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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Aww thanks hope i love them too. There throughout the downstairs rooms and were like that when i bought the house and i heard it took the previous owner 3 months to sand them and varnish them

Susie the photos will be ready tomorrow so i might go straight from work to get them rather than wait until the weekend

3 Months to sand and varnish the floors No that is what I was afraid of. Ken and I are in the process of restoring our 30 year old original oak floors Maybe if I crack the whip it will happen faster

Wow I can't believe how much Sophie has grown these last few months. She is adorable. Rosie what can I say that hasn't already been said? Not only is she a beauty but she likes the booze too Can't fault her for that at all
More Pictures....More Pictures!
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Cathi the previous owner may have just been a perfectionist and thats probably why it took him so long, does that make you feel better?!

It'll be worth it though when their done!

You think Sophies grown on these wait until you see the new ones!
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Heres Rosie catching the mail!

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Aw!! That's a great picture!
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There's Soph! I was giving you a hard time in the funny face thread about not posting Soph pics, but then it crossed my mind that I might post 70% George and 30% the other four. I guess some cats are natural hams!
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Thanks for posting the Sophie pics on the other thread. How old is she now?
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She's just turned 10 months
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Rosie, you're such a clever girl! Susan, didn't you say one time Rosie got the delivery person's hand?
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Yes it was a young boy who was delivering the free local paper that everyone gets. He was really slow in putting them through only when he did he was making sure the papers were right through the letterbox by putting most of his hand in as well and Rosie jumped up and grabbed his fingers!, he got such a shock but it was so funny!
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Oh, I can just see it now!
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about the paper boy.

That's a great pic of Rosie! I still crack up that my mums name is Rosie[although spelt Rosy] and we have a cat called Sophie.
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OMG! I can't believe how adorable Rosie's face is with her little mouth open! That's just precious! Sophie is such a sweet looking girl too, very pretty!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Heres Rosie catching the mail!

LOVE this one!
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