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My "little" guy's got bloody paws

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Hey everyone, I doubt anyone remembers me since its been a lot of months since I posted and I never posted very often before.

Last night, one of my cats got out of my apartment. He was out most of the day, thankfully a nice little boy found him somewhere and got me. So he's home safe and sound.

I was taking inventory, he's filthy dirty and really stressed out. I had him in my lap for a little while just stroking him and telling him everything is ok. He hopped down after a little while, and I noticed i had two little bloody paw prints on my my lap. I checked around a little bit, and found a few more little bloody paw prints.

I tried to check out his paws, his rear two paws are a little bloody. Not tremendously so, but enough that I got kind of concerned. I tried to inspect the paws, but he got a little upset.

He seems to walk around fine, I can't detect any limp or anything. But I am quite the concerned Daddy.

Its the weekend, and its late (9pm). I'm not sure if there's even any 24 hour vets around here to have him checked out at. I thought this was probably the best place to come and ask.
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Hmm, does he seem to be injured? Does he have his claws all intact, or some of them hanging off and or missing? Bloody paws can indicate a run in with either a car, a motorbike, bicycle or skateboard. I would put him in a warm tub with some hydrogen peroxide in the water, not much water, just enough to get his feet wet. Because he was outside, he needs to be seen by a vet just to be safe, but unless he is gushing blood, the vet can wait till Monday. Is he eating and drinking okay?
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I got to looking at Tater and he had a couple of other nasty looking wounds. Considering how dirty he was, I went ahead and found an emergency vet. The doctors think he got up under a car or something, he has a burn on his tummy from what looks like a belt. And he had a scratch on his front "thigh". He even had a nice big wound from his little sister on his poor little melon.

They shaved him up pretty good and cleaned his wounds. He should be allright

Poor guy
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Sounds like he had a horrid adventure! I am glad that he will be OK.
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