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Fester's in Nevada!!!!!!!!! He will be California tomorrow, and unload on Friday-then he has requested a load to Oregon- so looks like I need to pack Starlight's bag, he is going on a trip soon- I am going to miss this little scamp!
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Awww MA, it's going to be hard! But you know that he'll be loved and pampered and loved some more in his new home and, of course, we're all hoping for lots and lots of pictures.
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
we're all hoping for lots and lots of pictures.
and lots and lots and lots and lots
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Acceptance at last!

Starlight is losing his fear of dogs- here is Starlight, Wink and Kenai

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lol my cat's don'e even lay that close to eachother, let alone a DOG! Hissy is Magical!
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I know I sound like a broken record...but that is one stunning cat. This is a story that really deserves publication...hmmm....can your store do a photo and text book? I know you can via the tcs cafe press store if there is one still.

Tee hee....just wanting more than one pix in my possession <G>. I haven't yet shopped to use the image you sent, but I will....thinking poster if it's an option (have to look again at all the store options!)

Oh...just in with Starlight!
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Stopped in Winnemucca, Nevada today to take on more supplies, kitty litter, some treats and the like.
I know MA said she had one that she could give me, but I bought a HEPA air filter for the truck because the cat hair flying around was getting a little overwhelming. Nothing like opening the truck door and seeing cat hair flying in all directions!

For SpoonersMom, I got Zoey from a group called Cat Rescue, Inc in Chesapeake, Virginia. I had looked at a true calico kitten but didn't act fast enough, so a few weeks later, oblivious to my wife's objections, I adopted my Zo-Zo.
I liked the group so much, I built a website for them that has a lot of whistles, bells and features that their old site was painfully lacking. It began as a project and soon became a labor of love and although I'm not compleatly finished with it, I'm rightly proud of everything it offers visitors and all the features it does have.
Zoey's called a "Tortie" but if you look at her underside, she looks like a calico and very rarely would you ever see one that's a male, something to do with the chromozones.
She's an "Alpha" and she likes to have it her way every time, all the time.
But I have done a lot of writing about her here on TCS, She's got her own page here and over on www.asphaltadventures.com
if you go to asphalt adventures, on the first page there is a little "new" icon that will take you to Bari's page.
I hade things for the school kids on Asphalt Adventures and have contests and stuff for them.

4 of my 5 cats were all adopted from shelters or rescue groups and as long as there are homeless cats, I won't pay a breeder for adding to the pet overpopulatiuon problem.
Just my NTBHO
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The Starlight Express is getting closer!

MA, I see a secret bit of black fur that we didn't know about before.
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He has a black rear leg (it was shaved before) and a spot of black on his white rear leg at the pad-
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here he is playing

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He looks like a little ball of white fluff who's been into the chocolate pudding.
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Sigh, I think I'm in love ! (Shh, don't tell Yum-yum !)
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That photo of Starlight with Wink and Kenai is out of this world. What an accomplishment!!
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Hissy, I have just read the whole thread and I have cried and laughed and cried for joy. You are truly one of the most caring and lovely people I've had the pleasure to read about. There is definitly a place for you in Heaven. Debi, congratulations, it seems you have a truly marvelous celebrity coming to live with you. Both of you hug him for me please? Thanks....Angela
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Holy cow!!!!

MA, I can't believe Starlight is laying down so close to Kenai. I was *just* there a few days ago and he wouldn't go near the door if Kenai was there. WOW!!!!! That's SO awesome. Awwww, I bet Kenai feels better about it now too. She's such a love.
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Hissy... Starlight seems like such a little love-bunny. I'm so glad that he has found a furrever home
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Jimmy will be here on Monday!!!! He will be in Portland, and we will drive Little Snort up to him-

As much as I am going to miss this little one, in the same breath I will be relieved he is going. He has spent much of the time off by himself except for portions of the day when he is let out to be in the main house, and that is so unfair for him. I know that Debi is going to provide him the best home- and Jimmy is going to be the best caretaker of him before they arrive and all I can say to both of you is please post pictures!!!!
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Hey MA, does Jimmy need a guard to ride with him to be sure that Starlight makes it to Debis, and doesn't get catnapped?
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Oh NOOOOOOO! He just let me know, he'll be here tomorrow!!! ACK! I don't want to say goodbye that quickly!
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MA get every second you can with him now. What a mixture of feelings you must be going through.
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Ya have to drive all the way to Portland? Ya can't meet Jimmy on highway 5?
Starlight isn't coming with a covered cat litter box, right? I got one for him. My other cats never wanted to go into anything like that. He is use to it? What kind of cat food is he eating? Want to be all prepared.
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Debi- we actually have to drive about 300 miles to Hemiston to meet Jimmy-

Little Snort will come with vet records, bed, persian kitty stuff (shampoo- eye envy, powders and pads to clean) He will have his dry food along, right now I just feed Kirkland dry to him which I buy at Costco. He has only thrown up one time since he was here, and it was because a piece of thread got caught in his throat. He has a brush, his eye ointment, his nose spray and his blanket- plus some toys for him and for Pug and your other kitty- sorry can't recall the name-
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Uncle Fester
I went to the site you gave me and was totally impressed. However, I admit that Zoey is the star attraction I also like the pictures of the truck. Makes me feel like I "have been there" if you know what I mean! I know what you mean. I also refuse to buy my kitties as long as there are those on "death row" that are some of the most loveable and deserving and I am not wishing to enter shows or anything like that! In fact, I won't even purchase or visit a pet store that will market animals because I know that they are keeping "puppy mills and kitty mills" in business. I know that losing me as a customer most likely will not prevent the "mills" practice, but one less customer may help the cause.
I put the site you made on my favorites cause really really enjoyed and want to go back and also to share with my niece in Virginia (who is also a cat lover!) You know, I have only been on this board for a short time but I have met so many extremely kind and helpful people that just want to share their love of cats. I LOVE this board and can't wait to get up each day to "talk" at you all!
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If you ever want to give away Patches to new home (yeah right, as if THAT would ever happen! ) please keep my address handy! She is gorgeous and looks so huggable! Bet you are a proud mama! Does Patches have brothers and/or sisters or only child? I get such a wonderful and happy feeling when I hear of someone adopting a little one that has had a rough life and giving them love and attention that they deserve! Makes me smile just thinking of it. From childhood, I can recall daydreaming with my playmates on what we would do if we were "stars" (our word meaning RICH when we were super young) and as far back as I can recall, I wanted to have enough money to own lots of land or whatever and empty out all shelters and give love to all of the cats in world! Commendable yes, but a rather odd wish for a child when the others are wishing for toy stores!
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MA, why are you driving to Hermiston? I can swing through on I-5 you know
Happy to do so.
These people never know where I am or what I'm doing half the time anyway, so why should that change now?
I'll see you tomorrow and I'll take PLENTY of photos and dedicate a webpage on AsphaltAdventures.com to the whole sheeee-bang!
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Well all you said was Hemiston which is in eastern oregon- over the mountain from us- if you can get closer that would be great, but if not, we will just go on a road trip
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MA, I get to meet him on highway 5, in Lost Hills. It's about 100 miles east from me. Out there in the HOT It's only 70 degrees in Los Osos, CA today. I'm sure Lost Hills is at least 100 degrees.
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Well he is going to meet us about 20 miles from our house- so that will be nicer.

I am sorry you have to make such a jaunt in such heat- but knowing Jimmy, I bet he will accomodate you as well by getting a tad bit closer-

I know you will take care of this little one in high style Debi- but please when you have him safe at your home give me a holler-
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OH! The Suspeeeeeeeeense!!

You'll have many hearts with you, MA, as you turn over that precious cargo and kiss him good-bye -- and so will you, Fester, as you transport the precious cargo -- and you, Debi, as he comes to grace your home. What a very fortunate little guy he is to have encountered such wonderful people!
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