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lol. Thanks I keep thinking whenever I leave the house that I'm going to come home to a cat in labor, but it's not working..lol.
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By the way, I must commend you on coming out into the open and telling the truth for everyone to see. That takes courage to admit things like that, and people respect that. I respect you for being honest. Hang in there! Seems like your sense of humor isn't fading in the midst of all this, and that's ALWAYS important! If you can't laugh, you're not getting the most out of life!
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ROFL! Funny you should mention the watched pot never boiling. My new motto for the past couple weeks has been "The Watched Cat Never Pops!"
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Just letting you all kjnow, I put a pic of Cleo in my profile It's a few months old, so she was still a baby then, and the pic is kinda fuzzy...but, atleast you can somewhat see her now! lol.
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She's gorgeous.
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Thanks I think so too..lol. I'll have to scan a better pic of her, if I have one..I'll check.
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hmm..very strange. I just gave Cleo her canned food supper, and she took 3 little licks of it and walked away. That's NEVER happened! Even the other night when I said she didn't eat as much as she normally does, she still ate about 1/4 of what I gave her..She didn't hardly touch it tonight.
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Hmmm...interesting. Maybe the time is nearing...
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I love your motto! That's really funny! She is absolutely beautiful! Pretty, pretty girl. By the way, what in the world is a budgie?
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A budgie is a small parrot type bird..They're also known as parakeets, so maybe you know them by that name?

I was just looking at the pic I posted of Cleo, and she really doesn't look like that anymore..besides from being pregnant..lol. She doesn't have nearly as much white on her pace now, now it's mostly her peach, with a bit of white and grey...I'm sure I have a better pic around here somewhere...the trick is actually finding one..lol
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Ok, put a different pic in the profile. She's the same age there...maybe 6 or 7 months. But you can see her colorings a bit better...Although it's stil a pretty crappy pic..I promisde I will take better ones as soon as I get some film! lol
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She is sooo pretty! I just love kitties.....
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She has the most beautiful markings! Makes you wonder what the kittens will look like.
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I am totally wondering what the kittens will look like. Cleo looks exactly like her mom, but Charlie's a really dark, really long haired tabby...So who knows what they've made! If they'd hurry up and come out I could tell you! lol
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No kits yet?????
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From her picture, she looks like a blue-cream tortie shorthair with white (blue/grey is a dilute of black). And from how you described him, I'm guessing the father is a brown/black tabby longhair.

Lets see . . .you will probably get tortie girls (but black torties with orange patches or brown tabbies with orange patches), and red tabby boys (like Morris). If the father is carrying dilute (blue/grey) the females can also look like the mother, and the boys can be blue tabbies. The males can also be the father's color. If both parents are carrying solid the males can be solid black (if dad's carrying dilute, they can also be solid blue/grey) Since the father isn't red, no females will be red tabbies.

I'm guessing most or all of the kittens will have some white on them.

If your female is carrying longhair, some of the kittens can be longhair as well. Longhair, like blue, is recessive and must be carried by both parents in order for the kittens to have it. If both parents are longhair, they can't have shorthaired kittens, because shorthair, like red is dominant (gotta show it to throw it).

Let's see how close I am . . . lets you see one reason why breeders are so interested in pedigrees.
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Wow..lol. Cleo is a DMH..Will be interresting to see how close you are Thanks for the info! That's really interresting!
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DMH, I assume Domestic Medium Hair?

If she has medium hair (let's make this simple, a "fluffy tail"), then she is considered long haired. If dad is longhaired too, all the kittens will be varying degrees of long hair. Two longhairs (i.e. two recessives) can't throw a shorthair (dominant) as dominant genes can't be carried.

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Lol..yes, she has a very fuzzy tail. Her fur on her body is a bit longer than a DSH, but not as long as a DLH..lol

Just a small update, I just felt Cleo's belly while she was standing up, and her back 2 teats are starting to hang down, so she's really starting to fill up. The "tunnel" or whatever it called that runs between each teat is hanging, almost at the 2'nd set of nipples now. The vet told me she would fill up from back to front, it's just kinda cool. lol. So hopefully within a few days we'll have babies...sigh
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Well, I'm taking my son fishing this afternoon. This will be the first time since I thought Cleo was due that we're leaving for more than an hour or so. Knowing my luck, she'll go into labor while we gone..lol.
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Good luck with the fishes! Yup, those kitties are going to be beauties! Let us know if anything changes......You've been so good at keeping us filled in! I assure you that that is appreciated. Have some good quality time with your boy, and who knows, maybe Cleo will have contributed SOMETHING more than what she has so far by the time you come back! Enjoy yourselves! Hopefully the weather in your neck of the woods is good for you; it's terrible here!!
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Got kits????
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Nope..no babes. lol. Fishing was awesome yesterday..we caught I think 8, but only brought home 5. So we had a very yummy trout supper last night
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You just simply must be climbing the walls. I'd be having panic attacks by now.
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lol...Over the weekend, I was having panic attacks.. Now I'm ok though. I still really hope she'd have them soon..lol. She's getting sooooooooo fat!
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Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been posting too much today, but I was just dead tired all day, and spent the afternoon dozing on the couch. Nothing has really changed with Cleo, but tonight she ate her whole 1/2 can of food, and she's never done that. She usually leaves atleast a couple bites for Charlie..lol. She was in the litter box for a few minutes this afternoon, squatting like she does to have a BM, but there was no stool there when she got out. I have never seen the kittens inside her so active as they were this afternoon..it looked like she had an army of elephants marching around in there! That's the only changes for today..don't know if they mean anything or not..lol. I guess I'll find out if they do...and if nothing happens, I'll know too!
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Ah, I thought she might do the litter box thing. It sounds like things are getting close!
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lol..didn't you say that a week ago?? Just kidding..lol. I sure hope so!
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I think your motto says it all.......I went out long enough to plant flowers and she had 2 of them in the girls pop up tent lol go figure
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Yes I did! It's all wishful thinking.
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