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Myth is missing!!!! :(

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Last night we had a storm come in. It blew our backdoor wide open(I need to teach my male humans to LATCH DOORS now). Myth and Mystyc saw their chance to go outside.

We went out looking for Myth(It was really late, maybe midnight), and couldn't find her. We found that there is an opening going under our house. Little while later, I found our FRONT DOOR wide open...

Mystyc was in, NyghtShade was in, and MyRage was in. Myth.... no Myth.

I got up maybe every half hour to see if she were near. It snowed last night, and we have found no kitty tracks going anywhere. I hope she just went under the house. It's really cold, and since I've been awake, we've went out a few times looking for her.

What's got me scared is last night we heard two cats fighting. Just after Myth was spotted outside... since she's a white cat, she was easy to see at night. We went looking around after we heard the cat fight, but we found no cats. I hope one of the two cats fighting WAS NOT my Myth. Hubby is going outside in a few minutes to see if he can see under our house. I hope she's in a warm spot getting ready to come meow at our door.

She is such a scardey cat, and so freaky, she might just not come out cuz she's scared. I don't want her to sit there until she starves or something. I put food out, but it is gone.... we have a couple strays.

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OMG Tia! Sending "Kitty come home NOW!" vibes your way!
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i hope he comes back yeah he will come back i bet he knows were the love is
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that she comes home soon!
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Here is an article by Mary Anne. I hope it helps. Usually they are quite close to home. http://www.thecatsite.com/content/view/54/28/ Becky
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listen keep ur hopes up and shell come home don't worry she will!
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Originally Posted by zanniesmom
Here is an article by Mary Anne. I hope it helps. Usually they are quite close to home. http://www.thecatsite.com/content/view/54/28/ Becky
Thankyou for the link. I read it, the end of it kinda freaked me out, I hadn't thought past finding her today. I plan on getting her back in the house today, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to be aware of possibilities. I am scared to go look by the road. We have a very busy road by our house.

I will try pouring food into a dish by the opening of the house, and see if she comes out. As for treats and other things, she has no intrest. She is a cat food only cat. Thankyou for the link I've got something to do now!! Besides worry and wait. Sounds like sll the stuff I've done in the past when my cats got outside, but that was on my parents property. They were all accustomed to the property. I knew the property like the back of my hand. We've only lived in this house since... um, June. My poor Myth has to be scared half to death by now. I prayed so hard for her last night, that she would be kept warm and safe, with luck under our house. I prayed that she would be back in before morning....

Okay, going to look. Thankyou.

I hate worrying.
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I put you in the right forum- I hope you find your kitty
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Oh no! Good luck finding Myth. Sending lots of vibes your way. I hope she's just under the house trying to keep warm Make sure you ask your neighbours - as you haven't been there very long and your kitties are indoor cats, they might have found Myth but not know that Myth lives at your place.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I put you in the right forum- I hope you find your kitty
Thankyou Hissy, I'm kinda not thinking at the moment. Myth is my lovey cat. ... ... I didn't even think about which forum was the right one. Thankyou for moving it.
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Oh no I hope you'll find Myth soon
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Tia, I hope Myth gets her furry butt back home soon!
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Hi. One of my neighbors recently experienced the same thing. She put out her pajama top in a box under a bush next to her house. That same evening, she found her kitty in the box. She's pretty sure it was the scent which attracted her. Good luck in finding your kitty. They're almost always near the house, from what I've been told. Sending good energy your way. . .
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I really feel for you - there is nothing worse than not knowing where they are when they should be with you - and my cats are indoor/outdoor but always in at night. Sending good vibes your way for Myth. but if hte weather is bad, chances are she will stay near the house.
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Tia, I know the feeling! Gypsy (AKA in another life as Stinky ) was missing for a week before we took her to Hissy's. She, also, is a pretty skittish scaredy-cat, and so I was terrified that something awful must have happened to her. I also live next to a fairly busy road. She's always been terrified of cars, but I was afraid that something might have spooked/chased her into the road, and that she would get hit. She was gone without a trace for a week. I walked to neighborhoods, put up signs, went door to door, put out food, went out in the middle of the night, calling for her and shaking food (with good company, Eddie ), called the local shelters daily....I did everything that the article suggested, without success. Then, one night when I came home from work, there she was, just waiting for me. She came running up, purring and meowing, and pretty much lept into my arms. She was filthy dirty, smelled like motor oil, and had lost some weight, but she was safe and healthy! I know your fears and worries, but please try to remember the strength of their instincts! They are strong, and their will to survive and be safe is strong, as well. She probably is very close to home (perhaps as close as under it!) and just afraid to come out. She may be more comfortable coming out in the night, when everything has calmed down. My thoughts are with you and your Myth, as I'm sure she may be a little frightened, herself. Please keep us updated, and never underestimate the power of this boards magic!!
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keep us updated tia....I am really sorry about the missing Myth....I am Myth will come home soon....way wouldnt she with all the kick a$$ brothers and sisters at home....lol...good luck...and heres some good vibes for you

(<---- good vibes)
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Oh, Tia!!!

I hope you find miss Myth soon, baby I'm sorry she's gone. I'm betting she is under the house though, cats aren't anyone's fools.
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Sending lots of "Come home" vibes, Tia. hope your baby turns up real soon.
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Aw I hope you find her real fast - please keep us updated!
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Thankyou all... So far no luck. We haven't seen her. Mystyc keeps going under the house when ever she goes outside. We think Myth is under there. We put out a box with food and water(hope it doesn't freeze). The box also has my tanktop that I slept in with a blanket. It's pretty cold out, I hope she stays warm.

Thankyou all for the positive comments and good vibes. I am sure Myth will appreciate all the thoughts. Especially any 'don't be scared and stay warm' vibes thanks guys.

I so hope she comes out soon. If not, we'll have to send someone under the house to find her. It's a small crawl space. pooooooor Myth.
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I hope you find her soon, I'll be sending you some good vibes.
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Any news this morning?
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Just checking in for new news.
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Oh, Myth, please come home!!! Tia, my heart goes out to you right now.
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Hoping for good news...
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We're all still here with you, Tia...any news? Still thinking happy, warm, don't be afraid and come home vibes to your lovey girl. I'm sure that she's okay, probably just afraid to come out. My thoughts are with you and her
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... Thankyou guys. So far no news... is that good? We've almost ruled out her being under the house. No new kitty paw prints going in and out. We even had a fresh thin blanket of snow last night.

MyRage is being funny. Mystyc kinda is too, but I can see more in Rage. Last night when I went out to look around and listen MyRage actually shot out the door, off the back porch. I was going to close the door, but without a flashlight, and we have no light by that door... I coudln't see a thing, and when I opened it more to get more light, she ran back in. I don't think she liked the snow. She's not a dart outside cat. I had a half feeling that she wanted to go get her or something. She seemed so freaked to be out there, but intent on getting back in.

I went back out, alone, no feline help, with a flashlight, and looked around. Hubby went out, and looked under the house. No sign of a cat at all. There were a couple places he couldn't see. She could have been in those spots, but he said that he should have at least saw the tip of her tail or something. I've been listening closely too, and I haven't heard any sounds at all from under there.

I'm getting bummed. I wonder if I should have gone out roaming all over that night. It was so whindy, and was snowing. We walked around our yard, and didn't see her, when we saw the opening under the house... She always went under the house when ever she got outside at my parents property. I just assumed that was where she would be. We live on the edge of a bunch of fields. Those fields have cows now, and antelope all year 'round. There are also some buildings, like little shacks and stuff around. I haven't gone that far out, hubby did, and didn't see or hear her. I think I will crawl under the house today. I hate spiders and bugs and under houses ICK!! For my Myth though...

Myth baby please come back to mama. Mama misses her Mythypoo....
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Come back Myth - mama wants you home. Sending keep warm, don't be scared vibes til you're back with your mama Hugs to Tia too, 'cos she's feeling sad
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here's hoping it works out soon. If there are buildings in hte fields, could she have got shut in one? The only night when Dushka didn't make it home and I went calling for her all over the place, she rushed in at 7 the next morning, having been in my neighbour's cowshed. He said she streaked out when he opened up in the morning. Maybe there is somewhere she took shelter that hasn't been opened for a couple of days?
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I'm so sorry Myth hasn't come home yet.

Tuxedokitties posted this site last month. www.catsinthebag.org

A woman in my town used the info she got from the site and was able to get her missing cat back! Her indoor-only kitty had been gone for 5 weeks. She lost some weight, but is otherwise ok. Give it a try.

All good thoughts and best wishes to you and Myth.
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