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My Turn to Ask for Prayers

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Thomas had an episode tonight where he was acting like he was throwing up and choking at the same time. All that was coming out was white foam and he seemed to be breathing funny so I took him to the pet emergency clinic.

By the time we got there, he seemed better, but the vet checked him over really good. I had also noticed that his bottom lip was red and swollen and I really thought maybe he had an allergic reaction to something. I've suspected that he may have asthma for awhile, but the vet hasn't heard him wheezing like I have......so it hasn't been confirmed.

Anyway, the vet checked him and noticed that his gums are also very red and inflamed and he had a low-grade temperature. He told me that Thomas's symptoms could be feline leukemia! I told him that Abby had tested negative and he said that she may have only had it a short time and it may have been too early for her to test positive. He also said that there have been cases where negative moms gave birth to positive kittens.

The problem is, Leo and Shelby, my original two cats, were never vaccinated against it because the vet had told me that as long as they were both negative and stayed inside and didn't come into contact with other cats.....they wouldn't get feline leukemia. And I tested Abby right away when I got her and she was negative.....so assumed it was ok to have her around Leo and Shelby.

I have to take Thomas in tomorrow to have a bunch of blood tests run and if he turns out to be positive for the disease....that means ALL my cats probably have it. It means that I could lose them ALL!

I've been crying ever since I got home. I just can't imagine the possibility of losing them all. I don't even want to think of losing ANY of them.

Please pray for us and pray that Thomas does not have this awful disease. The vet did say that it could be just really bad allergies and asthma.....but that still wouldn't explain the gingivitis. The vet was acting as if he was pretty sure that Thomas has leukemia. God I hope he's wrong!
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Oh Im so sorry to hear that
I'll definetly pray for Thomas tonight, and I really hope it turns out to be just allergies or something.

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Oh no what an awful situation!!!!!! ...I will be praying for you and your kits.....I hope that thomas has something like an allerfic reaction, and not god forbid FL....but if the worst does happen and thomas does have it dont condem the other cats just yet...There is always a chance that they may not have anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But if i know the strength of the love and prayers from this bored I know that thomas and the rest of the kits will pull through......
No giving up...ok, and Ill be thinking you and the kits
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oh Robin I am so very sorry to hear this news... we will all be sending so many thoughts and vibes your way and hope so very much that Thomas is fine

chin up okay and know that we are all here if you need to talk or a shoulder to lean on
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Robin, please don't cry. It could just be a bad tooth, or a bad case of gingivitis. I love the fact that pet ER Clinics exist, but I swear all the ones I have visited they were all alarmists and looking at the dark side of the diagnoisis. Try and get some rest, and hopefully your cat is fighting off a bad infection in his mouth and nothing else.
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Oh no! I really, really hope it's just a bad allergic reaction. Praying for Thomas!
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Boy I am just missing things left and right. I hope today brought better news or that tomorrow does.
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Thoughts and prayers from me and the kids are flying to You and Thomas kitty that it is nothing serious... Keep us updated please
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Oh Robin, you must be so upset tonight! This has brought tears to my eyes just thinking of what you're going through!Your babies are everything to you, and your heart must be breaking at the thought of losing them.Like MA said, it is so likely this Dr. is completely off! Thomas probably just has a simple infection that will be easily treated! I am praying so hard for him tonight, and for you, dear Robin. Please let us know as soon as you return from his appt!
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My thoughts are with you, Thomas and your kitties. Please keep us posted on how the little guy is doing.
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Robin Thomas

I pray this turns out to be a false alarm
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Oh Robin what you must be going through right now! I pray to God that it's not the worst and that it's something treatable!.

I don't give Rosie and Sophie the leukemia shots either because of reports i've heard on it

Let us know asap
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I really hope it isnt feline luekemia!! I hope they find out the cause and that you don't lose any of your babies.
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Oh robin!
That sounds familiar though because my cats have done that before with the foamy stuff, they didnt have lukemia though.
They actually lived for a long while before they got hit by cars ect.
You cant lose your bunch, take your baby to a proper vet.
Like hissy said they are only thinking of the dark side and being alarmist.
all the best huns (hugs)
*sends you all the good vibes that there is nothing wrong at all*
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A couple of our cats have also thrown up white foam at various times. I hope it was nothing serious and the tests turn up some good news for you. Best of luck and best wishes for you all!!!
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Originally Posted by hissy
Robin, please don't cry. It could just be a bad tooth, or a bad case of gingivitis. I love the fact that pet ER Clinics exist, but I swear all the ones I have visited they were all alarmists and looking at the dark side of the diagnoisis. Try and get some rest, and hopefully your cat is fighting off a bad infection in his mouth and nothing else.
Thanks...I hope you're right. I don't think it's a bad tooth though because the inflammation is pretty uniform throughout his mouth.

Well as I was typing this, Thomas just threw up his whole breakfast.

Also, this morning, I checked all my other cat's mouths and they ALL have gingivitis.....though not as bad as Thomas's. I did a google search on cat gingivitis and though it can be a sign of leukemia, I read that it's fairly common in cats because of the food they eat. (and all my cats eat the same thing) I don't feed them the really "good" stuff or the expensive stuff but that's because they won't eat the good stuff. I've tried many times and many different brands and they are just set on eating the Friskies canned and the Meow Mix dry. The kittens eat Iams canned kitten food (mixed with the Friskies canned) and the Purina dry kitten food. I've wasted more money on buying the expensive cat foods to only have them turn their noses up at it. Maybe I should keep trying until I find a good food that they will eat.

Do you remember when I took Abby to the vet back when the kittens were little because her bottom lip got so swollen? At the time, the vet said that she may have developed a sensitivity to plastic, which is common in cats, and so I changed her bowls to stainless steel. When that didn't help, the vet said she was probably just cleaning the kittens so much that it caused her lip to become inflamed. Well I do feed the kittens in plastic bowls and so I thought maybe that's why Thomas's bottom lip swelled up.

I'm just really hoping that it's nothing more than allergies. Like I said....I've suspected that he may have allergies and/or asthma for a few months now. He does breath funny sometimes and I've listened to his lungs with my stethoscope before while he was doing that and it sounded like he was wheezing. He also seems to get winded fairly easy if he's playing hard......like when he's chasing the laser light.

Anyway.....I'll let you all know what my vet says today. I don't know if I'll get back all his blood tests today or not. I would guess....probably not.

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. You all are the best!!
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Aw robin
My cat turns its nose up on expensive cat food, so far only two brands but i dont have the money to buy him very expensive cat food that he doesnt even eat, He loves wiskas and now out of a whole box of wet food he is only liking 3 or 4 flavours of it.
I hope Abby and Thomas are okay, they look so alike and since thomas is so big i sometimes get them confused in your siggy
*prays nothing is wrong with them*
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Sending all the best vibes to you and your clan, Robin.
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Oh Robin i wish the whole thing was sorted out for all your peace of minds!!
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Robin, I am sending good }}}VIBES{{{ to you that things aren't bad!

When my old cat, Disco, had bad gingivitis, she used to throw up the sort of foam. The vet said that it was phlegm because of the horrible taste in her mouth.

I really hope that everything is ok! to you all!
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Oh, Robin, Your kitties are in my prayers!
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Oh Robin..I just heard about this from Susan. I haven't felt the best the past couple of days, so I haven't been on much. Let me tell you, before I joined here, I found my Petals foaming at the mouth one day. OH my God, it really scares you. I had a heck of a time catching her because she kept running from me, but I finally got a hold of her and sure enough, all this mucus type stuff and foam were coming out of her mouth. Well, of course, we rushed off to the vet, and it was found that Petals had gotten into my brothers waste basket. (I found her in that room and later realized that the garbage can was knocked over) He was taking some kind of meds for himself and for what ever reason, threw one of his pills in there. Petals found it and ate it. We are SOOO lucky that she was ok. She did throw up for a day or two afterwards though.....

You know I join in all the prayers that whatever is wrong with your baby is something simple. We are all here for you and will get through this together!
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Darlin', I'm praying for you and your kitties right now. Now, please let me tell you something, even if one or more of them tests postitive for FeLV, its not the end of the world that it was, even just a few short years ago! My Tigs was diagnosed with it last July, and admittedly, I lost it. The last experience I had with the stuff was a nightmare, but that has been 10 or more years ago. My vet was very postitive about it, and being able to control the problems that it causes, as he put it, I just have to be more vigilant about watching to be sure he's not getting sick, "nip it in the bud" so to speak, and the dr. fights whatever he's sick with using stronger meds than for "normal" cats. And, no, a couple of my himmys hadn't been vaccinated against it either, but they don't have it either. {{HUGS}} to you today, and if the tests come back postive, let me know, I have some very interesting links on my home computer favoites that I'll send you.
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Oh Robin, I can't imagine how anxious you must be! Little Thomas and the rest of your crew and you, of course, will be close to my heart. Hoping for the best possible results.
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Wow, Robin, this must be one of the most difficult days you have ever experienced. You and Thomas have been on my heart since I read your post. I continue to pray for excellent results today. Please feel better, Thomas.
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Take some deeps breathes and don't think the worst. I've had so many scares from all the cats I've had over the years I would be bald and have no stomach left from the acid eating it up. We are all rooting for Thomas!! Sending lots of peaceful vibes............................
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Thomas is in my thoughts - and I agree, try not to get too worried until you have a definate diagnosis. I know that is easier said than done.
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Robin, this must be such a stressful time for you, being on pins and needles and trying to get some answers. I pray that today will only be a false alarm as far as FeLV, and that it's something much more simple. I do know that ominous feeling so very well and I will be here for you every step of the way, you can count on me for that! I just want to hug you and comfort you and your kitties right now. We are sending our biggest and strongest prayers and vibes down to you.
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