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Looks like today is the day!!!!

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Elfi appears to be in labor...she's not eating and I can see contractions. She has choosen one of my dresser drawers as her spot...which is fine we removed my clothes and added newspaper and a pair of pj's my mom doesn't like for some cushion. Of course she went into labor right as I was finally almost asleep and mom has to head to work. Praying I get called off of work today as I'll have to call in if they don't call me.

I'll keep you posted.

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Awwwwwww bless little Elfi .

I hope everything goes ok, and keep us informed.
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Good luck to Elfi and to you! Keep us posted!
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Kitty #1 has arrived....it was breech I saw a foot 6:25 I saw a foot...6:28 the baby was out.

It appears to be all black...but I'll know for sure later.

I have never heard anything so cute in my life than the first meow!!!!

I also got bit during birth of this one but didn't break skin..thing is my finger wasn't near Elfi she must have just needed to bite something.

I'll let you know when we get another one.

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Oh! How exciting! Keep up the good work, Elfi and labor coach wynterangel
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#2 arrived at 7:00am...after much panting from Elfi.

THis one also looks all black.....the first one I think has some tan color on back but not sure.

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#3 arrived at 7:30am......guess what its BLACK too....well maybe not looks like it might be grey.

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Awwww bless her. I'm excited for you
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#3 is a grey long hair!!!!!! which I was wanting...woohoo

She just started having contractions again....so looks like there is going to be a #4.
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8:16am #4 arrived this one is definatly black......I think there might be one more in there yet.

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Awww how sweet
What a good coach you are to Elfi, how everything continues to go well
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Black kitties! I bet they are adorable.
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Yes they are very cute...btw can we touch them yet??
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Good job Elfie! Sounds like it is going well. We can't wait to see pictures! They sound adorable! My Simon is a black shorthair (well, nearly. He has a white spot on his chest and one on his belly). And Max is a gray longhair. So I'm very partial to your kittens!!!!
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Congrats to you and Elfi
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I swear I feel another one in there...and she's still having small contractions....but it doesn't feel like its moving very fast...how long do I not worry for??

The 4 born kittens are bueatiful and doing well.
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Whats the latest?
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What's up now? Will there be a fifth? If it doesn't go as planned don't hesitate to call the Vet.
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I'm still feeling what is a 5th....its a little farther down...and I think this one is also breech...I'm going to give it a little longer before I call the vet.
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Sure... this lasts for several hours.... although I don't know a nickel about birth giving. But it seems so as every kitten has had a long time between.
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bad storm here...so turning puter off...I'll inform you all what is up when storm is over.
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Bravo Elfie!!! They sound so cute. Any more? How is Elfie?
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Well #5 has not yet shown up...yet...she still is going through bits here and there of labor.....place I and my friend Kim who is here with her digital cam have felt it.....not sure but there might be a #6.

Not sure how much more waiting I can take...

#1 looks like it has a lot of peach/tan coloring mixed with the mainly black coloring.....just like Elfi.
#2 and #4 are both Black
#3 is grey with a little bit of peach color around eyes.

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If she is stopping to do labor and there is still a kitty then perhaps something is not going well?
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I love black cats and 5 is my lucky number. C'mon #5!!!

Have you talked to a vet yet on the phone? They might be able to give you a better idea if it is normal or not.
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congrats on ur new kittens, cant wait to see photies
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The Vet said not to worry....that they usually take long breaks between when there are a bunch.....though now we aren't feeling anyone in there...so thinking maybe it was just we couldn't get her to lay in a way we could totally push the milk out of the way.

Mom will be home around 4pm we'll see then what she thinks.

I'll keep you posted.
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ok well we napped....I needed it and so did Elfi. But I also got the pics so here they are. This is #1
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