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Anyone want to see my new little girl?

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Yes, I did say a new little girl and yes I know you all probably think i am mad....but one more wouldn't hurt And D did say this was my last kitty in this house as we'll run out of room...hehehehe!

My new baby girl isn't actually at home yet as she is only a few weeks old. But she'll e coming home on 12th June when she is 13 weeks old

She is a Norwegian Forest Kitty and her name is: Maelstrom Melira Taralen but for short we call her: Tara

Tara when she was 1 day old

Tara when she was 1 week 5 days old

Tara when she was 2 weeks 4 days

Tara when she was 3 weeks 2 days

And this is Tara when we went to visit her when she was 3 weeks 4 days

And this is Tara with her Mommy and Brother

And this is a photo of Tara's Dad

And I am afaid that is all I have of my little girl right now but I will let you know when I get some more as she grows up. Gosh...I am so excited, I just want her home with me now

I think she is really cute and such a beautiful girl, but then I am biased. We would love to hear what you think of our new baby. Oh yes and the brown spots near her nose is from her nursing from her mommy and they will dissapear shortly.

Big smiles and happy faces

Eva xxx
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oh she is the cutest thing! how adorable... in just a few weeks, she got all fuzzy!! very cute fur family!
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Awww, she's just the sweetest little girl!! Congratulations!!!
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I'm in love with your new little furbaby. What a doll she is. You are so lucky.
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Oh I want one, she is so beautiful. You must feel very lucky
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Thank you for sharing - adorable pictures! awwww
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Oh I'm so jealous!!!!!!! HOW SWEET! How ever will you wait that long to haveh er home!!!
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Another baby?
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Aw she is really cute! Congratulations! Nogmogs are cute.
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Eva, I am soooo happy to hear about and see your new baby!! she is going to be coing to such a loving home. I can't wait to see more pictures.
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Aw! What a sweetie! I love her little brown "dirt" on her face!
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She is going to grow up to be sooo pretty. I can tell already! I'm sad. I always wanted a NFC but strays just show up at my house.
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Awww thank you everyone I feel like a very proud mommy showing my baby girl off to the whole world.

I am missing her so much already but am hoping to go and visit her again in a few weeks and then hopefully it wont be too long till my baby can come home. I am so excited and when I went to visit her I just didn't want to leave....

I will update this post when I get some new photo's so watch out as hopefully soon the title will change with *updated*.

Thanks again everyone for such lovely replies...I love my babies so much...I'm in

Eva xxx
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Oh good grief she's so sweet And i love her name!.
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Oh, Tara, you're so precious!She's so adorable, Eva!
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aww cute!
I had a cat that looked like her daddy
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What a cute kitten!! She's got a sweet little face.
There really isn't anything in the world cuter then a kitten.
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She is to die for!!!! If only they'd stay that little. I love the comforter on that bed!!! Ask where it came from! lol I'm obsessed with bedding. haha
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She's precious, congrats on the new kitty.
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Aww How cute, She looks like such a sweet kitten....

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Hello Everyone,
I am glad you all enjoyed seeing my new baby girl Tara. I have some more photo's of her and wow she really is growing fast. I also have some more of her mommy and daddy which I will also post for you Enjoy.......

4 weeks and 1 day old

4 weeks old and 4 days old.

Tara's Mommy Taken 02/04/2004

Tara's Dad Taken 05/10/2004

And this is him all ready to go to a show

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and again I would love to hear what you think. I think my baby girl is gorgeous and definately takes after her gorgeous mommy....but then I am biast.

Take care and when I get some more photo's I'll post again, so watch this space

Love Eva xxx

Ps> Tara is now on the move, so the photo's aren't great as she doesn't like to stay still for long and pose for the camera.
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Oh dear, I have kitten fever. She is sooooo cute. I am in love
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Daddy has such a gorgeous tail!

She is a cutie.
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she is beautiful
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Oh my gosh...Tara is so cute, I can hardly stand it. Her Mommy is a beauty & her father is magnificent.
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Tara is a cutie, & her parents are both gorgeous, in different ways... great, now i want a Norwegian Forest Cat, as well as a Bengal, an American Curl, a Devon Rex & a Japanese Bobtail... just what i need, another desire i can't afford to grant!
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She is so adorable!
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She is adorable, lucky you.....thanks for sharing your pictures. You will have to take and share more when you get her.
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Oh, Eva, she's gorgeous!
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Tara is a real little sweetie!! Beautiful baby -- and she does come by it honestly -- her parents are gorgeous, too. Thanks for sharing pics -- of course, we insist on more, more, more...
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