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I'm sure everything will be fine! You may find this silly, but I felt the same way when my parents asked to meet my boyfriend.

I'm sending vibes that you have a fun weekend, and you're parents adore your huspand-to-be.

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Oooh Jenny, I like how you said husband-to-be. For some reason I haven't thought of him as a husband! Lol! Weird, I know!
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
As for those mornings EEEKK! I couldn't even imagine doing those horrible shifts - so I'll be sending you lots of strength for those too.
It's horrible because your body never gets used to it in the week that you do it! So you don't fall asleep til 11pm and then you have to be up at 3:30am! And whenever I would try to take a nap after work, I wouldn't be able to get to sleep.

Last time I had my man bring me some coffee halfway through the shift. Now I've given up coffee but I might have to look into it again for that!
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Oooh Jenny, I like how you said husband-to-be. For some reason I haven't thought of him as a husband! Lol! Weird, I know!

Lol! That's funny. Is he more of a friend right now?
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Originally Posted by Ilovecats
Lol! That's funny. Is he more of a friend right now?
He's more of a stranger right now - so busy I never see him! Lol. Nah, it's just that I call him my fiance, and I think of getting married... but I never really think of him as a husband or me as a wife, ya know? Weird, I know...
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Consider the good vibes sent your way!!!!!
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Thanks you guys! Okay I'm getting ready to leave so start thinking happy thoughts because my test starts in a half hour! Gulp! Maybe some smart vibes because my brain has been out of test mode for quite a while... And some awake vibes because my brain misses caffeine!
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Ari, I hope everything goes well. I know you must be stressed to the max. Good vibes on the way from me and the kits.
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Sorry Ari, I just found this thread!

I hope that yesterday went well and all parents liked eachother and your nerves subsided!

I am now sending }}}VIBES{{{ for your exam and for work!
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Ari - I hope yesterday went OK - can't wait til you come on line to let us know how well everything went!
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Also wondering.....
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Ari - I still am waiting impatiently to hear how dinner with both rents went...

what a stressful weekend!!
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Quick note because I was supposed to have left 10 minutes ago to have breakfast with my parents...

The test went decently... if it would've been the real test, I would not have passed. But it's only the practice test and we're supposed to get an instructor to tell us how to actually pass it. I'm irrititated because a lot of the questions that I got wrong were because I second-guessed myself, you know? Anyway, I did decently for not studying and that'll motivate me to start studying now for the real test in May (since I know what to expect, how to study, etc).

Dinner with both parents went better than we both expected. The moms talked to each other and the dads talked to each other, so that was nice. There were a few topics that I wish we could've skipped (my mother tends to invite everyone she meets to her home country of Peru and I think most people could care less, but she's just proud of where she's from, you know?) and there was a few instances where my mother tried to talk to his father that didn't go so well (I don't think he could hear her, but either way it looked like he was trying to smile and nod his way out of what she was saying) but other than that, it went well. And after dinner we went back to my fiance's parent's house for a bit... it was a long 3 hours in all but everyone survived. If anything I think they liked each other!

So that's that. Now I guess we have to actually start planning the wedding. Though my dad has upped a reward - saying that if we elope, he'll pay us $10K. (previously it was $5K) I'd do it but my mom wouldn't like that... oh well.

Anyway, thanks for the vibes guys, I appreciate it...

And Beryl I like the new signature!
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That's great, Ari! Now you'll know exactly where to focus in studying for your actual test!I'm so happy everything went well with the parents meeting with the uncomfortable moments kept at a minimum. I bet you're so glad it's finally over!LOL Your Dad! Eloping is sounding better and better!
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Great news Ari! Next time the parents meet it will be much easier as they'll know a bit about each other already. Phew! you must be glad that's over.

Glad the test wasn't too bad as well - let us know when the biggie comes up and we'll send lots of "pass the test" vibes for you.
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Great News Ari!!! Sounds like you should elope LOL. Your poor dad is all stressed about his wallet huh?
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Ari - well it sounds like overall yesterday was not a terrible day. Dinner with your rents sounds a lot like our Thanksgiving dinner. The moms talked and the dads talked. Part of that was because of the way we did seating at Thanksgiving. AND at least they don't hate each other!! Always a plus. Even though you're dad is really trying to plus you two eloping, I think a small wedding in Hawaii is what you two really do want, and it will be gorgeous!!

As for the test -- this was your first experience with it, and like you said, you now have a better idea of how and what to study. We'll all be here to give you vibes for the real thing and cheer you on because I know you're going to pass it with flying colors!!

Have a great day with your family!
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Glad to hear the test was overall a good experience, and the dinner wasn't too painful either
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