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So glad Adelaide is having such fun on this lovely morning, Beth!
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Well I think today Adelaide has reached a milestone.

Since hubby had to catch her (twice) to bundle her into the carrier to go to the vet, Adelaide has been frightened of him. We've been working on building up her trust with him. After I had my surgery it was particularly good as I couldn't bend down to fuss her, so she had hubby or nobody.

She began by coming up to him to take treats out of his hand. Then she started to run up to him when he entered the room and would roll over for him.

This morning....he sat on the floor and she came up to me for a fuss. We sat close by each other. After rubbing around my legs for a while, she wandered over to hubby and looked at him for a few seconds then wandered away. She came back to me for a bit more fuss, then wandered over to hubby again. This time she gave him a HEADBUTT . This guy who had said it was ok if she didn't fuss him, and how he was happy for her to have a good relationship with me but not him; was grinning from ear to ear. She rubbed around him for a while, then sloped off to eat her breakfast

A real milestone for Adelaide - she has now headbutted every member of the household!
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Go Addie!!! What a good girl you are! And definitely made Daddy's day!
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For those who have followed Adelaide's story and would like to see an uptodate picture of her - here's a link to one taken today

She's a lovely, sweet, settled kitty now. Still nervous and not a lap cat - but a lovely addition to our home.
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just catching up here Beth - cant believe I missed Daddies headbutt!!!!
awwww how marvellous
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hey Beth - how about an update on Adelaide?????

- I dont get to hear much about her
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Here you are Auntie Dan!!

I suppose it's a good thing that there is not a great deal to say - because she is just like a normal kitty .

She has taken to the back garden wonderfully and it's her domain now - when she's outside, she never leaves it. She is best friends with Tippy and follows her around the garden all day. She's taken to following hubby too and trots around the garden after him quite happily. She's becoming interested in the inside of the house again - she went off that for a while after being allowed outside and had enough on her mind trying to fit in all her garden exploring and sleeping in the conservatory as well . The conservatory is her room - she is always there in the evening, at night and on cold or damp days. The garden is her sunny weather, daytime place.

She feels no need to run and hide anymore and sleeps anywhere - right out in the open. Here is a picture I snapped of her, through the dining room window (that's why you can see light reflections in it) fast asleep on her favourite floor mat

She is such a beautiful girl and such a sweet kitty. Unlike 10 months ago she can play now and loves chasing leaves and insects in the garden. She has a very special place in our hearts.
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awwwwww thankyou Beth!!!! She is just so precious and looks so calm sleeping there how brilliant is that
How wonderful that her and Tippy have become firm friends - never would of guessed that would happen when you first brought her inside!
Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
She has a very special place in our hearts.
and she certainly does hold a special place in my heart as well

Thankyou so much Bethn - give her special hugs from her Auntie Dan
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Beth - I just love Adelaide so much!
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New pictures of Adelaide in the Fur Pictures forum Click Here
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Just when I thought Addie had reached her comfort level and was at the point she was happy, she has started to get happier still .

I suppose a lot has to do with the fact that it's now heading on towards winter and getting very cold outside - consequently she is spending more time inside next to the radiator.

Well, a couple of nights ago, she and Tolly met for the first time. Tolly is rather a straightforward kind of guy and just walked right up to her and sniffed her . Addie is particularly territorial and usually chases down any kitty that walks up to her. Instead she allowed Tolly to sniff all around her, including her head. Then........they touched noses what a big awwwwwwww moment that was.

Daughter and I were giving Addie a big fuss and she allowed me to put my hands right around her tummy and even rolled over for a tummy tickle. She has never done that before.

Then, tonight, she wandered straight into the living room. Normally, she tentatively creeps in......not this time.

As she walked into the living room, Tolly again marched straight up to her. he went to sniff her face and she headbutted him and rubbed her head all around his face we're just astounded. What a brave little girl she is.

Hope you enjoyed the fact that we have more to add.....I never expected to.
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Wow!!!! That's amazing!
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Beth - I just read this thread for the first time, What an absolutely heartwarming story! Adelaide is such a gorgeous girl too!
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Thank you Chris and Karen - Addie sends purrs and headbutts to you.
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Addie, you're such a precious little girl, and so brave! Sierra, Serenity, and I are so proud of you! What a remarkable testament for all the love and patience you've felt from your gentle Mummy!
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awwww YAY Adelaide You know I just love hearing about you and your achievements. Its so wonderful that they are continuing. it just shows what a wonderful, special girl you really are

thankyou for sharing this with us Beth - give her a big hug from me
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Thank you so much Stephanie and Danielle - it's so wonderful that you enjoy sharing Addie's achievements

CarolPetunia - you're so right - the achievements of these frightened kitties are wonderful when they happen. I hope that your mum's feral kitty learns to understand what a loving home she has found. Even if she remains unsure, at least your mum knows that she is loved, well fed, safe and warm. That's wonderful in itself
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Beth, what a wonderful update on sweet Addie! She is such a special little girl!

You know, with these little feral wonders...just when you think they've gone as far as they can, they surprise you. At 6 years old, 6 years in our home, Ophelia still makes progress in trusting us and accepting love. Every once in a while, she just amazes me and makes a giant, brave kitty leap into another facet of life with us.
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Cedy isnt a feral that came to our home but the exact thing applies to him so I know exactly what you mean

Originally Posted by valanhb
Every once in a while, she just amazes me and makes a giant, brave kitty leap into another facet of life with us.
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Heidi and Dan, that's so wonderful that your kitties still continue to develop too. Tippy is the same, she was traumatised when she came to us, it took her 8 years before she even learned to purr. She still makes little leaps in development now at coming up for 10 years old.

It's so lovely to hear about your kitties
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I hope you don't mind me including a photo in this thread - if it should go into the fur pics lounge mods by all means let me know and I will create a thread for it.

But this one of sort of special for us.

Those of you who know Addie's story know how scared she was when she came to us just over a year ago.

A little over a week ago it was time for her booster vaccinations. Last time we had such trouble getting her into the carrier and she was traumatised. This time, she let me pick her up, we have never been able to do this before and place her in the carrier with no fuss.

Later that day, I picked her up again and she just went completely floppy and hopeless and was enjoying a lovely cuddle

Here is the evidence

I put her on the floor to see if she would run and hide. She just kept rubbing around my legs for more. This has become a regular thing - right now she is sitting on the living room floor with Lily, Tolly and Tippy for company warming herself by the fire
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Addie, you're such a brave little girl, and we're so very proud of you! Beth, you're such a wonderful, loving Mum, and your gentle, patient care has made all the difference in precious Addie's life!
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Addie sure is beautiful.
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Awwww Adelaide your a little love bug now aren't you

Beth thats brilliant news

Love the jim jams!
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awwwww Adelaide... you just melt my heart
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Beth, that is wonderful! Adelaide is doing so well!
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