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Yosemite is a very nice hardworking person who loves her two cats Bijou and Mika and it shows thruout her posts... She has an adorable siggy also.
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Sandra has one of the biggest hearts I know and is such a wonderful amazing person
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I don't know Danielle at all, but I think the pictures she has in her siggy are very cute!
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I can't say that I know Gaye, but I have learned that when I see her name, I can expect a thoughtful post, often laced with appropriate humour.
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I don't know Fran at all but I do know she's a nice person and I enjoy reading her posts and most of all I'm in love with her cat Fawn.
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ditto for you Fran - your posts are always well written and thoughtful and you always have so much encouragement for those that need it - I always enjoy your posts which often make me giggle so much
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Danielle is a silly woman! (just kidding )
She is one of the most caring, loving people I have ever met, and am so very glad to be able to call her a friend !!!!
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Babygirl is very thoughtful and has an adorable siggy of her babies
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Sandra always pops in at just the right time to bring cheer to Sierra and me from herself and scritches from her babies!
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I have 2 here -

thankyou for your sweet words Ash...
Ashley is such a wonderful, caring person who makes me laugh all the time. I have throughly enjoyed getting to know her over the last few weeks

Stephanie - oh what can I say about Stephanie? my friend - you know I love you so very much - you & Sierra mean the world to me and I am so thankful to be able to call you my friend
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Danielle is such a warm-hearted person, with two beautiful kitties. I'll always remember her lovely welcome to me when I joined TCS!! (there were others as well, you're not forgotten!) when I felt so shy about contributing.
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Beth always has something really sweet to say - she's really supportive of anyone who may need it. She really is what her name suggestes!! A sweetpea!!
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Emma...where do I start? Although I do not know you very well, from your posts you are nothing but helpful, funny, and kind to all you offer advice to. When I was looking for kitty names, you took the time to post me three pages worth (!!) I know you are going through a lot right now, but I want you to know that you are loved here, and I think you are a very strong woman who deserves all things wonderful in life!
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Sarah, what can I say? A very special friend that has just discovered the wonderful world of Meowmy hood.......she has the cutest, darling little boys and she herself is a darling as well!
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***Nice thread Jenny!!!! ******

Susie is not an overprotecting Mother with her Kitties!!!, She´s kind with all animals...!
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Rigel is one of the sweetest men on this site and i love it when we make him blush!
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Susan is my best buddy here and would defend her friends to the end. She is definitely a blessing in my life.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Rigel is one of the sweetest men on this site and i love it when we make him blush!
Susan Is the must, kind, Care, lovin and Funniest person from UK, thank´s to her BIG and OPEN Heart I have another concept from the European People! ..........
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Rosiemac (Susan) is one of the coolest women on the face of this Earth... I wish I could be just like her when I grow up.... The smudge sisters are soo adorable and if I had a lot of money I would visit her in the UK like my late grandma did.
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Rigel and his beautiful wife Gema have become very good friends of mine and I treasure this site for bringing us all together. He is a very sweet, funny guy.
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Jerry obtein the Jackpot when He found Susie ´cause She´s a wonderful, amazing and lovely person who you do not meet her in the real life to meet her big kindness and love for the other peoples...!!!!
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Originally Posted by sandra
Jenny is an awesome and caring person... and a good mommy to orei.

Thanks so much! I love this one.; I just had to say it, it means so much.
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Yay! Look how many people played last night when I had to get off. Yays! Yays! Yays!

Rigal is a wonderful person. He's so active, funny, and a pleasure, not to mention a joy to be around, all the time. He is one of the members who make this board what it is- a great place to be. Who could help but want to befriend him? May I?
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
***Nice thread Jenny!!!! ******

Thank you very much. I knew it would be fun.
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Jenny, has a heart of gold.
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Sam is just the sweetest girl!
I love how she always remembers my son Oliver. I wish I had her closer and she would babysit for me
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Sesselja always makes me laugh and is always so caring towards everyone - I also like Sesselja because she is going to send me a fun package from iceland
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Danielle is always so sweet and fun to talk to, I just wish we weren´t so far away, so we could meet more often online and talk.
....and I also like her because she is gonna send me a fun package from the other side of the world!...
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[Oh Sesselja- you are gorgeous! Thanks for the lovely post. I wish I lived closer so I could babysit the ever so lovely Oliver. ]

Danielle always thinks of others. I will never forget the card I received in the mail from you, it definitly made my heart sing at such a quiet time, and the posters - well they look lovely on my wall! Dan is definitly a sweetie!
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Woops I'm too late again!

Sesselja is such a sweet lady and always has something nice to say!
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