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She said kitten's head appeared at 5:22 and then the "kitten is not responsive" comment was made at 5:40. So that's a long time...
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yep you just gonna help her with the other kittens now

i'm sorry for the lose i know what its like its heartbreaking
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The kitten never breathed and is gone. I put it back with mom. Mom is still breathing heavy.
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Lindsay, help Cleo get ready for the next kitten. Stimulate her and once the head appears, try to get the kitten delivered in under five minutes.
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I'm so very sorry. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do. It's the way of life. I still hope and pray that he starts to breath and responds, and that he makes it.
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It was a black and white kitten. Hopefully the others will do better. I believe there is at least one more because she was carring on both sides.
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gd gd

keep stoking her tummy as this brings on contractions i been told
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sorry hun i gotta go but i'm sure the girls will help ya whiles i'm gone

good luck
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Thank you
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What is Cleo doing? Is she straining or is she resting for a minute?
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She is laying on her side and resting.
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That first one might have already been stillborn. Didn't sound like there was much you could do. Sorry the black/white kitten didn't make it.

I hope it gets better and Cleo has some healthy kittens.
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Oh dear ... I am so sorry about this little one - ok, well this is a sad fact of how it is, I'm afraid and I know you did everything you could to save this little one.

As Gailail has already said, be prepared to assist the second one if you need to.

Gailail has done this a few times, it seems! LOL
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Cleo is resting now and cleaning herself and the kitten. Her breathing is a little about normal but not a fast as before. I guess the next kitten wont be her for a little while. How long should I wait before call the vet?
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Honey, honestly, I would have already called to let them know she was delivering and that the first kitten had problems. Allow them to tell you what you should do in the way of bringing her in or if they can send a vet tech out to assist you should they feel you need it.
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I have tried calling the vet and keep getting a busy signal.
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Oh dear ... well, just keep trying.
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Well I got though this time and they said they did not know why I was calling to tell them and there is nothing they can do about her because they are too busy.
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*gasp* Well, then call another vet! Those people need to be slapped!!!
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Originally Posted by gayef
*gasp* Well, then call another vet! Those people need to be slapped!!!
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Shame on that vet office. That's terrible that they would say that!!!!
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Honey, I gotta go, but I asked KittenKrazy to step in and assist you if you need it. Remember to breathe and I'll check back later for an update.

Keeping you close to my heart and in my thoughts,

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I'd call another vet. And in the future, I'd switch to the other vet. If another vet is willing to help you now without you being a client, they'd probably be a good vet to go to. That's appalling. *disgusted*
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If there is another stillborn, and I hope not, you can also try this trick, but you have to be quick- and I mean seconds. Have a large bowl of cold water standing nearby, if the kitten is born and is unresponsive and you try the swing, and the towel with no response, you very quickly, and i mean quickly dunk the kitten in the water up and down. Like a mega fast baptism. That can shock the body and bring the kitten round. You also need dry warm towels close by to wrap the little one and get him totally dry because you shouldn't get them wet. This is a last-measure resort only-try the other two procedures first.
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They are the only vet in my town. The next town up has a few vets but they are horrid and would not trust them. I am searching they yellow pages.
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Anything new? I just went thru and read the entire thread. I am so sorry about the first kitten
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nothing yet
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good luck sweetie, i've got my fingers crossed for you
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I wouldn't panic, yet. My Annabelle had the first two kittens an hour apart,(6 and 7 p.m.) then she had the last one in the middle of the night, hours later. I got up to check on her, and there was another kitten! The last kitten was 5 oz., so I'm sure that's why it took a while. They're 12 days old and doing fine.
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How long should I leave the dead kitten in with her. I dont want to move it because I dont want to stress her out?
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