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My sister has a brain tumor!!!!!

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Been at the hospital yesterday and today, and catskans and MRI's results show my sister has a brain tumor (size of an egg) over her left eye, but internally, and four other tumors (smaller) on inside of left eye!

They said from the size of it, and the neuro-surgeons 27 yrs. experience, it appears to be benign, but will be having it surgically removed on Tuesday or Wednesday next week, at which time a biopsy will be done, determining for sure, if it is, in fact, benign. Dr. says the prognosis looks good, yet dont know for sure yet until...........!

There's also a chance one of the four smaller tumors may blind her left eye. And everyday left untreated the tumor is going further into her brain, where she may 1) die; 2) have brain damage; 3) suffer seizures. So I've been doing nothing but worrying, the worst of course, and crying.


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OMG, that's scary. I would be so worried sick if it were my brother. I will keep you in my thoughts.
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My prayers are with her and you.
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Oh Cheryl, how awful. Prayers on the way starting right now, for your sister, you, and your family. Please let me know how things are going. Hugs to you
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Sending prayers for a full and speedy recovery. Take care of yourself, too.
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Oh Cheryl, how scary for you all, especially your sister!!!
Sending prayers and positive vibes your way ASAP !!!
Please keep us informed on how she gets on.....and take care of yourself too!!!!
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Cheryl, this is such an awful thing. I am so sorry! I am praying and praying for your sister. We are sending all our strength and healthiest vibes your way. May I add that my father had 3 tumors two years ago in a similar way? He was 70. He sailed through and they have not returned. It caused so much anxiety inside me. Please keep us informed and how stressful and unfortunate at this (or any) time of year. We're thinking of you!!!
Elizabeth, Eric & Sasha
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I am so sorry to hear about your sister! She has my prayers and wishes that the tumor is benign. Cheryl, we are here with you!
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Oh no...I'm so sorry I hope the sugery goes well.
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Your sister is in my thoughts and prayers until this is solved. Please keep strong for her, she will need it, you are in my thoughts and prayers as well ~
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Cheryl, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!!
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Oh, Cheryl, how awful!! Lotsa prayers and healthy vibes on the way to your sister, and "stay strong" vibes for you. Here's hoping for a swift resolution, and no lasting ill effects.
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you and yours will be in my thoughts. i know what you're going through. stay strong for her.

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I am so sorry to hear such news. You, your sister and your entire family will be in my prayers. I will be praying extra hard for all of you.

Please check in and keep us up to date when you get a chance.
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May GOD Bless her and keep her safe through the surgery!!!
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its all been said already - but please keep us updated on how she is going - you are all in our thoughts
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Oh sweetie---I am SO, SO sorry for you and your sister, and your family. You WILL all be in my thoughts and prayers and I do hope she recovers VERY, VERY quickly... ((HUGS)), and may God guide the surgeon's hand to give her full recovery...
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Cheryl that's so scary! I'm so glad that they've caught it and will be able to do something to remove it. I have a friend in North Carolina who has just been diagnosed as having a brain tumour, but his appears to be malignant. he's taken it really well though - in fact, he was all laughing and joking about being able to stay off work for a few months while they send him off to the Carribean to relax and recover from surgery and Chemotherapy!! I will be praying that your sisters tumours are benign and that they can remove all of it. I don't know about the ones in her eye, thankfully it is only one eye though. I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers now. God bless - stay strong I'll pray that she can make a swift and full recovery
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OMG, Im so sorry to hear that. It's like one of my worst fears. You'll both be in my prayers, and I hope it turns out ok.

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Oh dear, Cheryl, what difficult news for you and your family to receive. What is your sister's name? I am praying that this tumor is benign and that the procedure is completly successful and your sister has a prompt, full recovery. Please keep us updated how she is feeling.
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Oh Cheryl - what awful news . I'm sorry that you, your sister and your family are having a hard time right now. I'll be keeping my thoughts with you that the procedure goes smoothly and the tumour turns out to be benign. A friend of mine was diagnosed with a malignant tumour a year ago (he's about 60) and they can do so much without too much invasive surgery now - all kinds of things like laser treatment - his tumour has gone and it won't be coming back.

Very best wishes and "get well soon" vibes to you all and your sister

Please let us know how she goes on.
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Very sorry to hear that news Cheryl, your sister is in my thoughts and prayers, I hope the surgery goes well and the news is positive...please keep us updated, love and hugs to you both xxx
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Oh I do hope all is not as bad as you fear. My thoughts are with you and your family
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my prayers are with you and your sister and family i pray that she'll be ok
hang in there
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Cheryl your sister, you and all of your family will be in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult and scarey time. Keep us posted as to how she is doing.
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I'm so sorry. I will pray that everything goes well in her surgery!
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Cheryl, I´m sorry, my thougths with you and of course my prayers too...
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Oh good grief Cheryl im so sorry!.

I really hope everything is benign in the tests for your sister.

You know where we all are
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I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your sister and your entire family. I pray the surgery goes well and that everything is cancer free.
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Lots of prayers and good wishes to your family as they go through this.
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