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"Where have you been?" Tigger asked as I walked throught the door, having just came from the night shift.

Hi master. I've been at work.

"I didn't see you on the workstation at any time last night." Tigger said

I work at a different place.

"Yeah yeah yeah. So you've told me before." Tigger said

I see you've calmed down from being nasty to the other masters.

"They smelled of that evil place where they poke, prod and stick needles in." Tigger grumbled

We have to make sure all you masters are in good health.

"I DON'T LIKE THAT PLACE! I HATE IT!" Tigger almost shouted

That's no reason to be nasty to the other masters.

"I shall treat my subjects how I please. Don't mention that place again."

and he trotted off down the hall, turned left into the watering station.

"HEY, Slave. Turn on the water." Tigger ordered.

Yes, master. I hear and obey.

"Pet me while I drink."

Yes, master

I turned off the water, when master Tigger was done. I prepared for bed.

"Slave." Tigger said to me while standing on me.

Yes master?

"Why do you make so much noise when you sleep?" Tigger asked

I snore, not unlike your purring.

"I don't purr loud enough to wake the neighbors." Tigger poked at me

I need to sleep master.

"Yeah... I do need to go back to work. See ya" Tigger told me

and I went to sleep.
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Are you thirsty? I asked Tigger, as he jumped up to the top of the workstation.

"No, I am not." as he shook his head no. (he also showered me with water, as he apparently had just finished drinking [DW must have turned on the water station] and had a very wet head)

Very funny master.

"heheheh haw haw" Tigger guffawed, as he climbed into my arms.

"Pet me slave. I'm in need of attention."

and he promptly started to needle me.

"purr purr..... " and more laughter

Did you like that double meaning, master? (I was quick to point out his action)

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I had just finished feeding the horde (our nickname for Shadow, Laptop and Charlie) downstairs, and decided to return upstairs. Charlie and Shadow disappeared, but I did get a glimse of Shadow's tail as he rounded the corner going upstairs.

"AARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG you left the door closed!" Charlie and Shadow complained. Charlie was beating the door (not easy, since he has but one leg) while he leaned against door.

"LET ME THROUGH!" Charlie complained.

"He's coming now, Charlie." Shadown told him as he sat on the side of the 1st stair.

Bam, bam, bang, bang........... Charlie continued to beat on the door.

I'm coming, I'm coming I told the pair of masters. Reaching the top of the stairs, I opened the door.


and they were gone in a flash.

I could hear the scrabbling on the hard floor until they were running on the floor of the kitchen. (the kitchen floor was soft and easily used as traction for claws of running masters)

and DW almost shouted: Don't eat that Charlie! (Master Tiggers food was in a bowl on the kitchen floor - we can leave food down for Tigger since he does not "pig out" on his food, but we have to take it away because our other masters will gobble it all down)

DW took the food away from Charlie as I went to the watering station.

"You took your time, silly slave." Tigger remonstrated

Yes, master.

"Turn on the water, don't pet!" Tigger said

so I turned on the water.

"Go away. I'll get primary slave to turn the water off." Tigger told me

Yes, master. I hear and obey.

A short time later, I offered a piece of Angel food cake to master.

"Don't give me any of that. I'm no anger right now!" Tigger growled at me and Shadow.

Mr. Cranky out now, are we?

"Ggrrrrrrrrrrr" and the tail fluffed up. Claws appeared and disappeared.

Oh.. my. He's in a nasty mood.

"Go away, before I take your leg off at the neck!" Tigger said low and menacingly

Ok.. I'm gone.

Some time later, Master Tigger was all lovey, dovey.

"You may feed me angel food cake now, silly slave." Tigger purred

Yes, master. I hear and obey.

and Tigger slowly ate three chunks of cake.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This is good stuff, for a good master" Tigger continued eating and purred

Angel for angel, eh?

"hmmmmmmmmm purr....... purr"

Yes, master.
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"If you look in the dictionary for the word finicky you'll see my picture." Master Tigger told me.

I'm aware of that master. We've been trying to find which food you like for many days. We open a new can of food, you sniff and tell us you want something else. When you've eaten 5 bites you want something else.

"I deserve everything you've done for me." Tigger said, in an aloof manner.

Yes, master.

and so it went for many days. Open cans of food, let Tigger sniff the new can, and decide what to eat, or not eat. Offer more and different food and listen to him complain.

"This is swill, not fit for even a dog."

Number one son (he's our only child) would only feed him dry food and would tell Tigger as such. This would result in Tigger not asking his youngest slave for food very often.

i.e. "Feed me slave."

and he would put down a bowl of dry food.

"I don't want this swill."

Than don't eat it. I'm not putting anything else down.

"Feed me.......... oh never mind."

and Tigger would eat the dry food.
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"HA!.... I can explore the forbidden room!" Tigger said happily

Oh.. no master. You're not allowed out to the garage, as I closed the door.

"Argh.... foiiled again." Tigger muttered in frustration

"HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS you're a foreign cat. Get out of here or I'll rip out your throat!" Master Tigger howled

Shadow and Laptop had both been to the evil vet and still smelled of evil, thus Shadow was last seen running away from Tigger, not wanting to be hurt. Master Tigger hates evil vet, and thus reacts the same each and every time.
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"You may turn the water on for me, working slave." Tigger told me as he stood on my chest, with his mouth 2 inches from my nose and flexing his claws.

Ouch.... ouch.... those claws are sharp master. It's also 3 am and I was sleeping.

"You were what? You were making a tremendous noise. That's what you were doing. Laying there, ON MY WORKSTATION, and disturbing everyone within the confines of my domain." Tigger told me, as he flexed his "fingers" again.

Ouch.... please stop using the nails.

"I was making a point!" Tigger chuckled

Yes master, you were.

"Get up and turn on the water." Tigger ordered

Yes, master. I hear and obey (as I got out of bed and went to the masters watering station.

"Pick me up and place me there." Tigger ordered

So I picked him up and put him on the station.

------------insert about 10 minutes of drinking------------

"Ah... I'm full now. Turn off the water and take me back." Tigger commanded

Yes, master.

I got back to bed, and Tigger told me (from a distance of about a inch, and in a whisper so as to not awaken his primary slave)

"Thank you. Go back to work, but be prepared to ............

but he was talking to a slave who had drifted back into the sleep world.

"Oh... never mind. You woun't remember, in any case." Tigger murmured
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"Hey! Lets play follow the leader" Master Tigger said to Master Shadow Ram.

"Ok..... I'll follow......." Shadow said to open air, as Master Tigger had zoomed out of the room

Zoooooooooooooommmmmmm Shadow was gone.

Master Tigger came bounding into the room and leaped from the door to the surface of the workstation.
Master Shadow quickly followed.

Ouch.... (Tigger had used me for the landing, and deployed claws to help stop and to prevent sliding.

Ouch.... Master Shadow followed suit.

"What are you complaing about slave? He follwed the leader. That's me." Tigger told me

"You really should learn to ignore our claws, silly slave." Shadow told me, as he observed what Tigger was doing.

Master Tigger dove under the quilt that DW sister had made for her as a Christmas present.
Master Tigger was half under, half exposed and he twitched has exposed half. Tail fwapped to the left.
Tail fwapped to the middle but extended up. His head moved in the opposite direction.

Zooooooooommmmmmmmmm and he was standing in the entrance to the auxillary watering station.

Zoooooooooooooommmmmmmmm he was out the door and went into the computer/home office room.

"Yeehaw...... I'm the leader!" Tigger almost shouted

Master Shadow Ram shoved his head under the quilt.......... and followed the antics of Master Tigger.

DW was laughing with joy as we watched our masters having fun.

I espied Master Tigger come running out of the room and down the hall.

and his head moved left
and his head moved right
and his tail fwapped left
and his tail fwapped right
and his body crouched down
and his tail went UP
(that's what it's all about)

and Master Shadow giggled as he follwed the leader in his movements

and he bounded off the bed, following the movements of Master Tigger.

I have yet to discover how Master Shadow managed to follow what Tigger had done in the computer room
but he must have done everything in order, since I heard no comment from Master Tigger.

Master Tigger suddenly appeared on the workstation. Laying down and looking around the room.

"Yes, slave?" Master Tigger asked, as if nothing had occurred in the last 5 minutes.

"Yes, slave?" Master Shadow Ram asked as he glanced around the room.

and his tail moved up.

and his tail moved up. (Shadow followed)

and they both went to work, leaving us dumbfounded as to how they had managed to reappear where they were now working.
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I love reading this..It really should be a book...The Life of Tigger
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"Why do you move around so much when you're working?" Tigger asked of me when I got up this afternoon (I have the night shift)

Huh? (I'm not really a human being until I've had a cup of coffee)

"Don't you listen to me?" Tigger told me, with just a tinge of impatience


Tigger walked over to me, demanded to be picked

"Why do you flop around when you're working?" Tigger told me from an inch away from my face.

I guess the drugs the Dr. has given me to stop the flopping around needs to be checked?

"You really do disturb me when I'm working beside you. My primary slave doesn't move." Tigger stated

You've been training her alot longer than you've been training me? She's a better student?

"I'm thirsty. Come turn on the water." Master Tigger told me over his shoulder as he was leaving the bedroom.

Yes, Master. I hear and obey.

DW called down the hall...... I've started your coffee.

Thank, you DW.

"Hey. Turn on the water!" Tigger ordered

Yes, master.

---- insert coffee, breakfast, morning hugs, kisses, and attention to my masters -------

"Thank you slave, but I wanted different food" Tigger almost whined

If you look up the word "Finicky" you will find a picture of Master Tigger.

We slaves have come face to face with this definition many times per day The particular food that we get for Master Tigger has 24 flavors and Master Tigger will eat or not eat the same food as many times per day as we're willing to offer to him.

Master Tigger has complained, whined, gotten disgusted, and many other pro nouns that can be used to describe a inattentive slave, when he talks to our other masters. I "think" I can envision such conversations but I'll not post them here as I have no wish to post such where underage children or very young masters may get a damaged mental state as a result of my inattention.

-----------insert about a hour-----------

We're going out now. See you tomorrow morning DH my DW told me.

"Oh... I can go outside with you. Oh.. good. I've not been outside in quite awhile." Tigger remarked, as he almost ran for the open door.

I swooped down and picked Master Tigger up.

"purr purr purr purr purr purr I'm going outside" Tigger exclaimed

but I was not going outside. Neither was master.

and it dawned on master that all I had done was to prevent him from getting out with DW/primary slave and son/secondary slave (I'm slave number 3 and don't count at all) [You have that correct slave. You can't think] Tigger muttered under his breath

Aaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! There are times, slave, that I think you abuse masters." Tigger almost howled as he walked away in disgust.

Yes, master. I mean no, master I don't abuse you.

Oh... be quite while I go sulk.

Yes, master
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"Thank you, silly slave." Tigger told me

uh.... why is that master?

"You left the water station on so I could drink whenever I felt the need." Tigger purred to me.

And he cost us too much by doing so. DW told the both of us.

"Did you make a mistake by leaving the water on?" Tigger whispered to me

I'm NOT HAPPY with you DH.


"uh.... I'm happy with him." Tigger told DW

What master said.

Purr purr purr purr purr........

Oh, how can I stay angry with DH if you keep purring.... DW told Tigger.

"Thank you for letting him make a mistake, primary slave." Tigger told DW

"Turn on the water now, please" Tigger told us.
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"Hey Slave!" Tigger almost yelled (I think I detected another voice that was also being said, but Master Tiggers was drowning it out)

Yes, master? (as I walked into the watering station

"I will soon have water up to my ankles. I don't like that when I'm drinking." Tigger complained.

Yea, verily water was starting to pool in the bottom of the sink, indicating a poor drainage rate. Hmmmm it must be .....

"I'm guessing that it's getting plugged." Tigger told me

I was just going to say that master.

"Ya think?" Master Charlie chimed in.

"Sometimes, just sometimes I think that he's capable of independent thought, but he ruins it by telling us something we have just told him. By repeating what we say, this slave shows that he is only capable of the mimic process." Tigger told Charlie pedantically.

I'm right here hearing what you say, master.

"You're complaining?" Tigger and Charlie both voiced

No, master. Just sayin'

"Go get what you need to fix this problem." Master Tigger ordered

--------------- insert a period of time trying to find my tools and flashlight--------

I was laying on the floor, looking up at the bottom of the sink, when DW brought my headband flashlight in. (I had replaced the batteries yesterday and was rewarded with a bright light)

"Oh... that's blinding. Next time, please warn me that I'm about to be looking at a blinding object." Tigger complained and ordered

Master Tigger was in the process of helping me open the drain trap. He was looking very bright and inquesitive. He was also getting between me and the work at hand.

Master, if you stay where you are, you'll get covered in dirty yucky water (Master was almost standing under the trap that I know was filled with water and black goo.... and most likely a glob of semi-liquid hair)

DW saw what was about to occur and complained to Master Tigger.

You're gonna get wet and dirty. Come here Tigger (DW was being protective and she almost yelled at master)

"I am being careful, silly slave. Now let me supervise in peace." Tigger said regally

DW reached down and pick up master.

"Hey!" Tigger complained when he was set down in the hall.

I removed the trap, and as expected a large glob was plugging the pipe. I pulled it out and put it in the small bucket and placed it on the floor behind me. Master Tigger ran in and stuck his head into the bucket.

"THAT is one big hairball. It's the hairball that ate Cincinnati (referring to a old science fiction movie produced by masters in the 1950's. Slaves might call it "The Blob")"

DW complained again and Tigger climbed up on the top of the watering station to observe.

Unknowing that Tigger was now up on the top, I pushed up on the drain stopper. It also had a large blob of gooey hair.

"Oh.. that's a nice blob. It'a hairball from **** (Tigger referred to a hot place normally thought to be the underworld)" as, once again, he got very close to sniff and excitedly explore the goo

DW complained and removed Tigger from the sink.

"I am getting a little frustrated with you slave. I'm trying to investigate, supervise and help that other slave." Tigger complained.

I have no wish to wash you and get slashed to ribbons when I get the goo off of you. (DW also complained)

"Oh.. very well. I am going to work." Tigger pouted as he went to the workstation.

"Save that giant hairball so I can show the other masters." Tigger ordered

Yeah... right. I'll save it. OOPS I just flushed it down the toilet by mistake.

"Did you hear what I told you?" Tigger asked me.

No, master. My hearing was drowned out by the flushing.

"Will I ever get him trained properly?" Tigger asked Charlie.

I heard some gentle laughter from the two of them as I put my tools away.

"Oh.... don't try to teach him
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"LET ME IN!" Tigger demanded

DW had not given Master Tigger the option of coming into the bathroom where she was behind the shower doors. (I'll not describe anything further)

"I WANT IN!" Tigger screeched

and Master Tigger proceeded to reach under the door. I imagine that he was waving his arm and toes up and down on the other side of the door, in order to get the attention of his primary slave.

"If you don't let me in, I'll get angry and do something you'll not like!" Tigger complained

Master Tigger repeated this statement several times.

"Ok.... That's it. I am going to do it." Tigger complained....

and Master Tigger used his claws to grab the bath mat that was on the floor.

"heheheheheh you're going to step out of that rain box, expecting to find that cloth thingy and it will be gone. I'll have taken it away. heheheheheheh" Tigger cackled

as he laughingly pulled the bath mat under the door.

"I'm taking it away..... I'm taking it away.........." Tigger said over and over

The bath mat was almost pulled all the way out, when it jammed.

DW had finished running through the rain drops and expected to find a bath mat. She was in for a surprise.....

and she exclaimed as such.

"Lots of laughter lol lol ha ha ha ha ha" Tigger said

Tigger was having great fun, DW could hear the laughter and chortle through the door, which was jammed with bathmat.

Oh... oh ... oh.... I'm stuck. I can't open the door and I'm trapped. I'll never be able to get out to feed you. I'll never be able to give you any attention. You'll never see me again. Oh woe is me. I'll starve and die now. Oh master. I'm sorry. Really really sorry. I should have let you in.......... much sobbing could be heard through the door.

(the above converstaion was overheard by me as Master Tigger explained the course of events to Mastes Charlie and Shadow)

"LOL" my masters chortled

"You really taught her a lesson. I wish I'd been working on the workstation when this happened so I could see it all." Master Charlie said (as he tried to keep the mirth out of his voice)

I walked into the bedroom and everyone was curled up on the workstation. Nobody was making any kind of noise, movement and silence prevailed.

What's been going on? I asked everyone, but received nothing but a thundering silence.

and I thought I heard a giggle purr...... but the door opening drowned it out.

DW started to tell me what had happened, but I heard:

"All lies and I'm going to work." Tigger grumbled as he rolled his eyes up and went to work
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"Let me in, silly slave." Tigger ordered from the other side of the bathroom door.

I opened the door, and in he walked. Tail High... smiles and happy mood abounding

"Pick me up and put me on the watering station." Tigger ordered

Uh.. I'm here for a reason, oh master

"Fine. I'll get there myself." Tigger complained...

and he jumped up to the toilet seat and stepped up to the sink. I reached over and turned on the water.

drink drink drink drink

"Hey slave!" Tigger mumbled through the water....

Yes, master? ( turned and looked since I had sat down because I knew he was going to take awhile and he had indicated that he did not wish to be petted while drinking this time)

shake head shake head shake head.... and I was given a shower.

Oh thank you master. I really wanted a face wash right now.

"I'm glad I could help." Tigger giggled and jumped out of the room.

I dried my face, and cleaned up all the hair that my masters had left for me to clean up.

The masters watering station was now ready for slave to use. I started to close the door....

"NO! Don't close that door. I'm thirsty." Master Charlie chidded

Yes master. I know. Turn on the water, leave you alone and come back to turn off the water when you're done.

"Good memory you have silly slave." Charlie laughed

So I had to go into the bedroom watering station.

"I'm thirsty too." Master Laptop told me (Laptop will not drink from the other station)

SO I had to pet Laptop for a long time...... (Most of the time he wants petting prior to drinking so the water will get cold.... that's what I think)

"ahhhhh cold water" Laptop said....

and I was left in the cold, waiting for my masters to finish so I could answer a call of nature.
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"Don't talk to me. Don't look at me. Don't touch me. Don't do anything for me." Tigger ordered in a somewhat grumpy tone.

What's wrong?

"I told you not to talk. I'm angry with you." Tigger grumbled

What could be the matter? (we knew since we had been gone all day and we also smelled of dog. We had gone to see sister/brother in law)

"AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You smell of that foul animal too. Now I'm really angry." Tigger almost howled as he ran down the hall

Would you like some water? I asked our master


I'll turn it on for Shadow then.

and Master Tigger decided to jump ahead of Master Shadow.

"I knew you wanted to be first Tigger. That's why I waited." Shadow told Tigger

drink drink drink.....

Awhile later......

"What are you doing there?" Master Tigger grumbled to Charlie.

"I'm going to to rip your head off your neck and throw it out the door." Tigger snarled

It appears that Master Tigger is not in a good mood. We had left him home and we smelled of a foul animal. We were in the dog house.

I tried petting and some personal time, but it didn't do much good. He was angry.
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You really should write this down in book form and send it to a publisher! I just read the whole thing over a couple of days. I think "The Chronicles of Tigger" would be a bestseller!!! I can't wait to read what Master Tigger does next! I just can't let Mistresses Dusty and Rusty see that I have been reading about another cat!
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Master Tigger was just starting to work, having just stolen the section of the bed where his primary slave sits while we watch TV, and was almost aslee..... I mean working. Master Charlie walked in and said:

"Look at me. I am a magnificant example of a hunter." Charlie boasted

This statement, in and of itself will be heard by slave aplenty and we have listened to our masters discuss the topic many a time. This time, it was slightly different.

A mouse was in the mouth of out master. With the changeover to winter here, our garage has become a refuge for small creatures, and, it would appear, that at least one has come inside. We had a suspected that a small creature had entered our abode when several of our masters were spending more time in the kitchen, poised to pounce and slowly looking left and right.

"Uh... I was talking about me, silly slave." Charlie admonished

Yes, master.

"I'm showing you what I've done." Charlie boasted

Yes, master. That's a magnificent display. You done good.

"I thought so." Charlie replied

"I see you followed my directions." Master Tigger said (as if it were teacher to student)

"I was already a fine hunter!" Charlie objected

"Oh... don't bother me youngster. I'm going back to work." Tigger said loftily

"Look at me, slave." Charlie said again

That's a fine example, Master Charlie (I picked up the display and placed it into a small plastic bottle and placed the cap back on, so I could dispose of the creature)

"Hey... where did my example go?" Charlie asked (DW and I had distracted him by giving lots of encouragement and petting while I took it away)

"I've done a great job, but I can't prove it now." Charlie complained....

"Oh give it a rest. We know you follwed my directions like you should." Master Tiggersaid.

Don't be mean, Master Tigger. Master Charlie id not afforded the chance very often to show his hunting skills

but I was being ignored by a working Master Tigger, and Charlie was sniffing around for his lost mouse that was in the house.
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"Where have you been? Arrgh you were with other masters! Get away from me!" Tigger said that so fast I could just understand what he said. I had been over at a friends house and he has 4 masters.

I was visiting a fellow slave, master. I had addressed this to open air, as Master Tigger had disappeared. I went into the computer room/office and set my laptop bag down, as well as a bag I had used to carry some computer parts over to my friends. Several, if not all his masters had used the bag as a pillow.

sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff

Master Tigger was now checking out the bag. Soft sided bag with one handle that had caught on a drawer knob.

Master Tigger jumped into the bag. sniff sniff sniff sniff..... and his back legs were out of the bag.

"What are you looking at slave? Have you never found anything interesting?" Tigger almost demanded

I've not seen you try to be in the bag, rub and sniff and keep the bag upright all at the same time.

"Oh bother." Tigger muttered. "You're helpless."

Yes, master.

"Go away." Tigger ordered.

So I left.

Some time later, I looked into the computer/office and Master Tigger was gazing outside. Master Charlie was checking the bag and he was in the bag. Turning circles, sniffing and muttering that he didn't know who these strange masters were.
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I need my Tigger fix!!!!
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I must apologize for the lack of daily updates to the "Tigger Chronicles". I had major back surgery and was unable to post a reliable journal that reflected what my Master Tigger has been doing.

Master Tigger ascertained that I was injured, and he did not jump from the floor to land on my body and cause great pain. He has stood upon my chest, asking if I needed some purring to help me heal. He would stand on my chest and ask for attention, and he complained when I was unable to turn on the watering station or provide food. (he did not get greatly upset, but it was hopefull questioning.

He has begun to leap from floor to land on my chest (methinks he feels I'm able to withstand the landing [he is correct] and not complain)

Master Tigger has inspected my back, now and again, to determine how well the surgeon has done his work. He gave me a critique about the many staples though. He felt at least two more should have been used.

He chided me whenever I did any of the "DO NOT DO" instructions. No bending, no lifting and no twisting. He would tell me I was going to hurt myself.........and he was right.

Life is getting better, and I will post more often.
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I must apologize for the lack of daily updates to the "Tigger Chronicles". I had major back surgery and was unable to post a reliable journal that reflected what my Master Tigger has been doing.

Master Tigger ascertained that I was injured, and he did not jump from the floor to land on my body and cause great pain. He has stood upon my chest, asking if I needed some purring to help me heal. He would stand on my chest and ask for attention, and he complained when I was unable to turn on the watering station or provide food. (he did not get greatly upset, but it was hopefull questioning.

He has begun to leap from floor to land on my chest (methinks he feels I'm able to withstand the landing [he is correct] and not complain)

Master Tigger has inspected my back, now and again, to determine how well the surgeon has done his work. He gave me a critique about the many staples though. He felt at least two more should have been used.

He chided me whenever I did any of the "DO NOT DO" instructions. No bending, no lifting and no twisting. He would tell me I was going to hurt myself.........and he was right.

Life is getting better, and I will post more often.
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for a speedy recovery! I was wondering where you and Tigger were.
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Master Tigger and I were in a strange place today. We were both a little cranky (I think we were both in a pain) I was laying bed (I have the night shift tonight) andhe would climb up to the bed.I would intercept him and hold him, all the while petting and giving him attention. The purr machine, most of the time, would turn on and he walked away from me and not grab any other master by the neck and show them he was Alpha. It did us both good.

My directions for life after the back surgery is: No bending, No lifting anything over 10 lbs (I'd would cheat with Charlie shince he weights about 18 lbs) and no twisting the body. The masters watering station has developed a slight drip from the cold water faucet, so we turn off the cold water by the cutoff valve under the sink.

Guess who can't bend?

That means I have to get down on my knees (my masters think I am paying them the respect that royalty deserve. In this respect, I have become more attentive, in their eyes.

Master Tigger, however, is starting to try the patience of DW. Without regard to how old the food he is being given to eat, he'll not eat. Hard food must be of a certain size. Semi liquid food must be of a taste and size he wants.

We have purchased a food grinder to reduce the size of the hard food. We combine with the liquid food. We try different kinds/brands of food.

It has become very trying.

We have found that he likes anchovy so I think we'll have to try fresh fish soon.

I'll not pass on the looks, grumpy words and such.
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I''ve been spending alot of time sitting on the bed, since my Dr. has given strict instructions so that my back heals properly. What that means is that I get to spend my time watching three of my masters work. All curled up in c clockwise direction. Some curled up in anti-clockwise direction and the third in dash position. Once ina while it's all anti-clockwise. Three dots.... three dashes.... dash dot dot, dash dash dot, dot dot dash, dash dash dash and so on. Someiimes it.....

"YOU TOUCHED MY TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

and a argument begins.

There are times that Tigger will grab the offender by the neck and tell him he's the boss.

Than there's the - lick his head, ears and neck.

(Need to apply hairball stuff)

Mmmmeeeeeeeooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllllllllllllllllll and it's a run down the hall.

No reason that I can think of. Jump two feet in the air, like animals do in a cartoon, and zoom their gone.

"Hey...I want to sit on primary slaves lap. Move!" Tigger tells Charlie

"I was here 1st." Charlie told him

"You pay for this younster."

"Hmmmmm warm air from laptop blowing on me. I think I like this spot better." Tigger announces

During this time I have to get sleep masters.

"So get to work." all said like a grumpus

Tigger behind my knees
Shadow laying against my feet.
Charlie laying againt my back.

I'm glad I didn't put my down blanket on. I got very warm.
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"Where have you been?" Tigger demanded as I walked in from the garage.

I was at work master.

"Your workplace is the same palce as mine. In the workroom!. (bedroom)

I know I've worked there for quite a bit of late, but I was on sick leave and vacation.

"Why are you trying to confuse me?" Tigger muttered

I kept you informed. I wrote the schedule out.

"Oh nevermind. I'm going to work.
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"Listen to me, silly slave." Tigger muttered

Yes, master? DW answered

"I want to have some food that I can eat. It must have some gravy. It must have small kibbles. It must be tasty. I must have a various kinds because I may not wish to have fish one meal, or beef, or something else that you may make for me." Master explained

We have purchased EVERY type of master food that this company makes. Sometimes you eat a flavor, and next you turn up your nose.

"How is that MY problem?" Tigger asked

We keep trying to find the food that you wish. Just like we keep turning on the water and you just stare at the water. Or you and Charlie. Or you and Shadow look, and look, and look. and don't drink.

Could we please have some easy directions for us? We're getting at the end of our knowledge of what you want?

"Let me check with the other masters." Tigger said
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Thank you for taking that little one in!

And I truly love your posts about him!
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"I am so angry with my slaves that I could just spit!" Tigger almost yelled. "That big oaf is working on the bed while my favorite slave takes me to that evil vet!"

I was sleeping, getting ready for work iw what I was doing. DW had taken Master Tigger in for a checkup.

"That evil person put a needle in me. Wrapped this thing around my leg and cause me pain by pumping air into till it hurt me (blood pressuse) They put this thing where I'll not mention (temperature) and poked, prodded, pushed and did things to me." Tigger complained to me later

DW told me she had used a spray to make him more tranquil, but I'll check on that.

The good news is that he has gained a little bit of weight. He has not gotten easier to live with when it comes to drinking, eating or other things. He walks across my head, when I'm working, as he always does. I'm must a cat highway to his primary slave.
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The morning race to the watering station, from those masters who spend time downstairs at night, or who wish to be there for some reason, have modified the race. Mr. Picky Eater (Master Tigger) has left food in his bowl, that we believe too small an amount to place back in the latest food can. This amount of food is enough to make those masters who are racing for the watering station to stop and look in the bowl. First come, first to eat, first to eal alll if the master is quick enough (normally Master Charlie)

This short delay results in Master Tigger waiting for the water.

This gets nasty at times, and life goes on.
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Living a life where I may be working nights or days leaves gaps in reporting on my masters. Thus I shall try to give a brief history:

DW (Primary slave of Master Tigger) was sitting ont the bed. Master Tigger was working, curled up on her lap. Master Charlie was laying on her shins, stretched from feet to knees. Master Shadow was curled up and against her feet.

Many a time, DW has remarked that she must be a master magnet. If I'm sitting on the bed with my legs held close together, I "may" be selected to be a work surface. I believe that I'm not selected that often is that I have to move around more often (restless legs) and my masters don't like it.

DW had to get up, thus she disturbed all three mastes, but.....

in a flash, Master Tigger AND Master Charlie moved to where DW had been sitting. Seat thieves are within all our masters. Master Tigger and Master Charlie curled up close, and almost became upset with each other.

They went back to work.

Master Shadow came over to me and:

"Pet me slave. I want attention."

So I became a pet slave.
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I got home from work last night.

"I want water, right now slave!" Tigger ordered

Thus is set down everything and turned on the water station.

I went to drop off my office things in the computer room and get rid of car keys, wallet and such.

Thump.... Master Tigger had jumped down to the floor and is a signal that tells us we turn off the water.

I walked into the water station, and found Master Shadow drinking.

So I went into the bedroom to kiss DW and watch some Olympics.


I went in to turn off the water.

Master Charlie was drinking

I went back to the Olympics


I went back to the water station


Back to the water station

Master Tigger was drinking



water station

Master Charlie is drinking

back to Olympics


I have now come to the conclusion that all my masters were parched. Dying of thirst.
Silent in their complaints, but thirsty.

About a half hour of going back and forth to water station and Olympics.

and all masters curled up on DW. Content, working and the occasional twitch

No thank you, now smiles of appreciation. No purrs, nothing but work.

I wish I had their work ethic
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