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Originally Posted by batgirl2good
All I care about are the commercials and the half time show.
The halftime show should be good this year too. 12 minute show with no one else but Paul McCartney. At least we don't have to worry about a "wardrobe malfunction".
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I can't wait for Superbowl Sunday! Although I would have preferred to see the Steelers or the Jets in it, I am rooting for New England, due to an intense dislike of Philly. Still brings back memories of my Tampa Bay team going all the way a couple of years ago. It was so exciting! After the Bucs won, they opened up Raymond James Stadium for free for the team's homecoming. A friend and I went. It was FANtastic.
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Yes, I'm just a big football fan!
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Originally Posted by babygirl

Kelly I was going for Green Bay too, because of Bubba Franks and Najeh Davenport (I went to high school with him) being ex Miami Hurricanes.
Oooh...lucky you! Did you know him very well?
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Originally Posted by clixpix
Oooh...lucky you! Did you know him very well?
I didn't know him pretty well, he was 2 years ahead of me...... but I talked to him a couple of times though. The one I knew was Willis Mcgahee the running back for the Buffalo Bills, I had a class with him and he was always in the weight training room (yes I was in there too because I was close with the football coach) so I got to see him a lot. I was proud of everything he did to get back on the football field after tearing his ACL in the Fiesta Bowl Championship game. I know a lot of other football players too because they played High School Football 5 minutes away from my house. Santana Moss the WR for the New York Jets is one of them.
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I usually like to watch it just for the commercials but this year, it's Mardi Gras here. So, I'll miss it. I'll be a Mardi Gras ball and then the parades!
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Who is favored to win? My 5th grade students want Eagles to beat.
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I am definately watching the Superbowl!
I went downtown last night and partied with the Eagles fans in their temporary bar set up on the river called "The Eagles Nest". I am rooting for the Eagles. They haven't been to the Superbowl in 24 years. They did a great job this season and definately deserve to win.

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I'm a huge football fan, but both my fav. teams are out - JETS and COLTS. I'm probably going to root for the underdog (eagles)
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My answer would be "other" - it will probably be on in my house but I probably won't be watching, except for maybe Sir Paul.
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My Steelers aren't in it, so i won't be too interested, but it'll be on, my man will no doubt be watching.

Will Ben fly in 2005?
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Will be cheering for the Patriots Here, hoping they can bring it home again. (live in Massachusetts) and it was such a great parade and time last time. Plus with the Red Sox's finally winning the World Series that would make it a perfect ending. So Go PATS!!!!
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Wanna wageroooo Heidi? I bet you 500 TCS$, known as 500. I say Phillie by 6!
Eh-hem! I do believe that you owe me 500 now Elizabeth! It was a really good game, could have gone either way. I really thought the Patriots would dominate, but I was pleasantly surprised by a really good game!
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ok fine. FINE. fine.
Here ya go, I guess I gotta pony up. 500.

It was a good game, I love tie games until very late. I knew as soon as that interception in the 4th quarter that the tide had shifted, but Phillie really had me believing!
Nice bet w/ya Heidi girl. Just wait until Spring Training is over. HA.
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Originally Posted by Me-n-my guys

Will Ben fly in 2005?
I hope the answer to that question is YES! I'm a big Steelers fan, too. Amazing rookie year for him, hope he continues to do well, and better in the playoffs.

My DH and my best friend are both Eagles fans, they weren't very happy last night. The one good thing is that it wasn't a blowout. I was really impressed with how well the defense held on both sides for most of the game.
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HA! I won a quarter. I am officially $100.00 richer. Great game too.
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