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Oh you see my face all the time! I do want to post some more recent ones, but I want to lose a little more of this weight I gained from having the baby first! And also I have to learn to post pics by putting my pics on a website and remote linking them, since we are having problems with just attaching pics right now.
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I just realized I haven't replied to this thread in AGES!

Sandi, Barb and Carrie - it is so nice to be able to put faces with the screen names. I agree with everyone else here - you are all BEAUTIFUL!! I mean that too! We sure do have a good looking bunch of cat lovers here, as well as great looking cats. :tounge2:
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lol I do NOT see you all over here! Post some up here, lady!
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LOL, Carrie! Yes you do! Just look at the left of my posts! :tounge2:

I look the same except a little fatter and I don't wear my bangs clear across all the time now. I get tired of the same hairstyle.
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It's so nice to place a face to the person behind the posts. So, I thought I'll contribute too. Here's a pic of my fiance and I. We are getting married (legally registered) mid this year and would be having the official wedding ceremony in 2 years time (traditional Chinese weddings are huge and expensive affairs so we have to save up for that!). I'm actually Eurasian. This is the only pic I managed to save before my scanner broke down. Planning on getting a digicam so we can post pics of the cat By the way, my name's Aubrey Lyn.
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You are very pretty Aubrey!

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Aubrey! How can such a pretty girl have miispiggy as an online name?
Miiskitty would suit you better!
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Thanks for the compliments, ladies

I use 'miispiggie' as my online nic for all boards/sites I join. It was inspired by my love for guinea pigs. I'm still very much attached to them and this is the first time in 3 years that I've decided to stop rescuing piggies and that my apartment is pig-free. I still go on occassional small pet awareness talks with my vet though. You would not believe the level of ignorance the society has of pets here... and the small ones are normally the most vulnerable. On a brighter side, it has improved over the years due to the emerging trend of good pet/supplies stores. At least now we get a wider variety of brands and better choices in terms of supplies/accessories.

Sorry for going OT but I just wanted to explain how I came about with my nicname *lol*
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Cute nickname! Nice to see some "new faces" to go with names.
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Aubrey!!! What a beautiful woman you are!!!!! I love the picture!!!!! I have had guinea pigs as pets also! I now have a pygmy Hedgehog and Duprasi.

It is so nice to meet you!
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As a newbie I have put so many questions to so many people that I thought it should be time to show you who you are dealing with here.
But unfortunately, as I'm mostly behind the camera, I do not have a up-to-date picture.
This one has been taken about 3 years ago.
This is me with my husband on our wedding aniversary.

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That's a great picture. You two look so happy!
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I LOVE catching up on this thread! I also really enjoy putting faces to names - thanks for posting!

Carrie640 - You guys are SUCH a cute couple!!!! And I agree with Debby - that rollercoaster pic is terrific!!!!

Els - Ditto! You look so happy!!! There is a wedding thread somewhere in here - lost in time, I guess.

And Aubrey - knowing the story behind your name sure helps, because you're so petite your screen name is so funny! You guys look great together too. I hope you're around TCS long enough for us to get enjoy your "real" wedding ceremony!
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eltopsis, you have such an endearing, charming smile & demeanor. wonderful photo.

i should get a recent pic up here soon.
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Thanks a lot, unfortunately I do not have a new picture.
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I have to agree with Blue, eltopsis, your smile is just beautiful!!! And so are you!!! You look so very happy there!
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I thought I would bump this up so that some people would put their pictures here.

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i haven't posted a pic since i started this thread forever ago, so here are some crappy, fake smiley web cam pics!

no i am not naked! i'm wearing a tube top thingy

:paranoid2 :paranoid3

and my personal favourite nostril shot:

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here is an "unposed" shot with a bit of cameron:

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This is my hubby and me , on new year's eve :

and here you can see us on Christmas Eve !(my son , me & my hubby)

and this is a pic of my daughter Indra , dressed as an Indian Princess
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lut -the photos look great and so does the food - what are you eating?
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This is a gourmet-evening !
there is a dish with all kinds of meats , a dish with veggies , cheese , eggs , salads.
Everybody puts whatever he wants on that hot plate , and eats it when it is ready ; VERY EASY and YUMMIE !!! The great thing is that everybody can eat in his own rythm!!
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im interested in food from different countries (can you tell i love food?) and what is the national favourite food of Belgium?
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love the gourmet night idea! we went to a restauant once called the melting pot where you cook all sorts of meats and veggies in a fondue pot. it was fun and really good!
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Kellye - I don't know the answer to your question, but one thing I LOVED when I was there was the frites! (French fries). THEY WERE SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Served with mayonnaise, I believe. Yummy.

Lut - what great pictures! Of course, most of us have seen the website already ( ).

Blue - you're too cute to have to suffer that much.

Anybody else willing to venture pics?

Ginger - (Coco Maui) - whatever happened to yours?
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Wow, you'd think the law of averages would have most of y'all be, well, not very attractive. But we have a group of pretty people here! I don't have any recent pics (and by recent, I mean in the last 5 years), except for GlamourShots, and it's artistic. No, I'm not nekkid, but I got them for my husband, and he left, therefore I don't particularly want to look at them... so I'll have to teach the cat to use the camera!
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aww, thanks, Laurie

great photos Lut

anyone else ready to post a pic? please?
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Originally posted by LDG
Kellye - I don't know the answer to your question, but one thing I LOVED when I was there was the frites! (French fries). THEY WERE SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Served with mayonnaise, I believe. Yummy.

Laurie - I started eating my french fries with mayo after going to Belgium (we used to have friends who lived in Brussels) and now everyone thinks I am a WACKO! I love them that way!
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Hello all. Here I am.

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Hey WOE! Always nice to put a face with a name!
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