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How heartbreaking! I'm so sorry!

I would think it wouldn't hurt to call Animal Control yourself, and find out if there's any way you could get special permission to trap, considering your circumstances? I would call, if the first person you talk to can't/won't help you, I would ask to speak to a supervisor. Keep working your way up the chain of command, and see if you can't get around this.

Anyway, you and Tek are still in my thoughts and prayers.
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Awww, that is disappointing but don't let that stop you! Even if there are bumps in the road, it will be worth it in the end when you reunite and I am very hopeful that you will.
Clixpix has a good point. You have special circumstances and maybe they would have more suggestions as well in regards to how to catch your kitty.
We are all here behind you with good vibes and prayers and strength!!!!
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I'm so sorry to hear this Kt!

I definitely agree that you should call animal control yourself and see if you can get special permission. Also, did the woman say she would still keep her eye out?
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I concur with clixpix. Call the authorities yourself and find out if it is in fact illegal to trap animals in Massachusetts or even look up on the Mass govt web site. Or if the community you live in has certain laws? If I were you, I would prefer to know for certain.

Is there anyway you yourself could set a trap near that woman's home and wait? I know of cat trappers who wait for hours to trap feral cats so they can neuter or spay them. Is that not possible?

My heart aches for you!! I wish there was more I could do.

Take care and good luck!!
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According to everything I can find, trapping is legal in Massachsuetts. The MSPCA is in fact trying to outlaw certain kind of traps. So, what is this woman talking about? And there are several clinics for cat trappers. I do not know about your specific lcality but I think it is a state law.

Here are some links:

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At this point I would contact a pet detective www.meowhoo.com look under specialized services then pet detectives, good luck!
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Still sending good vibes and prayers for your little Tek. We will not give up.
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My LILO girl did the same thing. She never stayed out more than 30 minutes. And when I went to call her to come in ... she didnt come running back to my feet like always. I stayed awake all that night looking out the windows and the door and calling her. For 2 full days I did that. I was heartbroken.
My little furry kid was gone.
Well guess what... she showed up at my door at the end of 48 hours!!!! I was so upset w/ her. I was crying and worried for 2 days and she had a good ol' time.
And I know for some of you out there you might not think thats funny.... but all that matters is that I got my kitty back!!!
Yea... and she is due any day now!!!!!!!!!

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Oh, Kt - I'm still praying. I like Hissy's idea about the pet detective.
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Oh man-so close............. I agree in working with animal control. She's there she just has to be caught-I feel it!!
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wow!! So much great advice and thank you so much for the links everyone. My mom actually just called me because she spoke to a man she works with who works for animal control in a town in mass and he told her it was absolutely legal. It's only illegal to transfer.. so i dont' know who was lying- the animal control officer or the woman.

She did say she'd keep looking out for her (if it is even her.. it's a half mile- mile away.. seems far for a cat). I am going to continue with the trap in my yard anyway, if I ever catch her on tape at my kitty buffet. I just haven't seen her anywhere near my neighborhood.

I'm at the point where I'm considering the pet communicators. The house she lives in is really close to all the other houses so there's really no way for me to sneak in there with a trap and sit there inconspicuoously. The times I wish I lived on a farm!
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Awww sweetie.... well I am glad you at least found that out. That is a shame that she won't let you do that but I believe she will keep an eye out for your kitty. Don't give up!!!! We are all here for you 110% and you are in my prayers. I would consider all options that you have. I wish I was there to help you myself!!!!!
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interesting story: Yesterday I got a call from a woman in town who was also missing her cat. She said she drove all around town looking for her boy and she found him in someone's driveway palling around with another cat that looked like mine. She coaxed for two hours to get her cat into her arms and she got him and went home, then called me. When i went up there i knocked on the door and told the woman who answered that my cat was missing etc. and she said in a panic "me too, my cat is missing too, what is going on here". I was so confused- i said, a woman told me her cat was walking with another cat she thought was mine and she said "no, I have two cats.." apparently, the woman who thought it was her cat, took it- but it was really not her cat, it was these people's. long story short, they were extremely grateful i showed up. They had been worried sick adn probably never would have got their cat back. They think I'm a kitty angel. hehe. So I guess at least some of my efforts are paying off for someone else. The poor other woman though is now humilated and missing her cat too (i put them in touch with eachother so the owners could get their cat back).


Oh yeah, and their other cat.. looks nothing like mine!! Long hair and orangeish. lol- so sightings really should only be taken at face value, but at the sme time taken seriously too, since you never know. It's tough.
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Man, kt what a roller coaster you have been on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I follow this thread every day. It has be come my religion until Tek is home. Love, Elizabeth & S3
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holy cow, what a crazy story! They are lucky that you intervened!!! How do you mistake your own cat for someone else's? I don't think I could ever mistake another cat for Juicy...???

I reallllllllllllllllllllllly hope Tek finds you, or vice versa, soon!!!!
Please come home, Tek!!!
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tell me about it. This kitten has been more drama than a daytime soap! But that by far was the craziest sighting experience so far hehe.

I don't know how she mistook it either. She said the other cat that "looked like mine" had obviously been in the woods for quite some time as it was matted up and skinny.

But that's not the case at all. It was just matted cause it had long hair. There was a kitty door going into the garage that these cats were going in and out of.

She was so sure it was her cat and she even left food out for the other cat and was going to come back for it to bring it to a shelter cause she felt bad. yikes! Good hearted woman but that almost ended up pretty bad!
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Unreal!!! That was totally meant to be that you came along into the picture to help that lady get her kitty back! That is too weird.
I check this thread everyday for your updates too! I keep praying that you and Tek are reunited soon!!!
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I did read one of the threads advising someone with a lost cat to be very simple with its description. When Mysty was missing, I recall telling people that he had a white locket looking like a diamond on his neck, a white bikini patch on his underbelly, etc.. I should have just described him as a grey cat! And I too, got calls from the shelter about cats found that did not fit his description at all. I remember visiting a nearby cat owner who found a stray that was an intact male, but it was black and white, not grey, and all of my efforts were for naught.

So, I agree about giving a very simple description, because chances are, you will be notified of cats of all colors!

I just want to add that Tek looks a lot like our Lucy, without the white paws.
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you're right, she does look like your Lucy! that little face is too cute. I haven't heard anything in the past week or so. I honestly don't think any of these sightings were my cat cause there's always one thing that seems to be off. It has a collar on it, or it's more than a half mile away. I mean of course anything is possible but I don't know. I just keep hoping she shows up on my doorstep one day.
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Oh Kt I just feel so awful for you! I can't imagine the pain of missing your little one. I would be so upset if my little Scout had gotten away and then wasn't able to find his way home. As many others have done here, know I hope Tek returns home and if there is anything I can do to help please let me know.
If you'd like me to put a posting on Boston's Craig List for you, please let me know, as I would be more than happy to help with this.
Keeping good thoughts for you....

- Meribeth and Scout
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Maribeth, thanks so much for the offer. I have posted on craigslists and been checking for found posts but have seen nothing. I check the mspca website daily as well. I'll let you guys know if anythign happens at all.
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what a bummer for you. I wonder because she is such a cute kitty if someone picked her up and made a home for her?? But don't you give up hope.
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yeah i'm actually thinking the same thing. Not just because of how cute she is, but because of her very needy personality. She would go to strangers and cuddle right on their shoulder or lap and gaze into your eyes. Not shy at all and really seemed to *need* humans, which is a trait that's hard to resist. If someone else has her at least she's safe and hopefully she'll escape from their house when the weather gets warmer and comes home!
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You are SO in my thoughts... I know it's getting close to 2 months now, and I have to commend you for your resilience. As much as I love Cosmo (and I loved Comere - RB), I think I would have given up by now.

How are you holding up?
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Kt, what ever happened to the woman that almost got in trouble for trapping (the one that was helping you)? I thought she said the kitten was hanging around her house looked just like yours. I thought that was a pretting good lead. Maybe I missed a post some where.
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well, I have a lot less hope now since it's been two months now. The phone calls have stopped and I stopped the ad in the paper every week. I will still post it again but it was $30 a week so I have to cut back a little. I miss her so much still it's incredible. Like, I'm not getting "over" it yet. I had two people yesterday offer me a new kitten.. friends of mine, calling me up saying "oh but you have to, they are soo cute, i thought I'd grab one for you". Their hearts are in the right place but they just don't understand that I still have hope that my little one will show up and I'm not ready to give up yet. Not only that but I feel like I didn't protect her good enough and the guilt of getting a new one and protecting it one better would kill me. Right now at least.

Anyway- the woman who was helping me with the trapping has basically fallen off of the face of the earth. She basically left me with the thing and walked off really fast saying "well at least you know she's alive and doing well in the woods. Goodbye". It was very very strange.

sigh. I guess I just have to hope she finds her way back and I'll keep checking the shelters. Not much else I can do.
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I'm so sorry. You must be in terrible pain about this. There isn't much I can do for you but just know my heart feels your pain and I'll pray that you are re-united with your baby.
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I'm so sorry - you have done absolutely everything you could to find your kitty. I would love so much for her to come home to you. But you can't blame yourself. These things happen - but it doesn't mean it was your fault. Sending loads of hugs to you and vibes to your kitty so that she knows the way home.
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Kt - It is not your fault. This sometimes happens when you have an indoor/outdoor kitty. Over the years my family has had at least 20+ cats and we have had a couple that have either ran away or have run off and been hit by a car. A cliche as it sounds, sometimes life just works this way with indoor/outdoor animals - but I know that doesn't make the pain any less.
Please know that so many of us here are thinking of you, and commend you on the amazing search you did for little Tek! And as one poster said, he may have found a new home if he is a friendly fellow - but I am sure he is greatful for the love and attention you gave him when you had him.
Scout and I send warm vibes your way!!!!!!!
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I know this is an extremely long shot but I saw this on Boston's Craig's List. It is a finding in Waltham, and I couldn't remember exactly where you were, so I wanted to let you know about it, since the found cat is a grey tiger.

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