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Grissom is at 14#... which debunked my fears that he was losing weight. (We bathed him right before I thought that, and I never realized how much his fur made him look bigger until it was wet and slicked down.)

Jeter is at 7#, up from 5 when we got him.

Fellini, when he got his workup was at 5. Up from the 4.25 when we brought him in.
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Haha I think I have the tiniest kitty here. He's 1 lb 4 oz and he was much smaller before! lol He was only 12 ounces when we got him.

Since he is so tiny now do you guys think he will be a smaller adult cat?
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Gandalf will be 2 in June and last weigh in at the vet he weighted 13 lbs.
Samwise will be 2 in July and at last weigh in at the vets he weighted 11 lbs. I suspect they weighs a little more now.
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My kitties are chubby.

I'm trying to get them on a diet, so far it isn't working.

Princess is 14 lbs.

Orei is 12 lbs.

First time our female was more then our male.
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My Kitties: Niles weighs 12.5 lbs. I think hes starting to look a little chubby, but he is a large cat. Manytoes now weighs 6 lbs, Im hoping he maxes out a little less than Niles.
"Family" Kitties: Big Head- Now weighs a resonding 22lbs. He is fat, and super big on top of that. Rufus- once a small princess, was 6 lbs fully grown. Shes been getting plumper since the age of 5, and now weighs around 8.5lbs. SHes still my princess
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Tippy is 9 years old and weighs 9 pounds
Felicity is 3 years and 8 pounds
Adelaide is about 5 years weight unknown but rather tubby - she's on a diet
Lily is the little one - she's 18 weeks and 3.5 pounds. She may eventually grow to about 5 pounds.
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Ok, my boys got weighed on the weekend at the vet, they are 10.5 and 11 pounds at 8 months
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Mr Underfoot & Oreo are my big boys, approx. 14.5 lbs each. Sylvestra is 11 lbs, Felixia is a petite 6.8, and Tiger Lily is about 7.5.
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Malakai was 8 lbs last month when he went to the vet... He feels like he gained a little tho... so, probably around 10lbs... He needs to gain a little more wait tho.. he's long but kinda skinny... I actually just bought him one of those dry food dispensers so maybe he'll eat a little more during the day...
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I have absolutely no idea... last time CJ was weighed, she was a mere 4.1 pounds.... but that was quite a while ago... she has gotten much bigger now.
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Peppurr is now a healthy 13 pounds, instead of the 20 pounds he used to be. He looks much better now! Zeus is a petite 8 pounds, his mother is a siamese, that explains why Zeus looks so fragile!
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Wow, I can't believe how small some of your kitties are, they must be very tiny. That's cute. Sash's last checkup he was 16.1, yeah he needs to lose a few although he could be more I guess.
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Adelaide was such a good (or is that terrified) girl at the Vet's today she even let Ingrid weigh her. She's been on a diet and lost a bit of weight (Adelaide, not Ingrid ) and weighs 4.1kilos (about 9 pounds). Ingrid says ideally she should be no more than 3.7 kilos (about 8 pounds) so a little way to go.

Adelaide is between 4 and 6 years old
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Chloe is almost 3 months old, and nearly 3 pounds.
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Tiffani is 11.1lbs at 14 yrs, she's managed to mantain her weight the past 3 years even losing a couple ounces! She's my weight management personal hero

Ally (the amazon) is 13.6 at 4 yrs, my moms "she's muscular, like Vin Diesel" theory just isn't flying anymore lol She seems a little lighter since her new diet began, weigh in next month! I still laugh when I think of her first visit at 3 months at 2.11lbs, they called her a drowned rat, she's made up for it lol

Brady who we're guessing is 9 mths although the doc said she could be a little over a year weighed in at 6.3lbs last month. I'm so proud, when we first found her everyone thought she was siamese from how thin her face was, only4 lbs. Now she's flourishing!
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Zorro weighs 19 pounds. He's fat, but, he's also big-boned and has a big head, big paws.

Hammie weighs around 17 pounds now. Fat.

Snickers is about 12 pounds. He's the oldest and is losing some muscle, I think.

Dusty, she weighs 6 pounds; she's mostly just fur. She is petite & built very teeny.

KC is 6 pounds... the tiniest lil thing. She was the runt of her litter apparently, no one can believe she's not a kitten.

Jess weighs around 12 pounds. Got a gut on her!

They all eat the same food (dry only, for indoor-only cats) and get very few table scraps. They certainly get enough exercise but for all the exercise they get, they sleep twice as much.
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Conner is all fluff! He is about 7.8 lbs, and he's full grown.
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