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Request for a bit of board magic

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My Pride and Joy (aka Joshua) is going to the vets tomorrow, he's dropping weight, not firming up his stools again, and last night, had two episodes of slight opened mouth breathing that reminded me of Chris<RB> with his chylothorax (after he'd stabilized...not when he had his acute crisis...for that, josh would have gone in immediately).

I'm not sure what this is, I'm not sure we can turn this around. He's been on borrowed time for about 3 years from a huge crisis he had at that time, and surprisingly came through. If one went solely on the brightness in his eyes, his responsiveness and purr, it shouldn't be his time, but he's way too thin, there can be no more loss, he must regain (and has been on tapazole for years, as well as a special diet for his ibd).

that it's as simple as increasing his tapazole dose and pureeing his z/d (we are down to only a few teeth). Josh is my second oldest kitty, 16+ y.o., a gorgeous Lilac Lynx Point American Curl(and was my beloved Christopher's father, he is Patrick's son).

Please be thinking of him tomorrow.
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I'll be praying for Joshua. Stay strong.
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I'm so sorry Joshua isn't feeling well, Pat. I am already praying for him and will continue to do so throughout tomorrow. Please let us know how his appt goes.
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Pat, I'll be keeping Joshua and you in my thoughts, and close to my heart.
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Praying for you and Josh. I feel I'm facing this soon also and need to get my 16 yr old in again to the vet - eating less each day and the old tricks aren't working. I hope they are able to tell you what's wrong.
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oh, Joshua...please be OK!!

we will be thinking of you...
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I'm very sorry to hear Joshua isn't doing well, I will certainly be keeping him and you in my prayers tomorrow. I hope everything works out and he's ok.
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I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts! Please give an update when you get a chance.
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Aw poor Joshua. He'll definitely be in my thoughts and let us know how it goes!
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Poor sweet Joshua. He's in our thoughts and prayers here as well.
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Oh Joshua and you are in my thoughts, Pat!
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Sending healing vibes Joshua's way.
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Joshua is in my thoughts.
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Joshua is also in my thoughts.
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Good luck Joshua!! We're all thinking of you
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Good thoughts for you and Josh. How's he doing today Pat?
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Joshua had his exam this morning and the news is not good. He developed breathing issues (off and on, just enough to let me know something else was an issue besides his losing weight), and what appears to be a tumor was found on x-ray in one lung. My vet strongly suspects it is cancerous..Joshua has been in fragile health for the past 3 years, even if surgery were an option, he couldn't handle it. He is home, off any diet restrictions (He has pretty severe ibd), and in a few days, he will go over the Rainbow Bridge to join his mother, grandmother and his son, Chris.

My thanks to everyone who said a prayer for him, please keep him in your thoughts. I will be off the board for the immediate future.
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Oh no Pat, I'm so sorry. Poor Joshua. But soon he will be joining family and friends and will stop hurting... sad that while we say goodbye so that he can be in peace, we hurt even more.
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I'm so sorry. I am sending all my thoughts and prayers to Joshua and you.
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Aww sweet lady, I am so sorry the prognosis was not good for him. You and I already talked, but I will say it again. He could not ask for a better caretaker than you. You have the wisdom to know what to do, and you have the wisdom to know when to stop doing and let go-

Hugs Pat (((((((())))))))) I will light a candle in the window to show him the way-
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I'm so sorry Pat. My goes out to you.
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I'm sorry the news was not good
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I am so sorry to hear about your sweet baby. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts.
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Pat, I'm so sorry the news wasn't the answer we all wanted for Joshua and you. Make the most of these days you have left with him physically with you. He will always be with you in spirit.
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Thanks everyone. I will post a tribute for him when it's time.
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So sorry .... send an internet hug
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Oh no....... I cannot TELL you, how very sad your posts made me. It puts me right back to my little Spikey, when I KNEW he was so, so ill, and we had worked with the Vet so much. I could not stand to see him suffer, and I know this is an issue with you. It is THE hardest thing, to know it is time to let them go on, and my heart is so with you at this very painful time. I wish you strength and comfort for you, and your dear little kitty, Joshua...
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Thank you Missy, and all...he is making it "easier" by showing that this tumor is rapidly affecting him, it is a no-brainer decision at this point. We will cherish this upcoming last day with him.

If anyone can learn something from this, it is trust your instincts. I knew something had changed, despite 3 years of up and down weight, bad episodes with his ibd and other health issues, somehow things changed from last week to this.
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Oh, Pat, this is not the results we expected at all. You know your little boy better than anyone possibly could, and you are so wise to trust your instincts. You are making such an unselfish decision. My heart is with you during this extremely difficult time, my friend, and both you and Joshua are in my prayers.If you feel like talking, you know just where I am.
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That is so sad. I am glad you are able to spend a few days with him and can make them good ones for him.
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