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Originally Posted by Leli
I've seen some of that stuff too, in some of my university course, but I still eat at fast food joints.....I just consider it random testing of my immune system
lets give our immuity systums a work out......eat at Taco Bell
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ewww ewwww ewwwwwwww

You were totally in your right to do that good for you!!

Really makes you think though about the places where you cant see them prepare your food..
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I don't eat at Subway very often or other fast food restaurants. Now I'll have to be on alert!! Bad enough when I find my hair in my food!!
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I bet you folks have no idea how "unsanitary" your fast-food really is! You have no idea what happened to all the fillings and buns BEFORE they even got to that girl with no gloves!

PS - I don't eat out at fast-food places - not sanitary!
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I love Subway!

To be quite honest I've never really double checked to see if the Sandwhich artists are wearing gloves but I sure will next time!

Like many here I used to work in the food business(we owned a Pizza Shop) and after using the bathroom, I used to scrub my hands with dettol and hot water. I would nver put a customer at risk.
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ROFL!!!! I totally forgot about the title "Sandwich Artist"!
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I always remember that because one of my good friends from here at TCS(Pam) is one.
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