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Ladies: beauty products you like?

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Hi gals, this one's for the ladies: (I want to know cuz I like hearing what everyone uses & what works for you)

What beauty products do you swear by?

For your hair?
And, what kind of hair do you have? Curly, straight, long, short?

For your face?
Cleaning your face, moisterizing, etc.?
Make up, like powder, lip gloss, mascara?

For your bod?

Inquiring mind wants to know.

Also: Do you ever have those days where you just DO NOT want to pretty-up? I have lately. Forgo the make up, put the hair up in a ballcap. I feel so rebellious when I do that!
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Oh my word, I was totally thinking up a thread like this yesterday! I've been more into beauty products lately and was curious! I guess great minds think alike!

I don't swear by any products yet... I'm still working on that!

Hair: I have short wavy hair (but as of last year I had long wavy hair) and I love Thermasilk.

Face: right now I use Olay Facials scrub and Noxema. I just started using Aloe Vera Gel as a moisturizer, I have to say it works fantastically!

Makeup: I'm going for a new look and so I'm still experimenting but lately I've started mixing Clinique Almost Makeup with Burt Bee's tinted moisturizer (which smells yum). Other than that, the rest of my makeup is Clinique, except for my mascara, Maybelline Lash Discovery which I love because it doesn't clump.

Skin: I use Bath & Body Works products to smell pretty, Noxema razors (I'm always curious as to what others use to shave) and either Aloe Vera Gel or Jergens for lotion.

Oh and yes I DO have those lazy days... not lately though, weird, I know!
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Most days I don't end up wearing make-up. My boyfriend prefers I don't and since I'm not a professional yet, I'm ALL for it!!

I AM very big on products though!

Ok...for my hair:

I have long, thick, naturally wavy hair.
I LOVE "The Big Blow Off" by philosophy - it adds a lot of shine plus it protects against constant blowdrying (which I do every day).
My favorite shampoo is Brilliant Brunette because of how shiny and soft it makes my hair, but Bath and Body Works makes great shampoo and conditioner as well. B&B WOrks is called Bio.
After I straighten my hair I like to use a light hairspray to keep it nice and sleek and I've found that Paul Mitchell's Light Style Hold is the best. It keeps its shape but doesn't make my hair sticky and the spray is very light.

For Christmas I got the new Aura Science face products from Victoria's Secret and I LOVE them!!!! My face looks so clear and bright from using these products, plus it leaves it very soft and provides moisture that lasts throughout the day. I have the face wash, moisture primer, and face lotion. I can't say enough about them either!!!

I use a sugar scrub sometimes that makes me so incredibly soft you wouldn't believe it. It also leaves me smelling SO good, SOOOOO GOOD, you'd think you could take a bite out of me I'm telling ya. The product is from Dessert (yes that Jessica Simpson line, I left that part until after the testimonial bc some people wouldn't believe it if they saw that part first) and I believe is the Juicy scent. I'm telling you I have NEVER had a sugar scrub work so well. It's kinda pricey though. I fell in love with the smell at our beauty supply store here so I HAD to have it.
For lotions I tend to use body butters because I think that they keep me from getting dry better than regular lotions.

I think that's about it. I have a ton of products but those are the ones I use on a regular basis.

Oh yeah, the only piece of make-up I have that I would absolutely swear by is my mascara, it's by LONGCILS'ULTRA and is a french product. I LOVE that stuff!!!
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Hair: Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, and i have short dark hair.

Skin: I wash with Neutralia because it has no soap or perfume in it, i also do a weekly facial scrub and moisturise twice a day.

Makeup: Max Factor for everything.

Body: Various lovely scented shower gels and body lotions.

I like wearing makeup, but i also like to take it off in the evening
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The only beauty product I swear by is Oil of Olay face moisturizer. Everything else I buy is the cheap stuff.

hair - medium long layer cut.

make up - Cover Girl, mostly. I can't see buying anything expensive because I wear it about twice a year. Last year 3 times because my brother got married.
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I have dark brown hair, slightly layered cut just to shoulder length.

On my hair I sometimes use Johnson's baby shampoo and other times use Garnier Fructis or Neutrogena.

For my body at the moment I'm using some lovely stuff my daughter bought for me. A Thyme, Lemon and Verbena bath milk from Boots Mediterranan Range and an Olive, Orange and Bergamot body butter. When I had my surgery I'd used these that morning, and the surgeon reckoned it smelled beautiful and wanted to get some for his girlfriend!

For my face, I use a teenage anti-spot cleanser (Oxy) well it works for me . But around my eyes I use Lancome Bi-Facil and to moisturise I use L'Oreal Age (something or other, I can't remember). Around my eyes I use Lancome Hydro Zen.

I don't wear a lot of make up but do wear it every day. I wear Maybelline Lash Discovery as it turns my short stubby eyelashes into normal looking ones! I love Urban Decay eyeliner - they do a lovely olive metallic one that sets of my hazel eyes nicely and a particular shade of a L'Oreal lipstick which is my absolute favourite.

To finish off, I wear Coco Mademoiselle as my perfume.
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Coolies... guess I'll answer mine. It's interesting to hear what products work for what skin / hair types!

I use Neutragena for my hair, they have this triple-moisture shampoo & conditioner. It is the only stuff I can use. I strayed to some cheaper stuff and wound up looking freaky. I have waist-length, spirally red hair. It's a monster. There's this stuff called "Curls Up", it's this orange gel stuff, and it is the only gel I've found that works on my curls.

I like Oil of Olay cleansing scrub for my face, it's for oily skin. Here I am with oily skin yet it's dry on top. I hear that happens when you turn 30.

I also love Cover Girl products as far as make-up.. the colors are great, prices are good, & their mascara is awesome. I used to buy Estee Lauder stuff but well, it is so pricy and CG is just as good, plus the gals at the Estee Lauder counter try to get you to try all this stuff. People in Walgreens don't bother you to get a 'free' makeover.

I recently tried Jessica Simpson's stuff, too. WOW. It is pricy but it is worth it!!! The stuff smells and tastes great! I use the whipped body cream in Banana & the sparkly powder in Cotton Candy.

The only product I haven't found any happiness yet with is EYE CREAM. I bought this one cheapo stuff the other day & my eyes swelled really bad. Post-Lasik I noticed my eyelids get puffy real easy so I'm trying to find some miracle cure for the puffy-eyelids.
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Woohoo, looks like I have a lot of good stuff to put on my shopping list! Sometimes I can't get over how much stuff I have ALREADY and then I'm like, no I need this!

I've never heard of Aura Science, what is that? And it looks like I'm going to have to go smell Jessica Simpson's Dessert line!
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Woohoo, looks like I have a lot of good stuff to put on my shopping list! Sometimes I can't get over how much stuff I have ALREADY and then I'm like, no I need this!

I've never heard of Aura Science, what is that? And it looks like I'm going to have to go smell Jessica Simpson's Dessert line!

Aura Science is a line that select Victoria's Secret stores now carry. It's amazing!!! Here's a website for more info: Aura Science
I'm a Phase 2
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Hair: changing tonite!!! I should just break down and always buy the Aveda shampoo's but they are rather expensive. I do use the Aveda Witch Hazel hairspray.

Face: Under eye cream is currently Eye benefits by Clinic. I have also used the Origins eye cream with success. I've tried the Aveda one also. I tried the Bath and Body works one and got allergic reaction. With the 1st two I mentioned I don't have problems. Lotion is usually Origin products they vary depending on time of year.
I'm bad and only usually wear blush-usually clinic even though I have tried some of Sonja Kushicks (sorry spelling) at Target. All sorts of eye shadow.

I've tried sugar scrubs-they are great on your skin!!
Lotions-all sorts usually body creams are best for my dry skin.

I adore Floris Seringa which I found the 1st time in London now I can buy in the states. I would like to splurge on Jo Malone stuff-anyone know were I can get any deals???
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you know, I had no beauty routin whatsover before the wedding, and then I became a junkie. So, here is my stash:

I have wavy and fine hair that until last night came down the middle of my back, now just past my shoulders. I use Redkin "body-full" products-shampoo, conditioner, root lifter, and two other things that I bought last night but haven't perfected their use yet supposedly they will help my flyaways

For skin I use the dermalogica line for normal/oily skin. Kinda pricy, but skin has some issues so it is worth it--and sometimes you can score it at a low price on ebay!! Most of their stuff I could take or leave, but the active moist is the best mosturizer I have ever used.

make-up--I go back and forth. I have one set of Mary Kay that I bought because I liked the colors right before the wedding, everything else is whatever strikes my fancy as I walk through Target

I am a bath and body works junkie...it would be really embarrassing if anyone ever really caught on to how much of that stuff I really have and the jessica simpson dessert line is quite cool-love the lip gloss!!
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well here is my turn

For my hair i wear WELLA SHampoo, it makes my hair slick and shiny and doesnt feel weird. Compared to dove and other products.

Face: i wear moisturizer everyday before i go out of the house because i have very dry skin,
I am blessed to have long thick eyelashes but i do wear some mascara at times.
Bf doesnt like me wearing make up so i dont. I plan to though, for my bday to go to a studio and they can make me all up and i can buy some of their products.

I actually know why my face looks so young now.
I accidently bought anti aging cream by nivea! haha.

I also use Nivea Body milk when i come out of the shower to make my skin smell nice.

Im still looking for "my smell"
I smelled 2 people the other day and they smelled wonderful but i dont think i have the guts to go up to them and ask "HEY WHAT ARE YOU WEARING FOR YOUR PERFUME?" they would think im nuts...
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Ok...let me see.....

I have naturally curly/wavy hair...but I dont like it...so I use Thermasilk Moisture Infusing Shampoo and conditioner. You can see little sparkles in the shampoo, and it works great. I blowdry and straighten my hair with a flat iron everyday. Its a mix between, red, blonde and brown, kinda crazy since I have never dyed it. I have it layered, just below my shoulders.

For my face...I use dove sensitive skin cleanser, night cream and day cream. I have really good skin...never had acne in my life...only had 1 or 2 zits during high school...the dove leaves it radiant. For makeup...I LOVE the bare escentuals line. They have the best foundation and a mineral veil that goes over it. I love it....you cant even tell I am wearing it. Their eye shadows are great too. If you haven tried it, get on their website and take a peak. They are worth every penny. I have a lot of pink undertones, and I have over 2 dozen colors that I can wear, that normally I wouldnt be able to wear. The foundation has an SPF 15. And its actually good for your skin. I swear by it. Its great. For mascara, I alternate between the Loreal Illegal lengths and now Unstoppable by Mabylene.

For my body...I like carress. But I have sensitive skin, so I have to alternate between caress and dove. But I also have a thing of Herbal Essence, and I love that too. Avon has a new scent called Harvest Apple that I like too. So it just depends. I have the pearberry from bath and body works, and thats good, too. I use Lubriderm seriously sensitive lotion after my shower. I am pretty fair skinned...so I am pale , I do tan...I just dont like to. I dont like the way it makes my skin feel .

I have days when I dont feel like make-up...so I just do foundation and a little of the bare escentuals color bikini and go. It lights up my features and gives me a healthy glow. I dont mess with the eyeliner or mascara or the in depth shading...thats my down days!!!
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Oooh someone that uses the Bare Escentuals line! For AGES I used to have to watch the informercial for work and I always was tempted to call, but then remembered that it was just informercial, wondering if anyone actually used the stuff. Good to know someone does, and likes it!
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Oooh someone that uses the Bare Escentuals line! For AGES I used to have to watch the informercial for work and I always was tempted to call, but then remembered that it was just informercial, wondering if anyone actually used the stuff. Good to know someone does, and likes it!
It truly is worth every penny. I love it!! My mom used to be a makeup artist for Lancome, and she got hooked on it through there. And I in turn, got hooked on it. You could probably find it on Ebay moderately priced...but I love it. Its not heavy or anything...great stuff...try it. I bet you'll love it!!
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I have shoulder length hair and I just use pantene thick and volume shampoo.

My face I use Olay regenerist... I know I'm only 28 but better to start preventing now.

My most favorite mascara is Clinique. I used to work there and fell in love with it. I used to wear contacts before I got lasik and I never had any problems with it running or flaking.
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For hair:
I have naturally curly hair
I like sampoo "Bed Head"(mega vitamin) with orange.

For my face: Vichy
make up: Maybelline, Seventeen(black pencil for eyes), lip balm (different flavours. favourite:vanilla)

For body:at the moment- shower gel and body scrub- "Fruttini".
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Hair: Unbelievably frizzy and wavy, shoulder length. I never thought I'd actually endorse a high-price shampoo, but I will never use anything but Bed Head from now on. I use the green stuff (that smells like a candy necklace, to me) that's the control formula. I went from having to use 4 different styling products, blow-drying, and then straight-ironing every day to just blow drying my hair. I don't use anything but the shampoo and conditioner, and my hair actually looks and feels like hair! For the first time in 20 years I have sexy hair!

Face: I tend to have oily skin andthat breaks out. Apricot scrub before showering, Biore blackhead astringent before bed, and Aveeno daily anti-breakout moisturizer in the morning. I've finally found a way to keep from breakout out without getting flakey.

Make-up: Rimmel for eyeshadow, hands down! Maybelline for waterproof eyeliner. Jane for face powder. I haven't worn any make-up for 5 months, though.

Nails: OPI. Everything else peels off my nails.

Body: Suave bodywash with Aloe. Then Lubriderm, Cetaphil, Vasoline Deep Moisturizing, or Curel, depending on how dry I'm feeling. (To tell the truth, I get bored using the same stuff everyday.)

Fragrance: Victoria's Secret. I love Pink, Dream Angels Halo, and Basic Instinct!
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My hair is baby fine, I HATE it!
I have tried a lot of different products but currently am using the Nexxus line of Phyto Organics. It is a volumizing lift shampoo called Syntress.
I can't use much conditioner or anything heavy or I look like a grease ball within hours. I have a few I use. Biosilk Thickening conditioner, another Nexxus product called Keraphix, and Infusium Leave-In conditioner is very lightweight and good. Hairspray...currently I use Pantene.

Bathsoap, I use Dove Nutrium. It really helps my skin in the winter months.
I don't really buy the body wash type of stuff very often. I love it when I get it for a gift or something, I just don't usually buy it myself.

Lotion, I asked the pharmacist at a store one day for something he would recommend. Knowing they have some stronger behind the counter stuff.
He walked out to the lotion section with me and pointed out "Udderly Smooth" creams/lotions. I really do like it! Its very lightweight and sinks right in!

Makeup, Mascara, I like Almay One Coat in blue and in black. My lashes are very long and lately have trouble with my left eye lashes not being straight.
It's weird, kinda like Molly's whiskers go every which way, my lashes in the outer corner do this. Any suggestions there would be helpful.
I used to use Clinique products when my sister worked the counter in a store, but can't bring myself to spend that much anymore. I use covergirl or cornsilk and loose powder.
I am thinking of making an appt. at the Clinique counter for a makeover the day of my daughters wedding. I need some help to look better for all the photos. I am having someone else do my hair too.

Scents, I love almost all of the Givenchy scents, "Amargie", "Ysatis". I also like Bijon "DNA" which is hard to find around here. I like Elizabeth Arden's "Blue Grass", I also like "Tresor", "J Lo", "Jovan Musk", etc.....
Almost forgot...Men's Fragrance! "Xeryus" by Givenchy....OMG!!! It is THE best, most sexy smell on earth!
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Very cool thread, like thumbing through a magazine on warp speed.
Skincare is so darn important...my Russian grandmother would pound "no soap no sun" into my head all the time. Bless her now for doing that!

Hair: I have long, wavy, dark hair with highlights and it gets dried out, plus I swim, so I use Pantene products - the best for a great price. If I'm feeling really flush I love Frederic Fekkai products or anything Phyto puts out.

Makeup: The only thing I'll spend high money on is a really good foundation. I use Estee Lauder's line because it sinks right into my skin and is so finely milled, never a break-out. I hate that price tag, but love what it does even on the weekends, just a dab here and there and I never look tired! Almay One Coat mascara is the best, it's really one coat and not heavy, washes right off and NO smudgies during the day, no matter what I do. I use Max Factor cream blush, but I just bought this new Clinique All-Over Face Highlighter powder, it's just out now, only two shades in bronze or pinky-peach and it's a godsend. Put a small amount on cheeks and right under the arch of your brow and blend really well and pop! Your eyes look amazing. I also use a white or lavendar sparkle highligher right in the center of my lid, the closest to my lashes, it just brightens up the eyes so well. On weekends I wear hardly any makeup, just that and mascara will do.

I have a lipstick graveyard! I do like some color in a light formula but I can never find the perfect one. Ever. It's a mess in that drawer! Sheesh!

Nails: OPI.

Skin & Lotions: Neutrogena. I use a sugar scrub from Bliss in New York City that I can order by catalog. And I also use Neutrogena's orange, super-grainy body scrub on my face instead. It has salicyclic acid and really sloughes away all the wrinkles and crap from the city that gets into my pores. At night I swear by Roc and then to combat wrinkles, I put a dab of Burt's Bees Lip Balm in each outer eye corner and between my brows. The wax and oils in this chapstick "seal" the Roc night cream in, so instead of absorbing into my pillow it's trapped underneath and really works!

Fragrance: Well, we've got Mildred in our office, so who needs anything?? But I do really, really like "Skin".

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Hey I've got a "Mildred" that sits right across from me!!. WOW!!!!
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I have baby fine thin hair. I started with the hair products and then became a QVC beauty product junkie - BTW they sell the desert line if anyone is looking for it. The hair line I use is Nick Chavez and I started using it three years ago and have never switched. Never even needed a break from it (you know how your hair gets flat after using the same shampoo) .
Use that line's hairspray but still use good ole PM Freeze and Shine.

Then I tried Bare Essentuals. It's great. I've used that for a couple of years. I love how the power creates an even tone on your skin and gives it such a soft appearance. I use the powder and a bronzer call "warmth"

Lotions - A line called Clientele from QVC - it's a skin firming line and I've used that for two years. I'm sad right now because eventhough it is wonderful, it appears that I'm going though another body change and this lotion is not offering the moisturizer I feel that my skin needs. - undereye is starting to get "crepe-y" And since this is happening the Bare Essentuals is only accenting the fine lines because it's powder. I used Volumizer Mascara from L'oreal for years to. Now I can't see my lashes with that anymore. As you can see I'm going through so major face changes. I'm so sad because all these products have worked so wonderfully for me and then I flipped from like 40 to 60 overnight just in the past month so I need to look for something different.

Since I've become the QVC queen I will tell you that they offer the Dessert line. I just looked it up and that is pricey.

I do love this lip gloss. If you like a gloss that stays - it's serious stuff. I will warn you that it's sticky but that's what makes it stay. I like color LG-2.


O.K. enough of my blabbing. It's someone else's turn
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hiya Chris and I will just make this short so another person can post up, but I tried the ANEW line from Avon last year but it just was way too "moist" for my skin. Maybe you would do well with it? Avon skin care line has won some major awards and comes very highly recommended these days.
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
hiya Chris and I will just make this short so another person can post up, but I tried the ANEW line from Avon last year but it just was way too "moist" for my skin. Maybe you would do well with it? Avon skin care line has won some major awards and comes very highly recommended these days.
I used to use the Anew line before I switched. They really did have enough acid in the lotion at one point that it tingled your skin. Then they changed the formulation. I suppose there was too much acid for people with sensitive skin. I have thought of trying it again. I guess I'm going to have to switch to something. I did pull out an old Anew cream I had the past two nights. I seriously don't know what's going on the past two months. I need your help Eddie!!!
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Originally Posted by captiva
I used to use the Anew line before I switched. They really did have enough acid in the lotion at one point that it tingled your skin. Then they changed the formulation. I suppose there was too much acid for people with sensitive skin. I have thought of trying it again. I guess I'm going to have to switch to something. I did pull out an old Anew cream I had the past two nights. I seriously don't know what's going on the past two months. I need your help Eddie!!!
Another idea is Neutrogena daily hydrating cream for Face, because they do gear themselves to (traditionally) the cold, dry, snowy Scandinavian climate they started in.
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What beauty products do you swear by? I swear by any Cetaphil moisturizer, since I have sensitive/oily skin that stuff works great!

For your hair? I have long, thick, naturally wavy hair. I use anything by Pantene since is works wonders for my hair. I also use Dove their conditioners work wonders and Freeze Ease hair serum.

For your face? I use Cetaphil; but I love the Clean and Clear products.

Make up –
Almay: Skin Smoothing Concealer with Kinetin SPF 10
Clinique: Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder and Almost Lipsticks
Maybelline: Volum’ Express Turbo Bust Waterproof Mascara and their eye shadows
L’Oreal: Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lip glosses
Bonnie Bell lip stuff

For your bod?
Anything from Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works. I use the Venus razors once in a while; but I mostly wax. For lotion I also use Cetaphil and Philosophy Gloss in Amazing Grace.

Some weekends are days that I don’t want to pretty-up, I get those days once in a while.
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face: my aveda shammy and h2o

lotion: love the one from biolage but end up with udder something or vasline or luberduirm

makeup: burts bees chapstick with a lipstick and blush once in a while

hair: aveda detoxifier and v05 conditioner with a matrix heavy duty.. I have very fine yet wavy to curly hair

body: have caress and dove right now they were free
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Okay so this thread kind of died but I thought I'd revive it to add something: yesterday I went into an Origins store looking for facial cleanser... and left with some of their makeup products.

I love Origins, all of their products smell so good... even their foundation! I really like that they take the extra time - the girl sat me down and did a full makeover on me, they'll demonstrate how the product works (I watched someone rub a scrub on a girl's hand and she ended up loving it and buying it) and no animal testing.

Okay done raving. But I think I'm done with Clinique now... the last time I was there I was told I was too light for the lightest foundation. Lol. When I was at Origins she found the perfect shade... and today when I applied my makeup I have to say, it looks pretty good!
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The only thing that I actually "swear by" is L'Oreal Excellence hair color - doesn't drip, the color lasts and it is reasonably priced.

I also use Yardley's English Lavender body wash.

Most of my makeup and nail polish come from the 99-cent Store, with the exception of Sally Hansen's Teflon Tuff clear. I use the latter as a top coat and a manicure lasts two weeks.

I use bath gloves, rather than a washcloth or sponge. They are scritchy enough to exfoliate, soft enough for delicate areas and make the body wash lather up well. Disposable razors are 10-for-99 cents, at the aforementioned store and work just fine, as do the three/fer eyebrow razors.
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