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Well the visit to the Vet brought some good news, Bears blood test turned out good. The liver and kindneys are working well. The Vet made a mixture of Meds. to help support the liver and kidneys, and filled it in a small spray bottle. Very easy to give, just open the mouth, and one squirt,finished.

Now the force feeding part. First off, Bear hates it! I prepared the baby food and nutri paste mixture last night. I slowly started to feed him alittle at a time. (I don´t remember who advised me to have pleany of towels handy, but thanks, we needed them ) I only had to prime the pump with one syringe full. As I went to reload, Bear looked at me, jumped off my lap and cleared the bowl This morning I only needed about half the syringe and Bear started eating. He didn´t eat it all, but in two hours we will do it again.

More good news. After feeding him this morning, he started purring and wanted to cuddle. So we cuddled about an hour, until we had to go to the Vets. Bear is even getting up and walking around some. I sure hope this means he´s on his way to recovery. I don´t want to lose track that Bear still has a way to go, but my wife and I are very happy right now.

one last thing. Did I say thank you to all the people who gave advise and kind words? I think I did, but, I´ll say it again. THANKS, everyone was and still is a great help at this hard time in our lives.
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HALLELUJAH!!! Go Bear Go! I'm so relieved and I hope he continues to eat on his own. Thank you for giving me a smile before I drop off to sleep!
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Wow, I can imagine no greater news at this moment!Thank you, Jack, for this remarkable update! What a wonderful kitty Daddy you are to give him such tender, loving care and helping him through this difficult time! Keep it up, you two, you're doing great!Yippee, Bear!
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Just wanted to say thanks myself

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It is so wonderful to read threads with good news! I hope Bear continues to make a full recovery. It certainly sounds like you intervened in time.
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Thanks Jenny

The last feeding didn´t go as easy, it was syringe all the way. But compared to the last few days, its a gaint step.
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You're doing a great job, Jack!
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Go Bear! Thanks for the update, glad there to hear it re the good lab results
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That's great news, Jack. You and your family are to be so commended on your patience and sensitivity to Bear!! Undoubtedly he knows he is so very loved and cared for and it's motivating him to solider on! We will continue to think of him and hope for everything good. Sending good vibes from the other side of the world to you~~~~
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Quick Bear Update:

I just got home from work, and my wife was very excited. She went to feed Bear, he took one look at the syringe and RAN for the food bowl. Is it possible that he is so scared of that syringe, that it made him eat? I really don´t care what it is as long as he eats Siggi,(my wife) said she was petting Bear, he saw Sweety at the food bowl. He jumped down and smacked Sweety, making her leave HIS bowl. Then he continued to eat half of what was thier. My wife also said he wanted to play alittle, but is still to weak. But he is comming along. I can´t believe that rapid change. This just proves that God does answer prayers. I had a hard day at work so I´ll keep it short. I´m going to sit with Bear abit, then it´s off to bed.

I know I´ve said it with just about every message that I´ve posted, BUT, I am going to say it again. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You will never know how much all of your kind words and help has meant to me, my wife, and most of all Bear. God Bless You All.

I will keep you all posted about Bears progress, and I hope to upload pics very soon.
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I remain convinced that cats are one of the most entertaining, intriguing and wonderful companions. I am so glad to hear the good reports about how Bear is doing, and I look forward to seeing pictures of him!
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
I remain convinced that cats are one of the most entertaining, intriguing and wonderful companions.
I agree 100%. I also believe God put cats here to make him laugh. For example: As soon as you sit down, the cat wants out, so we let him out. As soon as you sit down again, the cat wants in, so we let him in. And this can go on for a long time. So I believe when we fall for this practical joke (and we always do), God is up there just having himself a good hearty laugh.

A quick note about Bear. He is eating by himself again sence yesterday evening. He is almost up to the amount he ate before. He´s playing alittle more and starting to talk again. And to play his jokes on me. (just read the above again and you´ll know what I mean).

Just wanted to keep you all posted. I need to run, Bear wants in.
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Sounds good! And I know that after all that worry, you don't mind at all! It is so good to see them behaving normally.
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Yay! It's good to hear Bear is doing better.
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yay!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that Bear is doing better!!! I've been following this thread, but I didn't want to say anything and get in the way. Thanks so much for caring so much about your little Bear. TCS is so wonderful, i love this place!!!
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This is so fantastic!Way to go, Bear!
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