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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
Ohh Debi, My cowabunga kitty One has to wonder what he went through before he was liberated from that field. Please let me know via email what happens and I will be sure and pass it on to Jimmy as well.
Hissy, please let us all know! I read this entire thread, and this special kitty has a place in my heart too.

Debi, updates PLEASE???
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So far so good. Vet wanted to wait & see. Startlight is back to running. His knee seems to have healed it's self.
His ego is a little out of joint. I got an other rescue persian. His name is Willy. He has spent this last year in the garage in a large cage. Lady is allergic to him. I do wish I didn't have so much testosterone though. Between Warrior, Starlight & Willy there is a LOT of posturing. And a lot of spitting, but no actual wars yet.
I will send a picture of Willy to Hissy, since I have not figured out how to send pictures to the forum.
So Starlight will not need surgery....yet anyway.

Debi in Los Osos
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That is a relief, Debi!!! I'm so glad it seems to have resolved itself, without needing surgery. Please give our lovely boy scritches. And good luck with the testosterone!!
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So glad you're keeping the poor little cat. What ....... would have abandoned him. You're a good kind person and I'm sure he loves you for it.
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I sent a picture of Starlight to Hissy, but I don't see it posted. Hissy are you out there?
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I am out here, but not very much. Debi, I never got the new photo? But speaking of photos, I apologize if you can't see any anymore in this posting. The online photo storing website I was paying for went belly-up and with it, no warning and all photos were lost.

There is still the condensed story on The photos are there because the owner has the photos stored on a different program
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I will try and send another picture to you Hissy.
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Thank you everyone involved from our furred friends that can not tell you themselves. I am sitting here reading Starlights story at work, crying like a fool. Poor baby. Thank god for good people with big hearts!
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Is there anyone on this list who I can send photos of Starlight to? I have them all saved. He just had a haircut a few days ago. He hates the prosess but LOVES it after it's done.
Sam, are you still around? Can I send pictures of Starlight to you?
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Debi, I'm here.
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I would be happy to help upload some photos, if you need any help. It's such a wonderful story.

I took a particular interest when I found this thread, as I have a little Blue Van Persian who has the same markings as Starlight - and his favourite games are peek-a-boo and tag. They look like twins (from what I can see of the photos still available on line).

We're in the UK, and Hari was bred here, but i know he has American grandparents. They might well be distant cousins.

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I agree who could dump any animal. I hope he/she gets better. If people treat animals this way how do they treat each other? Makes me wonder.
God bless the little kitty and Kiwi and I wish a speedy recovery.
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This thread really needs a title edit just so new posters realize that little Starlight was rescued in 2004 and is very safe now

Are there any more recent pictures of him? I showed off his story on Save Samoa to a friend of mine and he wanted to know more about how Starlight was doing now.
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Mary Annes e-mailed me to say Starlight is featured in a calender for Persians

But first, lets give ourselves a reminder of how he used to look


Well done Starlight, you deserve it

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