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I am so very glad for you and your grandmother...that is wonderful and I am glad for all the good news of today re Sierra. I know you aren't happy about the bp and the weight loss, but I am going to hope the T4 is off as that can be the reason for the weight loss, and can be dealt with (and it can be the cause of the howling). The bp...I just wish you could check it at home...I will hope her meds can be adjusted to bring it back to norm.

Enjoy being home again Miss Sierra...you made it through!
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Glad everything is ok, Steph and Sierra! I've been praying for you and your family!
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Hey Stephanie, you already know how happy I am and your family tonight but I just wanted to say yay again! What a fantastic day that proves that miracles DO exist!
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I'm so relieved to hear this good news about your grandma.
I'm praying we will have good results for sweet little Sierra as well. What a trying day it must have been for the both of you! It's awful to see your baby so distressed, but Sierra is calm, happy, and snuggly now. I hope you two have a good night's rest. Know that my prayers continue to be with you.
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Thank you, Sandra!

Yes, Pat, I sure do wish we could check her BP at home. Looking forward to her T4 results.

That is so special to us, Kelly, thank you!

Thank you for sharing our joy today, Ari!

Thank you so much, Colleen, for all of your love and prayers during this time, you mean so much to us!
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I am glad for some good news..
silly ? what is t4
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Yay, great news!! Give Sierra extra hugs from us! Have you tried the high calorie supplement for senior kitties? Maybe that might help Sierra with her weight loss. I get it for Roo because she seems to be shrinking as she get older and she eats it alright.

Wow, wonderful news about your grandma! It is indeed a miracle!

Sharky, I believe a T4 is a thyroid test, I had it marked on a blood test I got last year so I looked it up....unless it's different for cats.
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Brilliant news Stephanie!!! I'm so pleased the ordeal is over for you both, bless her little heart

And great news about Grandma! My friend had ovarian cancer and that was over 9 years ago!!! but you know were all here for extra prayers and thoughts!!
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Oh Stephanie!! I am so happy for you!!! Prayer does work, doesn't it??!! Give Miss Sierra a big kiss for me!
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Originally Posted by stormy
Yay, great news!! Give Sierra extra hugs from us! Have you tried the high calorie supplement for senior kitties? Maybe that might help Sierra with her weight loss. I get it for Roo because she seems to be shrinking as she get older and she eats it alright.

Wow, wonderful news about your grandma! It is indeed a miracle!

Sharky, I believe a T4 is a thyroid test, I had it marked on a blood test I got last year so I looked it up....unless it's different for cats.
Thank you.. knew it sounded familiar..
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That's terrific news about your grandmother, and Sierra, too.
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Thank you, Sharky!

Yes, definitely a miracle, Diane. Thank you for that suggestion, thankful it's working so well for Roo! That is something to check into!

I'm happy your friend is still doing so well, Susan! Thank you for all of your constant support for us!

Prayer certainly is effective, Sarah! Sierra sends back to you and your boys!

Sure is, Tricia! Thank you!
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Sierra's T4 has returned, and it is within normal limits! The only thing is now, we're back to wondering about her vomiting and weightloss. I'm still waiting to hear from her Dr. to learn what he feels is the best course of action. I have also learned that her urinalysis was positive for bacteria, blood, protein and triple phosphate crystals, and her urine also has a high pH. I'm really looking forward to talking to her Dr.! I'm really hoping, though, that it is not necessary to put her through furthur testing, it's just so hard on her.
Right now, I'm bothered because where they shaved her tail for her BP, they shaved part of it too close. It looks like a really bad razor burn, part of it even sort of raw. She's not acting as if it's bothering her at all, licking it or favoring it in any way, but it hurts me to even think about it!
Yesterday, she vomited in the morning and went through another restless episode, but was feeling better by the afternoon. We have had a lovely day today! She has eaten well, and been talkative, active, and we've had a wonderful time snuggling up!
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I am sorry the T4 didn't give you an answer. I'm glad she's having a better day...sounds like antibiotics are in her future for the u/a results.

I know you'll get to the bottom of this for her, so she can feel better all the time
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We are thinking of the both of you and wishing you luck, love & HEALTH!
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I'm happy Sierra's T4 results are normal! I do hope you can come to the bottom of this mystery without further testing, though. I know how traumatic it is to go to the vet's when they are doing all sorts of awful things to your baby.

I'm continuing to pray for Sierra, and Molly and Penelope want to give Sierra little kisses, especially where her tail might be hurting.
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I'm sure doing my best, Pat!

Thank you to you, Tara, and Puppy!

Thank you so much, Colleen, and yes, I really want to avoid any furthur testing if posible! Penelope and Molly, Sierra thanks you for your sweet kisses and sends lots of love right back to you both!

I will be phoning the office today. I need to know where Sierra's Dr. feels we should go from here and what he wants to do about the results of her u/a. The rest of our evening went quite nicely. We both took a little nap before I came into work, she ate a little of her dinner, but she had eaten well at each meal earlier, and she saw me off from the bedroom when I left. Looking forward to getting home to my sweet girl now.
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Oh Stephanie i'm so pleased Sierras T4 results are ok! I wonder if they were a bit "clipper happy" when they did her tail

Let us know as soon as you've spoke to the doctor!.
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Sounds like things are going pretty well for Sierra! Good to hear!
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I would certainly agree, Susan, they were a bit clipper happy, weren't they. Poor little tail.

Thank you so much, Tammy, for taking the time to support us even in the midst of your trials.

Well, Sierra's Dr. called, and he said he sent in a second culture of her urine and that it didn't show signifigant bacteria. I didn't realize they had obtained a urine sample while Sierra was sedated via cysto. This would explain the blood, but I'm not completely confident about the bacteria, and how about the high pH? These are questions that, of course, escaped me as we were talking. He said if she shows any furthur signs of UTI, we would need to recheck.
Then, we discussed her other labs. Although her kidney values and T4 are high normal, he doesn't believe they are the likely cause of her vomiting and weightloss. He said she is exhibiting symptoms of IBS. IBS! I was so focused on her BP and kidneys, I hadn't really considered it could just be her tummy that's bothering her causing her to frequently yowl after a meal, often on the same occassions she vomits. Maybe her tummy is hurting when she eats. Or am I just grasping at straws now to try to make sense of everything? He said if she continues to vomit and lose weight, she will need to have another abdominal ultrasound and an endoscopy. My baby, an endoscopy.
Then, what if that's not what it is at all? I'm really not sure that I want to force her to endure more testing. Wonder if he would treat her tummy symptoms without the extensive tests to prove it is IBS? I have more research to do. If I have to hand prepare every bite she eats, she will feel better! I'll start my own company, let's see, guess we need a low protein, low phosphorous, low sodium, IBS diet...
Thank you guys for listening, and for caring, from both of us.
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Oh Stephanie...I decided against an endoscopy for Patrick a year ago, but that was because of his age and because it was ibs versus lymphoma...my vet agreed we could treat him "as if" it were ibs. She honestly thought he would only have a couple more months (due to what she felt, and what they saw on his abdominal u/s).

My point? Yes, ask if you can treat as if this is IBS - with an agreement to go forward if no improvement in a reasonable amount of time. Then again, Sierra is much younger, in better shape, and you should at least be able to r/o some things...my understanding is that even with endoscopy, we might not get a firm answer re ibs, you would re other issues.

I heartily would approve if you went into business making a great food for ibs...one w/out the junk of the various prescription foods.

Why not ;-) There are some great companies formed over love of a pet - Rosie's Rewards is one, as is Raw Advantage.

Know that you and Sierra have my best wishes and prayers for an answer soon.
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IBS is treatable I have it so does my dog gigi... I hope Sierra doesnt need and endoscopy I had one a few yrs ago and it aint fun...
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Thats all you need Stephanie. I know if it was me i would be tyrying everything posible as well rather than put them through that because it would certainly be a last resort

Let me e-mail Emma to see if she can come up with anything, because anything is worth trying!.
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Stephanie and Miss sweet Sierra
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I am thinking about the both of you and sending you all the good vibes I have.
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Stephanie, I'm sorry to hear the problems you and Sierra have been faced with lately. Does Sierra have diarrahea at all? I thought that usually is part of having IBS, along with vomiting. I do hope you soon find something that helps Sierra and I agree I certainly wouldn't want to stress her out anymore if not needed. I hope everything gets better soon for you and your sweet girl.
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poor furry been thru so much! Hugs to you and belly rubs to Sierra!
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Well, Sierra had a lovely Thursday, ate wonderfully, felt great! She even woke me up for her breakfast which she thoroughly enjoyed! When I arrived home from work this morning, though, she had vomited all of that breakfast. Then, she threw up again after she ate. Soon after, though, she was acting as if she was starving, and she's eaten well since. She had a howling episode earlier after she ate. Oh, what I would give for an interpretor!
I felt really sad for her earlier, though, because she went to jump up in the cabinet, but her footing landed on an unstable box that fell forward, and she went tumbling down with it. She landed beautifully, of course, but she sure scared me! I didn't want it to hurt her self esteem, so as soon as I saw she was ok, I looked away...I didn't see a thing! After that, I picked her up and we cuddled and cuddled!
She hasn't hid in the sink any, though! I'm happy for that! She'll be getting a nifty little bed for her to enjoy when she feels like hiding away! She's really feeling much better now! She's in her favorite new spot on top of her box!
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ah yes, sometimes it is best to pretend one didn't see/hear/notice a thing amiss with one's generally quite skilled and graceful cat
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