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"When are you going to change the swill dog food you're feeding me!" Master Tigger asked

You have a kidney disease that you need to overcome before we stop feeding you this swill. I told my master.

"Dog food getting to you?" Master Charlie asked Master Tigger

"I'm going to hurt you as soon as this slave turns on the watering station!" Master Tigger almost snarled

"hehehehheh catch me if you can!" Charlie chortled (Master Charlie is the fastest of our masters, even though he's missing a leg)

and master Charlie disappeared.

Master Tigger walked to the hall and looked back as I was putting his food dish away so that the other masters would not eat his special food.

"Let them have that dog food!" Master Tigger ordered as he walked down the hall

I followed and went to the sink.

"Well?" my masters asked while I was turning on the water.

"He's slow and talks funny" Master Shadow said to Charlie

I started petting and giving attention to all three masters, waiting for the alpha to start drinking.

I'm not got to stand here all day, wasting water while you decide to drink.

"Huh? What did you say, silly slave?" one of my masters asked. "You mumbled."

Master Tigger finally started drinking and I went to the computer room to work. I called out the the masters were drinking. Primary slave to Master Tigger acknowledged.

Master Tigger walked into the computer room. He jumped up on the desk and stood beside the keyboard. He shook his head.

Oh.. thank you master. I needed that shower just now. I told Tigger.

"You're welcome. You need to bath, because you smell like dog swill." Master Tigger told me with a grin.

and he left me to wipe my face.

"Is that drool too?" Master Charlie asked with a grin

I think they ganged up on me
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“I really wish you would tell my admirers of my daily life more often, slave!” Master Tigger grumbled
You have not done such that would deserve being engraved on the tablets of immortality, my master. Everything you’ve done has been reported before.
“Do you think you know what other slaves are thinking and what they want to read?” Master Tigger remarked and asked with somewhat of a sarcastic manner
Uh… no master. I don’t know what your readers would like to hear about your life or how often I should report on your marmalade madness.

“Madness? Madness of King George?” Tigger remarked with a grin
You’ve been watching history with us again?
“How could I NOT!, silly slave. I watch what you have on 99% of the time. Sometimes I get you to watch something I want to watch, but most often it’s all interesting.” Tigger remarked


Yes, master I hear and obey
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Originally Posted by felton View Post
“I really wish you would tell my admirers of my daily life more often, slave!†Master Tigger grumbled
You have not done such that would deserve being engraved on the tablets of immortality, my master. Everything you’ve done has been reported before.
“Do you think you know what other slaves are thinking and what they want to read?†Master Tigger remarked and asked with somewhat of a sarcastic manner
Uh… no master. I don’t know what your readers would like to hear about your life or how often I should report on your marmalade madness.

“Madness? Madness of King George?†Tigger remarked with a grin
You’ve been watching history with us again?
“How could I NOT!, silly slave. I watch what you have on 99% of the time. Sometimes I get you to watch something I want to watch, but most often it’s all interesting.†Tigger remarked


Yes, master I hear and obey
My hubby likes hearing of Master Tigger's exploits!
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It''s difficult to relate new news that doesn't seem like a instant replay of what has occurred before, thus the lapse in time now and again. This is, I believe, to be new.

Tiggers slave number 3, otherwise known as myself, has undergone an unusual event. I had a tooth removed and bone put in the empty space. Nothing new in this world, except I'm 63 years old. The tooth was to small and fragile to repair the cavity that occurred under the gum line. Something that just happened that even the best of tooth brushing could prevent. Implantation of donor bone is a bit out of the ordinary, but implacement of braces is. I had 4 teeth that had grown in crooked because of varying sizes. It never bothered me, nor did I have the room to straighten the teeth.

I now have the room to straighten the teeth and that will be the course of action. Straighten, move and otherwise make my mouth suffer from braces, wires and such.

Now for the news concerning my Master Tigger.

I now have many and varied brushes and devices to care for and feed my little wire and braces.

I'm going through the process of brushing my teeth, when Master Tigger saunters in, climbs up to the sink.

"I wish to have water from this watering station, silly slave." Master Tigger informed me

mumble gargle mumble and gag somewhat - translation: I'm sorry master, I have to brush my teeth and gargle with so of that nasty stuff and apply gel to the metal in my mouth.

"Do you know how to talk to a master, STUPID SLAVE?" Master Tigger told me impatiently

mumble gargle and spit.... translation: Yes master. I shall.

Master Tigger stepped down into the sink to assume the water station position.

I didn't rinse the sink..... or I should say I was not given sufficient time to rinse the sink

----------- insert a YOWL not unlike that which is heard when a master is revealed to a evil vet -----------------------------

As a side not: I have no idea how sensitive the paws of a master is to the chemicals used in brushing teeth or the application of fluoride gel to teeth, but I think I just found out.

Yes, master? Is something wrong? (I hoped the placid response to screaming and dancing in the sink would placate my master.)

Another side note: Have you ever seen a master who has his rear legs much higher than his front bounce up his front and try to place his paws under the stream of water to rinse the "smelly evil stuff from his paws" and land with a semi-rinsed paw back in the smelly stuff he is trying to avoid but no matter where he placed his paws he will land in the smelly stuff.

---------- continue the yowl ---------------

Master Charlie has come into the room and is now sitting on top of the toilet where he can fully observe what is happening.

Right.... Master Charlie yells

Left ........ Master Tigger yowls

BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Master Tigger now howls to all within hearing (I think two blocks is the distance, but I'm most likely wrong)

I manage to place my left hand under the chest of my howling frustrated master. I do so without receiving any type of injury.

------ insert yowls of frustration and mounting anger ------------

I grab on leg and place it under the stream of water.....


I just manage to get the other leg and place it under the water.


"There are times, when you are useful silly slave. This has been one such time." Master Tigger told me.

The volume was getting louder and louder so I thought I'd be on the receiving end of one of his famous dressing down that which would make a Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps envious and use as a model to other Marine Corp drill instructors to use.

Master Charlie was egging his alpha on. ..... something to the effect of:
Now Now do it now rip is arms off and stuff them down his throat.... NOW

I should mention did show restraint while I rinsed off both his paws and the sink. He looked upward and gave me a nod that I had now returned the watering station to the condition that which was now acceptable to him.

Master Tigger flicked his traction control devices to the point where I felt them. Nothing injurious or enough to leave a scratch or draw blood. Enough point to make a point that his point was to now let him settle into the sink to drink.

I did so.

and Master Tigger began to purr....

I escaped as quickly as I could.
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Somewhere in the annals of history, it was determined that humans must be subjected to torture that is voluntary in nature. The human who elects to endure this irritation, agony and that has come down through the ages when we were a hirsute group of bipeds who grunt, asks himself over and over why that person has subjected himself to wearing braces on their teeth.

I am one of those people who has chosen to endure this voluntary almost self inflected pain. I chose to eat uncooked raw carrots and other hard but good for my body food.

The bending of wire didn't enter my feeble mind.

The forcible displacement from the front of a tooth of the holding device for the wire was not considered.

The disappearance into the inner workings of my body of the brace that held the was the furtherest concept that I could not grasp when I chose to eat.

What I did consider was that Masters Charlie, Shadow Ram and Tigger were all trying to get my attention.

I did not pay one iota of attention to what they were saying, not thinking they were trying to warn me of what I was about to do to myself. My masters, I thought, were trying to obtain tasty morsels of food to consume.

I was wrong and I am now paying the price of non-attention to warnings.

I have a wire sticking into my inner cheek. I have a small wire holding device passing through my body.

I have masters who are shaking their heads in disgust.

I am now sitting on a white throne beside the masters watering station, while my darling spousal unit is using a pair of wire cutters to remove that which has intruded itself into the inner workings of my cheek.

Master Tigger and Master Charlie are sitting on the watering station, peering down my throat, while my wife is pushing my head to the left, right, up and down to get the light into my mouth so she can cut the wire and not my aged ignorant stupid and non-thinking body.

Master Tigger chortles. Master Charlie guffaws

and I try to hang my head in shame, but my wife admonishes me to keep my head in the position she has pushed me.

----------- snip ----------------

Than my wife calls that practitioner of pain and abuse to setup an appointment to restore the wires and devices that cost more than the price of gold.

and I await my course of instruction on the proper care and feeding of braces that my masters had been trying to teach, since they have already taught my son. (He laughs in the dining room as I record my shame)

My dentist is not unhappy with me. He has a grin. He loves his job
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Oh my goodness!!! Hahahaha!
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I have just returned from that practitioner of pain, who was actually happy with my mouth. It only takes a short period of time to replace the wire and device that I seem to have swallowed. We're friends as we've known each other for 27 years. I like him. My wife likes him. My son likes him.

Master Tigger and Master Charlie do not. They want more wire and more shiny stuff so that when I smile they can say:

"Ohh..... Shiny! May we have a closer look? Can we can we can we?"

This is normally done with their mouth about 2 inches from mine. Right after they have eaten.

As far as I know, Masters do not have close in vision where they can look at something in fine detail, so I can only assume that they wish to make me uncomfortable under the guise of asking for my health and welfare.

Not to mention the kitty breath.

"Ohhh shiny. May we look closer?"

Master Tigger and than Master Charlie.

Close enough to kiss.

Ah... the love and attention of my masters. Warms my heart it does.
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I have discovered a few facts about my masters.

1. Master Charlie will try to dance on one leg during his attempt to have some of my tuna fish sandwich that I was making.
2. Master Tigger, Master Charlie and Master Shadow will all become very very friendly when I eat a open face tuna fish sandwich.
3. Master Tigger & Master Charlie will both jump upon my lap and extol the virtue of feeding them both tuna fish. This is a situation that must be dealt with with some finesse when both my masters both jump upon my lap at that same time while I about to eat a section of the open face tuna fish sandwich. Both masters will try to get me to lower my arm that holds the sandwich. One arm holding a sandwich; 4 paws that have traction control devices placing their arms/paws on my arm and sandwich so as to lower the sandwich to they may eat their proper due as masters of slaves. While is is occuring, both masters are using traction control and sitting on their sit-upon. Master Fluff/shadow Ram is getting my attention by standing on his rear legs and batting at my elbow and shouting that he is dying of hunger.

"I may LOOK like a wide body master, BUT I am mostly hair that demonstrates the law of static electricity that Mr. Tesla was famous for. I am SKINNY AND EMACIATED AND STARVING AND HUNGRY!!!"

Master Fluff is making his point by batting my elbow with sharp little points!

I must also protect my other two tuna fish open face sandwich from the inquiring minds that wish to know about the taste and consistency of tuna and toast. Have I mentioned that all my masters like the taste of my toast?

The combination of toast, tuna fish, mayo and pickles on my plate has proven to be similar in nature to the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

All three masters are now trying to get my attention by increasing the volume of their requests.

My darling wife, who has chosen to have a ham and cheese sandwich is not controlling her mirth. She utters guffaw, laughter, giggles and other descriptive forms of humor at my situation. Shaking as if a earthquake that measures in the 8.5 range of the Ricter scale is a sight that must be seen, if one were not the source of such geological upheaval.

Unbeknownst to me, darling wife is taking the bowl that which I used to mix the concoction three masters and I were trying to eat. The bowl is of sufficient size that three heads of masters my lick every molecule of tuna off and thus consume the chicken of the sea.

Darling wife emits that special call to masters that indicates to them, that they are about to receive sustenance from their special slave.

Hearing thus, they depart quickly. My sandwich forgotten. Food awaits

Dancing, meows and begging now take place as DW places the bowl on the floor.

Three heads and tongues

I eat my sandwich in peace, but I leave enough for three hungry masters. I share, being very careful that fingers are still intact from Master Charlie and Master Laptop. They feel that they WILL receive/TAKE that which is their due.

----------------- insert several hours ---------------

Darling Wife has recovered from her earlier moments of mirth and is determining what shall be prepared for the evenings repast.

I take a small handful of turkey jerky. DW warns me rather sternly that she will allow this one intrusion into her domain of her snack food. Very few types of jerky can be consumed by my DW, thus she protects that which she can consume without harm. Migraine city visits me by air pollution. MSG and other foodstuffs visit upon her.

I sit upon the couch and eat those small pieces I was permitted.

Has anyone ever heard of teleportation? Has anyone every heard of beaming technology that is used by Captain James Tiberius Kirk and improved upon by Montgomery Scott.

Master Tigger has appeared upon my chest. His mouth is millimeters from mine. His left paw pad is on my cheek, gently pushing my mouth open. His intention is to take from my mouth the piece of turkey jerky that I have just placed there to eat. With the limited thinking brainpower I have at my disposal, I make the determination that Master Tigger has decided that he will take that which is rightfully his. It matters not to him that I was about the masticate the matter being discussed.

Master Tiggers wants the turkey jerky. Master Tigger will take the turkey jerky from the jerk who has not given him first choice of the tasty morsel now before him.

Little points of pressure that are capable of ripping me into shreds are reminding me that he is alpha within his domain. This includes the slave that is me.

I give Master Tigger some small pieces of turkey jerky. I remember that he has had several teeth removed and small pieces are mandatory.

I manage to survive the faux paux of not giving Master Tigger first choice.

DW now calls from the kitchen that I should first give Master Tigger first choice of any turkey jerky that is about to be consumed and that he will appear suddenly from anywhere in his domain. Master Tigger is alpha.

I think DW has just taught me a lesson.
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"There are days that I am in despair that you do not care for and properly attend your master." Master Tigger informed me as we were looking eye to eye. I had gotten down on the floor and was laying there listening to comments by all.

"You don't feed us enough." Master Shadow commented

"That's because you're a piglet and eat everything in site." his brother commented. Having known him since birth I didn't say anything.

"I STARVE" Master Shadow said..... and followed with: "My long hair stands out and hides how gaunt and underfed I am.

I shall not describe the many raucous comment that followed so as not to upset any reader. Some may be young or unknowing of the comments that some of our masters make.

I lay and listened to many comments, suggestions and demands. I said no to many: i.e. milk and dairy products. Products containing garlic and other foods that can harm a master. Chicken bones and such

Howls of protest.

I asked that my masters not place their nose within millimeters of my mouth or plate contents when I was eating on my stomach watching TV or on the couch when watching TV (although I fully realize what will happen when I eat in such locations, I still do so because I'm a kid at heart and will allow some food to be eaten by my masters when doing so. I must take great care that my fingers are also eaten. This takes pressure away from my DW and son BTW)

My masters told me that they would consider my request. (I heard the laughter when I left the room after our little talk so methinks they'll not acquiesce to the request)

------------------ insert several hours ------------------

I was eating chicken while on the couch.

I had friends aplenty. Left/right and on my shoulder like a vulture with a paw that would try to intercept what I was eating.

Heavy sigh.... my little talk had fallen on deaf ears.
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Due to my advanced age and memory loss, I forgot to pass on this little item.

DW had gone to the evil vet to purchase the three different types of food we must provide our masters for their continued health and well being. Leaving open bags of food, we have found (you may have experienced this as well) where masters are able to access/chew their way through to the food and gorge themselves is not something we wish to have happen again. Thus we place all the food in large plastic containers that have good solid lids and a seal to preserve freshness.

One large empty bag of cat food.

One curious cat named Tigger

Cat in a bag is always fun. Cat in a bag that has been freshly emptied of food is more fun.

Master Tigger will attempt to get every molecule of cat food in the back of the bag. The top of the bag, the sides of the bag

A bag that rolls around on the floor, with a master inside is fun indeed.
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I love this thread!
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My Master Tigger needs hopes and is so inclined, prayers. DW and son noticed he is having problems with his back legs. DW called the vet and they advised taking him the the emergency vet. She is headed there now and will wait there until I get off work. I didn't let her finish her question if she should wait for me to get home. I ordered, if you can say that term, to get him there as quickly as possible. I have to wait an hour till I get the shift change over.

Master Tigger is 19 years old, with failing kidneys and I felt a stab in my heart when DW told me what's going on. I'll try to keep you all posted

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Oh, no! Master Tigger! My thoughts are with all of you. Please keep us posted with updates on how he is doing.

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Hoping and praying for Master Tigger, and yourself and DW.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Hoping and praying for Master Tigger, and yourself and DW.
keep us posted on Master Tigger!
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Update on Master Tigger:

My master is home, after having received full exams by several vets. Internal Med, Neurology and such.

His cage had a large sign that indicated Master Tigger should be handled with extreme caution since he would take arms/hands/legs off if not properly approached or handled. Master Tigger does NOT like evil vets. When his slaves are present, his attitude is much different and he will allow exams and such when we are there to reassure him and give him the love and attention he expects.

Evil vets and technicians were appreciative of our attendance when possible (most of the time)

X-rays, ultrasound and other exams did not reveal the reason for his behavior, i.e. walking on his hocks vice feet (the area from his leg joint down to his feet) in the manner of a drunken sailor or such. Lack of urination also is occurring.

It is most likely pressure being placed on the nerves that come out of the end of the spine, called a horses tail nerve bundle for a reason known only to some obscure medical related person locked in a small room and fed only when medical terms that are strange or unknown to the general public and will confuse or discombobulate us are created. Pressure on the nerves from a possible injury or disc bulge or spine pressing on nerve is also possible. Master Tigger is 19 years old and just be falling apart. Sigh

Master Tigger was given some pain killers, and a steroid injection. DW and I were instructed in how to massage his lower body and rear to cause Master Tigger to urinate. Master Tigger objects somewhat, but allows this to happen. The evil vet and vet personnel were amazed at how he will allow us to handle him in this fashion. One and all told us that he must love us greatly. (Master Tigger agreed and let them know rather loudly). DW and I were given pills that we must administer daily and we brought him home.

Maser Tigger is happy to be home. We all hope his condition improves and we receive calls from several vets daily asking for updates. Normal vets and those who treated him at the emergency vet clinic asking did warm the heart of Master Tigger somewhat, but he did allow some displeasure of them to show through. Mostly happy, but not completely.

I don't seem to have the "express his bladder" skills the DW has, but Master Tigger allows me and tells me that I could use further training. I try and give it my best. I think that DW, being his primary slave and whom he loves most is permitted the most leeway on doing strange things to him, i.e. nail cutting and such. I'm allowed to cut one nail and that is all. DW can get one foot per cutting. Oh well

Thank you, one and all for your well wishes and I'll post news as often as I can.
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Oh I am sooo happy Master Tigger is home!
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"Would you please allow me to drink from the masters watering station?" Master Tigger asked

"Me too!" Master Shadow chimed in

"I'll allow those other two four legged dog lovers to drink before me!" Master Charlie uttered

whereupon Shadow and Maser Tigger cuffed him in a friendly fashion...

I could hear Master Charlie chuckle under the pile of legs, paws and multiple bodies rolling around.

Master Tigger didn't display his normal agility but he was giving it his best effort, which was a pretty good display of improvement.

Master Tigger still complains of the urine express but we've also discovered that he's starting to demonstrate that he is able to function normally in this aspect. Walking is improving some also.

Our hopes are remain high
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Master Tigger has been referred to as the "Wonder Kitty" by all the vets who call and inquire about his condition.

Master Tigger is walking on his feet, albeit somewhat unstable. His tail drags. Jumping to the master’s workstation is difficult as he prefers to NOT use the stairway we have built for him. We must still express his urine, but it appears that he is doing more and more on his own.

Master Tigger woke me up in the afternoon. I have the night shift for a few days. Master Tigger curled up on my chest as I was sleeping on my side. I suppose he was cold, as DW calls me a little furnace. Since I flop around and move when I sleep, Master Tigger figured that I was interrupting his work habit and he moved to the pillow next to me. His tail would strike my face from time to time.

I "Think" I heard him giggle but I was drifting in and out of sleep. When I did awaken, I was almost surrounded by masters. Masters at my head, feet and tummy (on a pillow)

I believe that they are now planning nasty cat tricks upon my person since I interrupted all three working masters.

I'll keep one and all posted on Master Tigger and any trick or prank imposed upon me.
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Master Tigger has regained "almost" full control of his body. His rear leg walking does look a bit awkward, but nonetheless he can walk. Tail function has not yet returned and is dragged behind him and I don't believe he has feeling in this department.

We have noticed that his bowel function is not always contained within his sand box, but as I was walking down the hall in my bare feet, I happened to step such.

I may not be sure, but I think I heard a very faint giggle from Master Tigger. I must learn to pay more attention to where I place my walking.
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It has been awhile since I posted about my Master Tigger, but my resaon for not doing so is that I have major back surgery. Made life diffictult to talk, let alone type messages when on high levels of pain killers.


Master Tigger is doing well, but we think he's near to crossing over ther Rainbow Bridge. He has lost feeling in about half his tail and walking is difficult. He normally like to drink out of a sink, so I put a plastic glass in the sink and let the water flow into the glass. The level of the glass is almost at his neck level so he has found that drinking is much easier. He demands more water though, as we have stopped the every other day injection of water. Master Tigger was starting to complain and fight having the needle placed into him. More trips to the watering station.


His eating has become more difficult. A freshly roasted chicken, cut into little pieces has worked for the last week, but now he wants other kinds of meat. We all let him try what people food is being eaten to see if he'll jump on it like he did the chicken. We're going to try steak, hamburgers and other meats/fish. Whatever will work will be done.


I tried a heating pad, under a light quilt and he LOVED it so we''re going to buy a heating hutch for him. It will be pressure activated and set to levels cats like so we'll not hurt him with a people heating pad. A 19 yr. old, almost 20 year old Master wants his warmth in the winter. Can't blame him because I like being warm in the winter.


That's about the latest, but I'll post more often.

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Sorry to hear about your back surgery ohno.gif Glad you are on the mend smile.gif. AND sorry to hear Master Tigger is not doing so great frown.gif. I know how you feel about trying to get them to eat anything, and it can be different day to day. I have an ill older dog, and what he likes on one day, he will totally refuse the next. confused.gif. Loads of vibes coming out to Tigger vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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I'm glad you're doing well since back surgery. But I am sad to read about Tigger. Sending vibes.gifvibes.gif that he'll be OK.

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Master Tigger is moving slower. Not bad, considering he's somewhere in the 97 yr. old age group for a human. He's also astounded all of us for several reasons.


1. For the last 10 years, he's tried to rip out the throat of Master Laptop whenever he's seen him.

That's why we've had Master Tigger downstairs in a special room when we let Master Laptop up to control his slaves. When Master Tigger is upstairs, Master Laptop is downstairs.


Somehow, Master Laptop was let up.


Master Tigger was on the workstation, laying upon his primary slaves legs.


Master Laptop jumped up on the workstation, and we expected a slaughter to  occur.


To our amazement and surprise, Master Tigger bristled just smidge and settled down when petted and being talked to by his primary slave. I petted Master Laptop.


Master Laptop finally assumed the meatloaf posisition about 6 inches from Master Tigger. Both started work - or seemed to as little slits of eyelids were left open by both. 10 minutes later some purring was heard.


Now, when Master Laptop is on the workstation, if he gets near the area where we have the heating pad that Master Tigger uses, Master Tigger will tell Master Laptop that this spot is his.He will not growl, attack or hiss. Just a gentle reminder to him that he has his special place to work. When Master Tigger takes a break from working, and goes to get a drink or eat or try to convince a slave that he is starving for attention or food, we will find another master using the special spot. When Master Tigger returns, Master Tigger will thank him for keeping the area heated for him and curl up when they leave the special spot.


There have been times when Master Shadow Ram has started to try to push Master Tigger around to bully him (typical I'm going to be the new alpha now syndrome) we put a stop to the abuse, but nature is trying take it's course. sigh


I do hear comments from Master Tigger that Shadow has a drinking problem at the master bedroom suite watering station. It seem that Master Shadow can't drink out of the cup when water is running.A full cup of water with NO water running he can.


Thus the chortles and laughter from Master Tigger when he chides Shadow.


We slaves find it interesting and amusing, but don't discuss it within hearing of Shadow.



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sorry to hear about Master Tigger's recent decline [even tho it's to be expected, given his advanced age]. sniffle.gif my senior's not there yet [she's 14 now] but i complete understand & sympathize w/you & yours. hopefully, Master Tigger will stay w/us a while longer - i love reading about his exploits!

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It is my sad duty to report that we let Master Tigger cross the Rainbow Bridge at 2:45 this afternoon. 7 years of fighting kidney disease and that he was in his 20th year made it too hard for him. Spinal problems did not let him walk or run as he normally did and he was unable to move his tail. He was also incontinent. These are all of our major indicators that we should consider the Rainbow Bridge.


I held him on the way to the process, and he only cried twice. The rest of the time he was looking around at the world.Alert and attentive, but unable to physically cope.


Master Tigger was dignified and now with all our others who have crossed before him. He was the oldest and ruled until the end.


I don't remember when I started this thread about my Master Tigger but my other masters will decide if I should continue. My darling wife, son and I wanted to pass along to all those who read this thread that we thank you and appreciate the attention of our Master Tigger.



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I'm very sorry. hugs.gif Master Tigger lived a very long life with you. smile.gif RIP angel.gif
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I am in tears right now! I have followed this thread from almost beginning and I had so hoped that Master Tigger would pull through. My condolences to you, your family and the other masters.


Run free and happy over the bridge, Tigger. Say hi to my girl, Kiki and tell her that her meowmy still misses her.

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With sadness I will now close this thread about Master Tigger. May he RIP. angel.gif
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