions about things also.

First of all, I set up 3 litter boxes, 1 per cat and 1 extra. It didn't make a difference, they both primarily used only one of the boxes. So I have gone down to only using that one box.

I made giant boxes out of large rubbermaid containers so they could have a full 4 inches of litter. It made it next to impossible for me to tip the container to dump out all the litter. I finally went down to the high-walled Rubbermaid litter box, and use maybe 3 inches of litter.

I prefer scented over non-scented, but some scents annoyed me terribly. I don't like Fresh Step, but didn't mind Scoop Away. I liked Precious Cats alot, but I can only get the non-scented on. PetsMart brand of clumpable is the dustiest. I think Arm and Hammer STINKS and doesn't clump well. Tidy Cat clumpable wasn't a favorite either.

I once bought Tidy Cat for Multiple cats, but the non-clumpable one, by mistake. It turns out that for wasn't a mistake. It is my favorite kitty litter so far. I like the scent, it isn't terribly dusty. There is very little waste each day, only the poops. With a good stirring, the urine dries quite nicely. It lasted nicely for a full week, then I dumped the entired thing, rather than feelign like I was smelling stuff with the clumping after a few days. To me, I just smell the urine smell with clumping, even though it's removed. I don't understand why, maybe it's just my sniffer.

At under $5 for the larger 30 lb bag, which by the way goes farther than the clumping one, once again, I don't know why....the one bag would last me 2 weeks, for one litter box, for 2 cats.

I swear I don't know why it seems to work best for just does. I keep reading that everyone prefers clumping....I'd like to know who prefers non-clumping?
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I started with the wood or pine kind of litter...kitty didnt like it. She would poo in a corner before using the I use dollar store Hartz clay litter and she loves it and it makes me very happy. I would say it doesnt clump and I only completely change it every 2 weeks and like the effects overall...non clumping in the toilet is awesome if you ask me...
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I scoop litter boxes a few times a day, and change it completely and scrub out the tray every 3-4 days.
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I clean once or twice a day and change all out every 3-4 weeks
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i use the crystals which are supposed to last a month, the first couple of times the longest they lasted was 2 weeks but then i tried putting the whole bag in at once so that it is deeper and so far it is working fine...not smelt it once.
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for my one cat, i change it completely every 2-3 weeks. I use all crystal/silica type.
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When I got Charlotte (my first cat ever), I used non-clumping clay litter. Tidy Cats for multiple cats. After a few days, the litter would wreak of urine and needed to be changed. I had tried adding baking soda (also used liners to make it easier to change litter) but that didn't work too well to reduce odors. Also with my back problems, it's very difficult for me to carry a 30 lb bag, especially up the flight of stairs to my apartment. Any way, it would end up costing me about $13 per month for one cat just for litter supplies.

I decided to try clumping litter but didn't want clay. I read about World's Best and thought it was too expensive. Boy was I wrong. For 2 cats and 2 litter boxes, it's only costing me $11 per month. Not only that, I never smell urine after the cats urinates plus I can scoop out the urine. Oh and the litter itself is very light-weight compared to regular clay.

Anyway, this is the litter that has worked best for me and my cats for the past 1.5 years.
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I have 6 cats and 6 litter boxes.

I change the boxes once a week. By changing I mean: dump out everything into the trash, take the boxes outside & rinse with the hose on power spray, pour a bit of white vinegar in the boxes, put in more water, and let them sit.

I only do like 2 boxes at a time intervals, never all 6 boxes at once (for obvious reasons!!! ... kitties wouldn't have a toilet!).

Then I dry 'em and put 'em back, fill 'em back up with Tidy Cats for multiple cats.

Oh I keep plastic bags in containers near the boxes; and scoop the poop daily. That's part of my routine, scoop the poop. Then whenever I see the boxes getting a bit too much urine in them that's when they get dumped & scrubbed in the backyard!

I don't use baking powder or any additives or any of that in the litter. My process seems to work just fine; my house always smells great. There are days when we come home and find out that there's been the World's Greatest Pooping Contest, however. Sometimes my babies gang up on me, it seems one of them is always interested in watching me scoop out the poopies.
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