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I don't know what is wrong. I made it too big the first time so I went back and made it smaller. But now all I get is the red x. I did the same thing I did last time. I think. Becky
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I am only getting a red x as well - but I swear I saw it there this morning
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I am having trouble logging in to photobucket. Maybe that is the problem, their site may be down or something. Maybe try again in a little while. Sorry. Becky
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There is a note on the photobucket site that they are having problems. So I guess you will have to wait to see it or maybe there is another site that does the same thing? Becky
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Originally Posted by huggles
Spotz, it was there this morning when I had a look but didnt have time to post - hmmm where did it go

I hope you figure it out soon...but don't stress out over it...just let us all know when it works again

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Its working this morning. But the photobucket site still has the "experiencing problems" banner up so I don't know how long they will be there. Becky
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I just read all eleven pages of this thread! What a story! What a great job you are doing with him! He is adorable and has the most intelligent face! Keep us updated! Marley
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oh becky - that looks quite nasty doesnt it - and you said its getting smaller? wow - couldnt imagine what it was like. So glad that it is getting better - even if it is slowly.
I just love reading this thread!!! thanks Becky
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Is it really that red?

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Originally Posted by Spotz
Is it really that red?
I was thinking the same thing
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Yes, it is that red. At the ends you can see the scab sort of stuff that builds up that the vet has me clean off every day. The redness isn't as if it was infected, it is the granulation tissue that is filling it in as it heals. But it really does look shocking if you aren't used to seeing it. It used to be lots bigger, about 6x3 cm. Now it is about 2.75x1 cm. But it doesn't get a lot smaller each week when I measure it. I am getting tired of it and I would have the vet close it except that Buddy would be in pain then, and it doesn't seem to bother him now. Becky
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I vote have the vet close it.

It might hurt some initially, but it will help him finish healing. It will also make him less succecptable to infection or injury, and will give his immune system a chance to slow down some.

Shots hurt, but we do them. Neutering prolly hurt (I know spaying has to), but it was necessary, not everything that a doctor does is fun, but a small pain is always preferrable to long term pain. Least that's my theory

What does your veterinarian think should be done?

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I think maybe you should have your vet close it - sure buddy will be in some pain - but it wont last and he will be all the more better for it and then you wont have to clean it every night etc...

I think this is a good option - but I am sure you have discussed all the options with your vet - what does he say?
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spotz we must of been posting at the same time
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We haven't been to see her for about a week and a half. He needs a dental, too, so he can combine anesthesias. She said the las time that the smaller it gets the slower it will heal but the gestures she made indicated a smaller size than it is now. He also will get his hips xrayed when he has this done since that requires anesthesia, too. I need to take him back and see what she thinks. It would certainly heal better.
I am amazed at how thick his skin is. The vet says it is tomcat skin. I have never been around a tom before. She said that it may thin a little but it won't ever be like it would if he was neutered as a child.
He is so sweet. He cuddles with me at night. He and Asa play every morning. I look at him batting at Asa and wonder how he knows how to play, since I imagine that outside everything was serious, life and death. Yet he smacks Asa with no claws and wrestles with no bites.
He never even attempts to go outside. When I open the door he steps back, like, "Uh-unh, I am not going back out there!" Maybe he has already learned that going out the door is the entrance to the vet. Becky
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oh Becky - this is just amazing - and to think that you trapped him a little over a month ago - he has just come so far so quickly its just awesome!!! I am so glad that Asa and him are becoming friends - thats a great sign.
And I love how he doesnt try to go outside - he is probably thinking "I am on a good thing here - why would I want to go back out there"

well since he needs so much work done I see your point in doing it all at once so that you can combine the anesthesias. I guess when you next go back to the vet they will be able to advise you of the best course to take.
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I took him to the vet originally on May 3rd. Now I look at him and can't imagine life without him. I have another kitty, too, Sally. She can imagine life without him. But even she is coming around. She just hisses if he gets too close. But she had to give up the second tier of the cat tree to him. He just adopted it as his own. They have all had to adjust. Three kitties in this little house is pretty crowded. I got one of those electric litter boxes because I work 12 hour shifts and can't scoop more than twice a day when I work. Asa is just thrilled with it. When he hears it he goes running in to watch it do its thing. Its the big entertainment at our house. Becky
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well I think its amazing that Asa has taken so quickly to Buddy - so its not surprising that Sally is a little put out by all of this. Its not often that cats will bond that quickly as Asa did.
I am SURE Sally will come around - they may never be "friends" but they will she will accept Buddy

hahaha @ the electric litter tray - I have never heard of that before. My cat Cedar would go crazy for that as well as he already comes running when he hears me cleaning the tray out now and "trys" to "help"
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I am not real thrilled with the electric tray. There are two brands at the PetSmart. The one I got is called Purrforma.
It keeps hanging up when it rakes through the litter. I am wondering if I should have gotten the Littermaid. But the Purrforma has plastic disposal bags that are easier to handle than the plastic boxes in the Littermaid. And disposable liners that make cleaning easy. And the rake is easy to clean. But it has an over frame thingy that the mechanism gets hung up on at least once a day. But mostly I like it. When it works, it works great. And with the three of them and only space for one box, well, I had to do something. Becky
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Don't tell anyone, but Sally was playing with Buddy this morning. She hissed every few minutes to show it was against her will, but I caught her returning to him several times to chase, be chased and do some sneak attacks. She quit when Asa started to play, too, but for a couple of minutes I had three crazy cats playing chase around my feet. Buddy also has discovered the catnip toy. He rolls around on it for a very short time but doesn't get high like Sally does. Asa doesn't get catnip at all. Well, that's whats happening here at the front. Becky
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Awww that's great!
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