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Yes, the clear stuff is normal but the cloudy and green tinge would have been a possible indication of a death in utero, as you found out it was.
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Kumbulu, why is it a possible sign of death in utero? What is it? What causes it?
Inquiring minds, you know... Thank you for that little piece of knowledge! I know absolutely nothing about the birthing of kittens, so this has all been extremely exciting and informative for me.
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Have you read my thread on cat labor and mucous? Does that mean my cat has a dead kitten inside her? I intended to take her to the vet ever since I first saw the slight green mucous yesterday, but he isn't open untill tomorrow! I have not seen any more mucous since though. Should I take her to emergency? OMG!! I am freaking out now. My poor Stitchy!!

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When a cat is about to go into full labor, she will 'lose her plug' as has been described by megan. It is a clump of mucous that should be clear or pink in colour. If the plug has a greenish tinge, it is an indication of either an uterine infection or that one of the kittens has died in the uterus. The green tinge is caused by bacteria.

I'm not sure what the cause of a kitten death in-utero is. It may be due to overcrowding, something genetically wrong with the kitten, an infection or something else. It's not uncommon for a mom-cat to give birth to one dead kitten in a litter where all the others are perfectly healthy.
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Megan, where are you? It's been a whole 15 minutes since your last post! How are things going?
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OK guys, let's all not panic here LOL.

Steph, yes, I would take your cat to the vet ASAP. You said she was also not eating so the greenish mucous and not eating may mean she has an infection.

I've had a good question, 'So, if there is a deceased kitten still in utero, can this harm any of the live, healthy ones? Or no, since they all have their own little sack they live in inside of there?'

If a kitten dies in-utero in the first few weeks of the pregnancy, the mom-cat's body will re-absorb the kitten. If it's a bit further along, the mom-cat may give birth to what is called a mummified kitten where it is just a clump of fur and bones as well as the other healthy kitens. If the kitten dies right before the birth, a dead kitten will be born. Usually, the other kittens are not in danger as the mom-cats body is programmed to deal with this.
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Also, 'If it is bacteria, can that be harmful to anyone involved (mom, babies) either?'

Yes, an infection like this can be very harmful and sometimes deadly if left untreated, to both the mom-cat and the kittens. It's important to get the mom-cat seen by a vet ASAP for treatment.
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Thank you, Kumbulu!
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Thank you all for the information. She has been eating and acting normally today. I will still take her to the vet as soon as they open. I do feel more comforted by the statements made by Kumbulu about the mother cat's body knowing how to deal with this. She doesn't seem at all uncomfortable. I just don't want her in pain or in danger while she is waiting to see the vet.
I am over-sensitive when it comes to her now since my other cat Echo was hit by a car two weeks ago. He is not the daddy. He was fixed! We are still not over it yet and now we have a little scare. Whew! And I thought having a human child was tough!

Thanks again everyone for your help,

Steph & Stitch
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Well, #6 still hasn't come out, but since it's "normal" to have up to a 24 break in between, I'm not freaking out yet Mom and the 4 healthy babes are doing great. And the stillborn must have died just prior to, or during delivery. It was fully develloped, and the same size as the rest of them. I am upset that it didn't make it. My son and I will go out somewhere tomorrow afternoon and give it a little funeral. He almost made it, so he deserves it. The ones I thought were black now look grey. They could always darken up though. I have been taking lots of pics, but you'll have to wait until atleast the end of next month until I can get it develloped
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Megan, the longest Cleo should go in between kittens is four hours. Great news that you took some pics, can't wait to see them.
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I think it must have been her stomach or something I was feeling yesterday. She still has 4 babies, and I don't feel anything in there anymore. After eating all that stuff she ate, it could have been her It was just a big round lump that I felt. But, that's ok. We've got 4 healthy babes, and mom is healthy.
I was pretty cute. When I woke up this morning, I was sitting on the end of my bed looking at Cleo and the babies. She decided to use me as a babysitter while she went potty and She was meowing at me while she was in her little bed with the babes, so I went and sat on the floor to pet her, and as soon as I got down on the floor she came out from her bed looked at the babes, looked at me and went and did her thing. Just to see what she'd do, I pretended like I was going to stand up, and she bolted right back under there with her kitts. When I sat back down again, she came back out and had some food. I felt pretty special
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Kumbulu... it is true that it is only supposed to be up to four hours if the cat is still in labor... but I have had a few cats that not only went waaaay over 63 days (one was 81, no possiblity of mix ups) and also have had a few cats that had 2 or 3 kittens seemed to stop labor and be done, eat and drink normally, even use the litterbox, and then 24 hours later have another one or two kittens who were fine.
Sillypup5~you've done a great job! It's so exhausting, not only for the momma cat, but the momma on two legs to wait and wait and worry and wait some more!
Based on the green tinge in her mucous plug, I would suggest keeping a close eye on her, especially if you think there is another kitten in there, because it can indicate a dead kitten in there. Sometimes a lump felt in there is just the uterus contracting back to normal, and sometimes it is a retained placenta or kitten.
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Thanks I am watching her. I can't feel anything in there anymore, so I think it was something else I was feeling, and not a kitten. She is eating and drinking and using the litter box. Everything seems to be great. She isn't having any abnormal discharge or anything.
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In post #192, it was supposed to say IT was Not I was cute
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LOL Megan! I'm so glad everything is going well. It really does sound like she trusts you very much with the babies.

pondwader, thankyou for correcting me there. Yes, I should've said 4 hours if the mom-cat is in active labor still.
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I felt her belly again today, and I felt that "thing" in there again. Maybe it's her stomach, who knows. Do any of you know of any smptoms she would show if he did retain a kitten? All the placentas were delivered still attatched to the kittens, so it's not a retained placenta. I just really can't afford another vet visit...especially if nothing's even wrong.
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Megan, if there was a retained kitten, there would be a green or brownish smelly discharge, she would have a fever, possibly be not eating and would appear generally unwell.
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Ok..she's not doing any of that. Thanks I was surprised at how much she was eating She ate about 3/4 of a bowl of kitten chow in one sitting! She seems very happy and healthy, and actually has almost no discharge at all. Thanks Tania! Like always, you put my mind at ease!
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No worries Megan, it sounded like she was well and doing fine to me in your other posts but I thought I'd just post the symptoms so you'd know what to look out for just in case. Congratulations Grandma!
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Thanks I am a VERY proud grandma! She delivered all 5 kittens in less than 2 hours! And I didn't mind taking the sacs off their I may have been a bit over anxious in that regard. If she didn't turn around and clean off their faces immediately, I went But, they're all healthy and that's all that matters Well..4 of them are..:cry:
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Yes, but there are 4 very beautiful, healthy babies! I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and so I'm sure that there is a reason the magic number is four and not five. Congrats Grandma!
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P.S. Did you notice you're an adult cat, now? Holy Smokes!
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Yup, I noticed!
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HEy, I see that you had a litter of kitts last year, I am in the same boat now. She has had some blood spots from her vulva today and isnt eating as much but my questions is what does the "plug" look like? Just so I know what to look for. ANy help would be greatly appreciated
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Congrats on the upcoming litter It sounds like she is pretty close! The "plug" is just a clear glob of mucous....Unless you actually see it coming out, you will just notice that the area around the vulva is wet and goopy after she passes it. Good luck, and I hope you have lots of healthy kittens!
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